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  1. MultiLockOn

    Hardest challenge?

    Little off topic. I remember matching up with you moist nugget in matchmaking the other day. Good stuff
  2. MultiLockOn

    1v1 or 2v2 playlist?

    Any chance we might see these? Preferably with even starts and no demon runes
  3. MultiLockOn

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    Because the multiplayer is hyper casual
  4. MultiLockOn

    Harsh reviews about DOOM multiplayer

    Load outs shouldn't be anywhere near this game. Nor should hack modules.
  5. MultiLockOn

    The Fixed Launch Trailer

    I quite like the direction of the new Doom soundtrack but I completely understand why a lot of the older doom players don't.
  6. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    Oh. Sorry I should be more clear lol. Doomnetwork is dedicated to anything doom level design related. But I wanted to start studying some level design for this series and a Doom community member mentioned that a lot of the known doom mappers left this forum for whatever reason. I just wanted to know the story behind that.
  7. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    I'm not talking about the modding scene. I'm talking about the new Doom's snap map community, and it's longevity.
  8. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    I have no clue about the history of this forum. I was under the impression it was just a general doom forum, and not one with a prolific history in level design. I'm pretty much born and raised on Halo so you'll have to forgive my ignorance lol. I remember reading somewhere that not many doom mappers are left here. Is that true?
  9. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    The guy i was replying to was implying that doomnetwork would eventually go the way of the dodo bird. Im I'm just pointing out that the owner of the site has a great history with other gaming communities. Other level design focused communities at that. I just think it's annoying that that someone went out of their way to invest time and money into a Doom website (a really well built one too) and people are essentially blowing it off without a chance. I think it's a great opportunity to regrow the level design side of the Doom community again, and be essentially brother sites to the most prolific Halo map making website EVER. There's a lot of REALLY talented map makers at forgehub that are getting Doom specifically to make maps and are excited to learn the ins and outs of level design all over again.
  10. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    That would be nice too, but honestly this site is ancient...Which wouldn't be an issue of the site didn't LOOK ancient lol it could definitely use an update.
  11. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    There's nothing wrong with having more forums to help grow the community. Especially since doomnetwork is primarily level design, it's specialized. And managed by someone who knows what they're doing.
  12. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    So the way the website works is that it shares the same api as the halo map design site for forging (forgehub.com) which means you can literally use the same log in and profile/post information on both sites without having to make a new account or anything. Pretty cool stuff. Right now is the opening day and there's some info bleeding over from the forgehub side which is why there were some halo threads showing up. It should be figured out soon.
  13. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    Doomnetwork.com just went live! A website completely dedicated to doom map creation and level design :) I think everyone should check it out
  14. MultiLockOn

    Snapmap Community

    The owner of the biggest halo forum on the internet (forgehub.com) is starting a new Doom website that he's shooting to get running by the game launch. It'll be under the domain of DoomNetwork.com I believe so you should check back then when the time comes :)
  15. MultiLockOn

    What are your thoughts on the Snapmap stream?

    You mean like forge mode in Halo?