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  1. MsKaye

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Romero really seems to like doing the whole "Carving zigzags and then deepening them to make cracks" trick these days, doesn't he?
  2. MsKaye

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Awe, Feb? Oh well that's not too far. Glad to see that Pre-Orders are just for a cute special edition thing. I might be a bit uncomfy about pre-ordering a level pack.
  3. MsKaye

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Well, we don't know anything just yet as he hasn't updated anything but I noticed a change to the Romerogames website. A placeholder page just appeared for something called "Sigil." EDIT: It's gone now lol, but it was there I swear, I even took a screenshot (Tho it's not super exciting since it was a placeholder page. Just here so I don't look crazy)
  4. MsKaye

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I'm gunna guess you need to wait until it's December 10th and daytime for Ireland which is where Romero is.
  5. MsKaye

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Read the dispatch. The project is more or less finished. It's clearly Doom related and it is most likely an Episode 5. Honestly? I'll take Community love over a failed kickstarter.
  6. MsKaye

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I think it's kind of clear what it is. I believe it's an expansion to The Ultimate Doom - an Episode 5. Would really fit for the 25th anniversary. Not sure how I feel about accepting "pre-orders." Skeptical on what that's all about. But we'll see.
  7. MsKaye

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Overall very solid. I can understand why some fans aren't jazzed with how goddamn cheesy it all is but I honestly don't mind. Doom always was sort of a goofy Metal cover come to life, even if I will admit I wish they'd still take some of the horror aspects a bit more seriously. Though Hell does look more Gothic, gross and weird and I do like that. I do hope that they're not setting up the Arch-Vile as being a boss monster. I get that they're probably just doing what they did with the Cyber-Demon largely because of how notorious the Arch-Viles are but I get the sneaking suspicion they're saving him for a boss and I dun like that. I'm super intrigued to go to new worlds. That was something on my "Things I really want from Doom Eternal" checklist was to see other worlds that the Demons consumed. Plus more environmental variety was something Doom 2016 needed to begin with. I also am wondering if perhaps one of the images they teased show a twisted vision of Heaven, which I am so down for. I dislike that they're adding a lives system. Seems superfluous and dated. But we'll see how they integrate it. I definitely think this is going to be a good sequel. It's clear that Hugo Martin is a dude who just wants to have fun above all else and I respect the hell out of that.
  8. MsKaye

    Final boss?

    C'mon. We need a living Titan. Maybe even take a note from Shadow of the Colossus and, in a way, Doom 2016... make the Titan itself the level as well. Could be interesting if done right.
  9. MsKaye

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I do agree to a point, though ramping up the gore isn't really the main thing I want. That should be a part of it, but I also want to just see more madness and surreality. I'd prefer Hell to sort of be this really, really unknowable thing that messes with the player and shows them stuff beyond their imagination. I feel like they should just look to the paintings of the man they already claimed inspired their hell, BeksiƄski. He was apparently the primary influence on their vision of Hell, and I certainly can see his influence there but I feel like they should of ran with his influence more. Some of the images he created are just so delightfully nightmarish & surreal... and it does at least appear he's still having an influence, while not one of his more notable paintings it's hard not to see this painting when looking at the dissolving buildings in Eternal's trailer. Here's a good collection of his paintings, give them a look.
  10. MsKaye

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    On one hand, it's a co-op shooter so that means it's gunna be right up my Wife & I's alley. We love playing co-op shooters. On the other hand... what happened to B.J.? Are we really never gunna see Mecha Hitler despite the door being wide open? (Err I guess we still could...) And isn't it a little soon? Is this a spin-off or a full on Wolfenstein III?
  11. I care less about "flavours" and more about brands. Though I s'pose I could say I'm pretty fond of Cherry colas and very much not fond of grape sodas, except for Grape Ramune which actually isn't half bad.
  12. MsKaye

    Most recent movie you saw

    My most recent watches: First Reformed Was a solid drama with thriller elements, but I'm not sure how I feel about its... ending. Can't knock the writing or acting though. May not be for those who like slow-build films or the work of Schrader in general. I know a lot of people who can't stand his work outside of Taxi Driver. I'm a fan though (The Canyons was pretty fucking garbage tho.) Confessions (2010): Excellent Japanese psychological thriller/revenge film. Has a unique structure. I'd recommend it pretty highly. The less said the better since it's pretty twist laden. How To Talk to Girls At Parties: My wife seemed to really love this one, I didn't care for it tons. Then again I went in less of a John Cameron Mitchell fan (I did like Hedwig tho.) and more of a Neil Gaiman fan, and this is definitely more Mitchell than it is Gaiman. I mean... it's cute and has some funny moments but it's mostly just kind of stupid. It's a ditzy sci-fi sex comedy with heavy LGBTQ+ themes (In spite of the main couple being ostensibly straight, lol.). I imagine it might appeal to those who really like Mitchell's work or gaudy, ridiculous cult comedies.
  13. MsKaye

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Well, you'll be happy to know that they've already confirmed the Arachnotron, Archvile, and Pain Elemental lol. Don't know if they're re-re-designing the Cybie & Mastermind, not sure if they're even going to have them since they were treated as bosses in '16. Guess we'll see.
  14. MsKaye

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    A'ight, here's my Doom: Eternal Wishlist. SP Co-Op: My most wanted feature. My wife & I love playing co-op shooters together and as such we squeezed more fun out of Snapmap than I think most others did but we still really, really wanted the ability to blast through the campaign levels together. Want this bad enough I'll gladly fork out for two copies on launch, which I almost never do due to us having to budget for a family. Difficulty: While it seems people more used to modern shooters didn't have an issue with this, I kinda found Doom '16 to be a tad on the easy side. Ironically, I felt Nightmare was a bit unbalanced even if it was closer to what I expected from UV. I hope D:E is tougher (While being a bit more balanced than '16 on Nightmare) and that UV is unlocked from the gate. Some set-pieces: I don't want tons of these, since admittedly part of what made Doom '16 so special is how... pure it was. And I wouldn't want any that take control from the player. But I'd like to see a few levels who have some form of light-scripting that change the dynamic of the level a bit. More Hell, and more Twisted: Simple enough. I want to see more hell, and I want it to be more fucked up than it was before. Mess with the player! In fact Hell is probably the best place for the aforementioned rare set pieces. Add some mindfuckery. :D Similarly, since in the lore it is revealed that Hell's M.O. is consuming alien worlds it comes in contact with and we've already seen the corrupted Argent D'nur, why not show us some other alien worlds that have been consumed by hell? Demon weapons: I'm pretty sure we're getting at least one of these in the form of the Crucible but I'd love to see one or two more as well. They could really have fun with the idea of a Demon Weapon. Hell, maybe they'll even bring back the Unmaker. Full Level Editor: I know this is suuuuper unlikely due to the way IDTech 6 works but a woman can dream. Besides, despite its limitations the customgeo in Snapmap proved that it isn't impossible. Unique secret levels: I was kinda sad that the closest we got to secret levels in '16 were the classic maps (Which TBH didn't play great with the modern style.) and would love to see some unique secret levels in Eternal. On that note... Unmarked secrets/pushwalls: I disliked how easy it was to find '16's secrets and I'd like to see some unmarked secrets in the form of pushwalls returning. Just a classic feature I'd like to see.