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  1. Doom 64 These days

    Yep, Doom64 EX is the way to go. There is even a small mapping / modding scene: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/doom64ex/index.php There are a few megawads there for Doom64EX. Beta64 is probably the best. You could check out my "Earth" mapset as well.
  2. Doom 64 comparable VST (for FL Studio etc.)?

    Get the Doom64 Soundfont (usually called DOOMSND.sf2) and open it with a Fruity Soundfont Player. This will give you the exact sounds used in the game :) I believe this soundfont is included with the Doom64EX download, but you should also be able to find it online Note that you will need to make a new soundfont player for each different instrument you want to use - there are 54 different instruments / sound sets! Just change the patch number in the soundfont player. If you change the bank number to 1 you then get all the monster and weapon sounds from Doom64... Here's a very quick example track I just threw together: https://clyp.it/xbcgmmqf Hope that helps.
  3. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    The maps get longer and harder as you go - there will definitely be some challenges for you there - hope you enjoy the rest of the project. The mappers all did a really great job :)
  4. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    yep I wrote a wadinfo.txt - essentially the current text file but in the correct format and without the fancy title. If I had planned ahead a bit I could have gathered all the information like build time and tools used, but at this stage I think the text file covers the main points. I did include WadC in the tools used :)
  5. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    We seem to be on the final version (1.666) and no updates for a while so yes, I will upload to idgames some time in the next few days EDIT: It has been submitted to /incoming
  6. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Thanks for the report PVS, we are aware that a lot of things don't work in vanilla - many of the boss actions being map specific. Thankfully our intended port is zdoom / GZDoom so we have arranged maps in order with regards to pace, length and difficulty rather that being forced to put certain maps in certain slots. E1M5 uses a boss action, as does E1M6 and E2M2 (and likely E2M8 - I better check that one... :) )
  7. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been playing Heretic Treasure Chest with this enemy replacer I assembled: http://www.mediafire.com/file/32vugucag11f49t/Yuan-Ti_Replacer.wad Adds an arch-vile like enemy that can resurrect most heretic enemies, replaces weredragons with a fast yuan-ti, and replaces ghost golems with the hexen 2 archer. Its a lot of fun and more of a subtle enemy replacer, as the main enemy types are left entouched If you want some more Doom64, try these 2 mapsets: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Doom64EX/index.php?s=43c7500e14821fc8d04b0f65c198f50e&showtopic=66 http://z13.invisionfree.com/Doom64EX/index.php?s=43c7500e14821fc8d04b0f65c198f50e&showtopic=143
  8. Movies Like Heretic?

    Conan the barbarian had a snake cult... 90s Beowulf with Christopher Lambert was a good mix of dark medieval and weird shit / magic...
  9. Your Dungeons and Dragons character

    Conrad von Ludendorf ex-imperial guard, ex planetary defense force, now working for the inquisition. Essentially a fighter with a heavy stubber, power armor, insane spot and listen skills, and an affiliation with explosives. My job in the party is to shoot things and keep the squishier characters from getting killed. Kind of a John McClane gun-guy meathead with a tendency for one-liners. The favorite of all my D&D characters: Glock the Clock - Modron tout ranger in Sigil - talked like a robot, constantly calculating 'variables' and equations, but learned Sigil slang as he went so ended up dropping words like "cutter" and "blood" into his very static vocalizations
  10. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Thats true, removing the column would solve the problem, and in fact, looking at the map BeeWen has provided a "Lift_Lower_wait_Raise" trigger that lowers the column, allowing the player to escape. So there is no problem there :) I've added the updated version of danielhday's map and we are now 1.6 (Link is the same)
  11. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Ok I've addressed most of these issues - some like the getting stuck require intensive geometry changes which I'm not too keen to do, might just have to leave them as areas you don't want to fall into :) There is also an area on E2M4 where you can fall down and get stuck once the stairs raise from the water. These areas will just have to remain, a player can 'kitty' /noclip out of them if necessary. Thanks again for the reports! Latest version is now 1.5 - OP link is the same
  12. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Amazing! thanks axdoomer. I will have a look through your bug-reports today. Cheers for the feedback
  13. Designing Caves

    MAP09 from Hexen (CAVES OF CIRCE) is a pretty good example of a cave map. open it up in the editor and have a look. Some images of it I think its a good balance between chaotic and functional. You can still navigate through it, and there are a few landmarks, but it still feels like a claustrophobic natural cave system.
  14. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Cool I renamed your map Riderr3 (although Parttunn had really grown on me!) I'll update it in the next version
  15. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Yes there are some zdoomisms / boomisms in E2M2 - I am aware of them :) I think we can let them slide as its a great map. I don't really want to change them. The silent teleport was particularly effective in the cave - it blew my mind the first time. So I decided to leave it in. The mapper did not stick to the outlined format, but I don't want to make his map less effective because of some rules. It just means his map has some features not present on other maps. If they were sloped floors or 3D floors I would have asked him to change them, but the effects were handled in a subtle way (like the line horizons) so I think they're ok.