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  1. Lane Powell

    Jade Earth

    A good, very HUGE map, plus or minus 1000 monsters depending on difficulty: the kind that can take upwards of two hours on the game clock to run through. Naturally it's not for the FDA/no-save crowd. Frankly I had to do it in multiple sittings over the course of a day, as map fatigue kept setting in. That said, and despite the fact that it largely uses the same green marble/stone and tech textures throughout, the detailing and designs manage to keep areas from feeling too samey, though personally I would have used a greater variety of textures in different areas to keep them more distinct, or at least widen the color palette a little. While most of the map takes place indoors, there are a few cool outdoor void areas (which I could've used more of, to be honest—even peeks out of windows would be nice!), some cave areas, and even a small ruins setpiece. There are many side areas and a great deal of interconnectivity (though few if any true route choices), but the pathing is very good: I never felt lost even when coming back from a break. The fact that buttons almost always acted on something close by was naturally a huge help. Gameplay was appropriately challenging and about as varied as it could be in such a huge map, though there are a few tricks one can tell the author was especially fond of. For example, there are plenty of archviles. Luckily I'm fond of stomping archviles. On the flatly negative side I felt some areas were much too dark. Unfortunately these were often populated with stealth demons—not very clever. Also I don't know the idea behind fighting multiple Cyberdemons in a near-pitch-dark room with tons of geometry to get stuck on, but it wasn't a good one. While there are some things I would do differently, this is all told a pretty fine map—provided you're among the intended audience of people who like trawling through huge-ass maps to begin with.
  2. Lane Powell

    Quake Awards 2018

    Whoops! I voted for Shamblawards. :P
  3. Lane Powell

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Killing every monster in a map except one little imp. I know that leaving any amount of Hellspawn alive is a sin for which I will have to answer to my Creator, but I am a prideful marine and the only way to let my legend spread among the enemy is to leave behind survivors to tell the tale.
  4. Lane Powell

    Quake Awards 2018

    Hey everyone, a group of people at func_msgboard have put up the first annual Quake Awards to honor some of the best single-player Quake maps from 2017. There are only a few categories but each one of the winners was deserving, I felt. (I had nothing to do with the awards myself, I just follow Quake closely and wanted to promote them!)
  5. Lane Powell


    The Build engine can feel pretty wonky at times in terms of its physics, and freelook is inherently weird in 2.5D games anyway, so Doom just feels better overall to me. It's kind of like the Unreal vs. Quake situation. One has a more interesting, diverse arsenal, while the other has superior core mechanics and enemy design.
  6. Lane Powell

    Best Megawad ever (In Your Opinion)

    From my perspective megawads are a bit overrated. The ideal Doom mapset for me is maybe 6-10 maps. Any longer and I tend to get distracted by something else before I finish it. So the list of megawads I've started is longer than those I've completed. Of the ones I have finished, I'd say Going Down is probably my favorite. It does some really cool stuff with the stock textures and has vicious, fun gameplay to boot. It's pretty meaty stuff but all relatively constrained in terms of real estate, which the first few levels do a good job of setting up. Of the ones that fell by the wayside, I loved Sunlust (which I should get back to) and thought A.L.T. was super neat (I got stuck on some huge map about halfway though that I've never been able to figure out how to complete). If you want a list of my favorite episodes I'd be happy to oblige.
  7. Lane Powell

    Getting annoyed by some words

    I hate to break it to you jabrobis but meaning comes from usage, not the dictionary. People are not "too stupid" to "know" the difference between the words literally and figuratively. If someone uses the word in a particular way, and you find it confusing or irritating, then it is more likely that you are too stupid to understand elementary everyday conversational English. Might as well not go outside, to be honest. Good thing people like you have no real say on this, otherwise we'd all be speaking proto-Indo-European or whatever the linguists call it. And no, people won't lose the ability to express themselves completely by "losing" the ability the use a particular word "correctly". They'll just express themselves differently. And you people will understand perfectly (unless you're stupid) and bitch just as hard.
  8. Lane Powell

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    I like threads like this because they're a good source a recommendations. :) Not counting WADs that I stopped playing rather quickly because I figured they weren't for me, and other WADs that I petered out in not so much because I didn't like them as because other stuff snatched my interest away, the only one I really think is worth mentioning is Hell Revealed. I like "hard" WADs and slaughter stuff but as others have said, what I played of it often felt grindy and at other times less "elegant" or interesting than later WADs that it helped inspire (including Alien Vendetta). Not wholly without merit but I couldn't bring to do more than play through some of the earlier maps, and bounce around in the console to check out some of the later maps (which I don't normally do). I really like Alien,
  9. Lane Powell

    E3 Replacements

    Thanks folks. All that will keep me busy for a while.
  10. Lane Powell

    E3 Replacements

    Best ones out there? "Obvious" or not, mention whatever you think merits mentioning. Personally I'm looking for something with a bit "meaty" gameplay, something that would fit between, say, Cannonbal's E1 and E4 replacements.
  11. Lane Powell

    WADs with little ammo

    Iirc the later maps of Crimson Canyon and Rylayeh are pretty tight ammo-wise, maybe moreso in CC. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/crmsn37 https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/rylayeh
  12. Lane Powell

    WADs: Most Overrated/Underrated, Most Surprising/Disappointing

    I'm not great at Doom and I usually play hard WADs on HMP or lower. That said I love figuring out how to take on the crazy situations they put me in even if they do kick my ass around a lot even at that level. Draft-Excluder and Stardate 20X6 being examples of ones I've recently enjoyed. The HR maps I've played felt much more like a tedious grind with too much opportunity for herding high-level monsters through choke points or circle-stafing, or just symmetrical gameplay situations. That said I jumped around in the WAD rather than playing straight through, I'll check out the maps you mentioned. [edited to include both quotes]
  13. Lane Powell


    Any particular deadline for this (other than "when the slots get filled")? I'm working on a couple Quake maps for some community projects over at func_msgboard but if I can I'd like to get my paws all over Doombuilder. A swampy map would be fun.