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  1. EdwunclerIII

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Thanks! I was especially wondering what PPULSE was.
  2. EdwunclerIII

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    it should work??? Maybe I should use mediafire.
  3. EdwunclerIII

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Thank you! Thats one down.
  4. EdwunclerIII

    Classic Maps

    That's actually a good point. i just didn't see why they didn't go that extra mile. But still, its fun.
  5. EdwunclerIII

    Classic Maps

    If they were to do classic maps I believe they should add the classic sprite enemies.
  6. EdwunclerIII

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    i have been looking for the songs of these midis for a while now, but i cant find them. midi.zip any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. EdwunclerIII

    Who put Daisy's head on a spike?

    Revenant, no doubt.
  8. EdwunclerIII

    Your dumb Doom habits

    1.Wasting time (not strafing when a hell knight/baron throws a fireball) 2. Strafing in front of a fireball :^)
  9. EdwunclerIII

    Describe the DOOM weapons as if you were the manual.

    Pistol - Your standard-issue sidearm given to all UAC Marines. Don't count on it to save your life, though. Shotgun - This is your "Boomstick". What it lacks in fire rate, it makes up for in versatility. Super Shotgun - A beautiful sight to behold, this weapon blows wreckingball-sized holes in your foes. Chaingun - A fully-automatic holepuncher, this weapon is a crowd pleaser. Rocket Launcher - This weapon fires explosives of justice. Make demon slushies the whole family will love! Plasma Gun - This weapon is your ticket to preserving natural resources the fun way! BFG-9000 - This gun is a "Big Motherfucking Gun" alright! Turn a whole room of demons into a Margaritaville! Chainsaw - A tool used for chopping down trees and stubborn pinkies. Fist - When you have no other option, turn brains into brawns.
  10. EdwunclerIII

    Doom I and Doom II soundtacks?

    http://www.doom2.net/doomdepot/music.html This site contains music from all manners of ports.
  11. EdwunclerIII

    Is STARTAN2 ruined forever?

    I dont think it is a bad texture for use in a small quantities, but a whole map? No.
  12. EdwunclerIII

    What's Doomguy like in your mind?

    A lone survivor of a squad of marines. A brave light in the face of darkness. However, the further you go in the doom timeline, the more he develops PTSD.
  13. EdwunclerIII

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    Because they're hard as all living hell.
  14. Thank you. I didnt notice the ones under $20 :)
  15. Hello DoomWorld! It's been too long! Since I love Doom 64, I have always wanted a copy of DooM for Playstation 1. However, I want to find a cheap way to aquire it in good condition. Any suggestions?