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  1. SGT. Shay

    DOOM 4

    how are you guys liking the new doom so far? i think it's pretty cool, but the multiplayer was WAY to hyped up. (it was a bit disappointing) it feels like a quake mod sometimes to be quite honest lol. i think it had so much potential, but they just focused on making an arena shooter and many people forget that's not doom. however the story mode was really cool and it honestly felt like doom with a GOOD story to me. but i've only been playing for 2 days so i'm not quite sure yet. i'm happy with it and doom 4 was totally worth the 60 dollars.
  2. Sure thing:) How would you like me to credit you?
  3. perhaps we could collaborate or something of that nature?
  4. btw i just subscribed to you and how would you like me to give credit?
  5. I was looking for some wads but then I figured I'd just ask you guys and find some cool ones. My Channel is below if you wanna see me play the wads/ mods you recommend. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-sT7hKgaUfxEEgyBcsO6oQ?app=desktop&persist_app=1