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  1. EdwunclerIII

    EdWunclerDM Demo Release!

    Thank you for the feedback! I do agree that many areas of these maps seem empty and underutilized, so that is something I will definitely pay attention to. Map 03 I feel I had the most fun making so far, and there will be more details going into that one. Map 04 the textures will likely change a good bit, and now that I look back those red stairs do look terrible while also being one of the more bland sections lol. 05 I sorta went freestyle with trial and error after a slight bit of mappers block, hopefully it at least flows well with real players :D Much more progress going to be made ;)
  2. EdwunclerIII

    EdWunclerDM Demo Release!

    Hahaha, yeah It sure took a while to bust these 5 out but I have a good feeling on this one :)
  3. EdwunclerIII

    EdWunclerDM Demo Release!

    Hello everyone, This is the official Doomworld forum post for the EdWunclerDM Demo! Here is the first 5 new maps made for deathmatch play in your favorite source port! Themes range from mysterious marble and nighttime UAC base to underground lava arenas. Two weapons have been modified via DEHACKED; the Rocket Launcher and the Plasma gun, both of which are sped up significantly to compensate for the more open arenas. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE MAPS THUS FAR AND THEIR DESCRIPTION Map 01: Big Marble Slab - This ancient structure built by forerunners before us has provided the UAC programmers the foundation a virtual deathmatch ground for space marines in combat training. Map 02: Round and Round - The keep up with the ever changing demands in all-out arena based combat within the corps, the war games department has created a circular arena for pure mayhem. Map 03: Stereo Dreams - The UAC has built a hydroelecricity plant to take advantage of the rivers in the remote location of which it's based. Map 04: Crater Mark - An asteroid from long ago hit this area of the Gobi desert, making this dangerous lava cave a popular attraction amongst the nearby civilizations. Map 05: Anegix #62B3 - Nearby populations in the mountain ranges of Anegix have made this particular telecoms installation their base of operations. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ KNOWN BUGS Some custom textures do not work correctly on Zdaemon. No known fix. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/6qx25pmnixvplvu/ewdmdemo.rar/file _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits: Uses Textures from DrDoctors Texture Pack ID Software for Doom II the game WARNING: NO PLAYER 1 STARTS, MUST LOAD IN A NETPLAY SETTING.
  4. EdwunclerIII

    Blackened Deathmatch for Zandronum (v1 Release)

    Wow, these look great!
  5. EdwunclerIII

    Fox News Is Staffed By Gibbering Lunatics

    Agreed, the only good shows are ones that have stopped airing like the Sopranos or The Wire. Everything else is filler drama
  6. EdwunclerIII

    Fox News Is Staffed By Gibbering Lunatics

    Now that I look back at just how crazy the media is, I can't help but compare it to schoolkids in a play yard fighting. All finger pointing and conspiracies with politics, no action being taken on the real problems at hand. I did watch that vid and I regret finding out just how much of an ass she made herself.
  7. EdwunclerIII

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The bull that time wanted to forget
  8. EdwunclerIII

    Fox News Is Staffed By Gibbering Lunatics

    CORRECT! *Handshake* It truly is more reliable than anything else mainstream lol
  9. EdwunclerIII

    Fox News Is Staffed By Gibbering Lunatics

    Hahahahaha, nah I aint no politician-picture-user. it's actually from a movie. If anyone guesses it, you get a virtual handshake
  10. EdwunclerIII

    Post your Desktop Background

    I do love myself some Halo
  11. EdwunclerIII

    Bizarre Multiplayer Stories

    LMAO I have seen bots say that line many times too
  12. EdwunclerIII

    Bizarre Multiplayer Stories

    Oooh boy, funny multiplayer encounters.. I have had a few haha. A while back I had joined a deathmatch server on Zdaemon and there were two other players. I join in but they start telling me they were dueling, when they were in an FFA server instead. (Has happened on multiple occasions) Another time I was playing DM and I shot a rocket at another player's feet.. They went flying and I bust out laughing while running around killing lol. Little frags like that are just glorious! That remains one of my favorite moments in gaming actually.
  13. EdwunclerIII

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A walking flaming cat sprite
  14. EdwunclerIII

    Fox News Is Staffed By Gibbering Lunatics

    Both sides of media are almost astonishingly biased and just overall stupid, so I just stopped watching it altogether lol
  15. EdwunclerIII

    Your mapping fears

    Definitely had this sort of thought run through my brain a few times before. XD