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  1. It happens at the walkway up the lift that has the chaingun on it, if you go down the walk way to the blue armor and turn around it visplane overflow crashes
  2. Fonze~! Great to hear from you, was just askin meleemario where you were at a week ago :) and Mr.memes4lyfe do you have discord or irc? it would be a hell of a lot easier to setup than in a forum Edit: Great discord channel for vanilla and chocolate doom https://discord.gg/5M8K6vQ
  3. climbed out of my hidey hole to play more doom :)) and hell yah some DEATHMATCH would be awesome. I think are last deathmatch we had we both had 200 ping on dwango5 map2 hehehehe was a hell of a time.
  4. Sounds like fun we should set this up
  5. Anyone wanna 1v1 through dosbox or choco? would be pretty fun :) could even hook up my pentium 2 if you got original hardware :P EDIT: Also would be sick to play some choco or vanilla heretic, at higher pings can use choco with the -newsync command for smoother play
  6. heya axdoomer and belandino i was talking to you guys on that youtube vid, was wondering if you guys still wanna play? :)
  7. You can find me on #DMstuff on quakenet, im usually in there :)
  8. ahh doomkid, well have to setup a game some time :)
  9. The Download link for source code and ipxsetup is dead
  10. MadDog

    www.doom2.net Down!

  11. that is freakin awesome man, i love the screenshot you got of me killing fonze from that side view lol EDIT: lol wait, that was me dying from fonze xD
  12. Hmmm, ive heard of this master slave ipx driver before although, have never tried. I find ipxsetup to be good enough
  13. ill be there :P havent played enough doom lately :)
  14. The problem for me in chocolate doom is that when i swipe my mouse fast at low sensitivity it hits a "Speed cap" where it wont go faster no matter what i do, i will have to post a video on youtube showing my problem. I know i do have acceleration set to 1 in settings and that doesnt matter, because there is a speed cap even with acceleration on!
  15. Sweet :) on my birthday too :p Thanks alot, xttl
  16. MadDog

    Chocolate doom league?

    Hey Terminus, where'd you go! :O
  17. oh man xttl, you are a god! maxdemo and extratics 3 and dup 2 works perfect while recording, idk if you changed something or not buts its awesome EDIT: also wondering if that is the latest source code. gonna save it just in case :p
  18. well heck, i just tested it right now with 2 dosbox windows as well and it works i will test it when doomkid is on :)
  19. hmmm still doesnt seem to work with -extratics <n> although the response file thing totally does work and is a totally awesome workaround for the overly long commandline arguments thingy :P Would really like extratics to work tho as it really helps with ping spikes/dropped packets.
  20. But using dm.exe creates a response file which doesnt cause problems the long commandline problem as i have tested this myself so i still dont understand why its doing it, because with dm.exe we loaded custom wad file warped to a map had nomonsters checked etc so automatically that makes it very long, much longer than the test with only extratics, dup, record, and maxdemo line. EDIT: just read the last part of your post, we have been using dm.exe this hole time :( EDIT 2: -nomonsters -skill 5 -warp 1 -deathmatch -nodes 2 -file DK_DM_3F.WAD -record test23 -dup 2 -extratic -maxdemo 1024 this is what showed up in the response file when we launched dm.exe with -extratic instead of -extratics <n> and it works fine, but if we put -extratics instead of -extratic it doesnt load, says returned from doom.exe
  21. Alright i will have to test this thanks alot, i will report back with my findings. ok, i think i just found the problem. This only happens if i use dm.exe for setting up the network game :( Although it only happens when using -extratics <N> but it works with -extratic just fine. Wonder what is causing this :(