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  1. Thanks! And here's a bit of what happened during the inaguration of the mod :D
  2. Well, It's finally out! Come join us in the innaguration deathmatch session. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/XzD2TdV
  3. Sorry for double post. But here's the last update before tomorrow's release
  4. Thank you! Yes, the portrait are basically upscaled versions of the sprites themselves. We thought of adding hi-res portraits for some champs that do have high res versions around the net, but that's only some of them and that inconsistency between some portraits being hi-res and others being very low res was too drastic. So we settled with having them all muddy. :P
  5. WHAT IS THIS? “QC: Doom Edition” is a mod that brings the weapons from the latest Quake game, into Doom, with delicious pixelated flavor. More than just weapons, it also brings the “Champions” mechanic -- different player classes, each one with unique status, speed, active and passive abilities MAIN FEATURES All weapons from Quake Champions, with faithful firing times for best transferable experience Thirteen champions to play, each with unique abilities Single player enabled Cooperative enabled Monster sets to mix and match: Doom, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 4 Deathmatch enabled Capture the Flag enabled Other multiplayer modes supported (Duel, LMS, Domination) GZDoom 1.8.6 compatible (for single player) GZDoom 3.2.x compatible (for single player + fancy effects) Zandronum 3.x compatible (for SP and all types of multiplayer) D-Touch and Delta Touch compatible (for Quakin’ on the go!) Selectable starting weapon Enhanced bots for better “local deathmatch” or to add to servers AeonQCDE: a dedicated version of AeonDM with custom spawn points for a better Quake-like experience Damage numbers Lootboxes! Speedometer Optional weapon bar and hit beeps Moar crosshairs Champion details help screen And more! DOWNLOAD Get the latest official version over here: Moddb download page MEDIA QCDE playlist
  6. Oh, I didnt know this was ever a thing. I did remake one map myself, but I never released it for lack of interest
  7. You can run D4T and see if the eyes of the monster shine (no GL lights at that point) or if the health/armor shine whole (like in software renderer) or only the edges (brightmaps)
  8. Hey, how are people getting brightmaps on their phones? I tried in my moto x play, and it doesnt show D4T's brightmaps (they do work in pc gzdoom 1.8.6 and zandronum 3.0); i tried on a "galaxy note 4" and no brightmaps either; are these phones too old? A friend of mine that got a galaxy s8 said no brightmaps there either. Is there a magic trick to get them working? Now, about Delta touch, is there a way you (Beloko) could add some way of easy executing a config? For example, between several mods i've done, i have specific keys added, like in D4T there's keys for throwing grenade, melee, swich weapon mod, so I configured the extra keys in dtouch to use these. However, in another mod, Doomstorm, I have different new keybindings, like "leash", "thumper", "slide" and things like that. Currently, i have to rebind them to the custom keys every time i switch a mod. It'd be nice if there was another tab when launching a game, where it allows you to execute configuration files, akin to what "exec" command does. I suppose I can call that command in the console, but that requires typing the right name, figuring out in which folder to put the files and all that. If there was an built-in way of selecting a config file when you're launching, that'd be fantastic.
  9. Yes, it does.
  10. (AKA DOOM(4) for d-Touch) By DBThanatos & Michaelis Join our discord here //===================================================================== 2.0 Trailer and Release Date //===================================================================== What is this? A mod for Doom2 with the weapons, monsters and some mechanics from DOOM(4). This mod was made with three things in mind: To be compatible with D-Touch (android port of gzdoom) and Zandronum 3.0. To be as straight forward as possible (as opossed to my previous project D4D, which had very granular configurations for many things) To match the gameplay style I enjoy playing: Run and gun. Don't stop. If what you seek is a fun and balanced d-touch compatible DOOM(4)-based mod, then look no further, for we have what you want. //===================================================================== What to expect? All the DOOM(4) single player and multiplayer weapons, with modifications included. Combine that Super Shotgun with the Reaper and a Grenade Launcher! DOOM(4) inspired monsters. Custom sprites and Doom2016 sounds. Rebalanced from the ground up. No hitscan enemy attacks. You can always see where the attacks are coming from. Demon runes for almost every monster around. Want to be a Cyberdemon or a Harvester? No problem! Many grenade (equipment) types. Castlevania style, you can only carry one, so plan ahead or just keep your favorite. Challenging, yet fair gameplay. Glory kills! Quick and unintrusive. Get some health back! Double jump. Extra mobility FTW. Too many skills, for playing on a phone, play normal or super hard (for the masochists). D-Touch compatible! Rip and Tear on the go! Optimized for non-state-of-the-art mobile and desktop processors. Potatoes rejoice! Brightmaps everywhere! because little touches bring greatness! Tons of sprites custom-made for this project. From weapons, to monster and visual FX! Three HUDs: Centered, cornered and even one for mobile! GZdoom 1.8.6 compatible. Stability FTW. GZdoom 3.0 compatible. Fancy bloom and stuff. Zandronum Alpha 3.0 compatible. Because why not play with other players? Coop compatible. Team up and tear! Deathmatch compatible. Rebalanced from the ground up. No random damage values. It's all about learning your weapons and aiming properly! Also thanks to dedicated players/modders, we also have quite a few addons, amongst them: Last Man Standing compatibility Selectable Starting Grenade (equipment) Parkmore movement Voice packs Gore enhancements AI enhancements Retouched sprites Voxels pack Doom 2016 Soundtrack Skin packs Zombie mode mutator And more! //===================================================================== DOWNLOAD NOW Download Death Foretold (D4T) v2.1 HERE Get D4T addons HERE
  11. Okay, updated the first post a bit. At least now it has links to the old stuff. Will re-update once v2.0 is out :D
  12. //======================================== //======================================== //======================================== //======================================== Post of the 1.01.5 release (old) //======================================== //======================================== ** Finally out ** In the edgiest of edgy dates. [/size] Celebrating 66 days since the release of Doom(4), D4D has arrived on the 6+6+6 of July. Edgy Bringing weapons we loved from Doom4, and adapting monsters into a classic style, this is the result of about 8 weeks of hard work and the dedication of 3 people: DBThanatos, Major Cooke & Michaelis We proudly bring [size=150]Doom(4) for Doom[/size]. Our own tribute to a fantastic game, that despite being awesome, left us wanting more! So, we ported it back to it's ancestor. And that's what we have here. //======================================== //======================================== ** IMPORTANT INFO! ** This mod uses a whole bunch of custom options. It's highly recommended to install this is a fresh folder, since this mod is gonna work a lot with custom bindings which might not play along nicely with the regular bindings in other mods Q. Can I run it with brutal doom? A. No. "Brutal doom" and "Doom(4) for Doom" are both gameplay mods that cannot be stacked on top of each other. Same goes for any gameplay mod. Nor should you add other gameplay mods, like monster randomizers or Qtilt. If you add custom monsters on top of this, you'll get almost no credits (currency), special effects (stun and whatnot) and special rewards. If you add Qtilt, footsteps and whatnot, it will break several of the D4D effects. YOU MUST BIND YOUR D4D KEYS: There's quite a few. Go under Options -> D4D mod options -> Customize Keybinds For better view of the D4 reticles, disable your standard crosshair Set your particles to the higest possible: The upgrade systems uses a TON of particles. Go to Options -> D4D mod options -> Display and set the "Max amount of particles" There's an entire file with information of what does each D4D option does. READ IT! You can switch to standar doom monsters instead of the custom D4D ones. Go to . Go to Options -> D4D mod options -> Monster type to change it This mod is NOT easy. Ultra violence is Ultra violence despite looking like it's in place of "Normal". The next skills are harder, for real. Dont come to complain "Nightmare is too hard" ;) For the love of god. After buying a weapon mod, make sure to equip it! //======================================== //======================================== ** Downloads ** Download D4D v1.01.5 (with several issues fixed) HERE. If it asks you to sign in to download, just select another mirror. We have no control over this. You must download the latest version of the GZDoom: Download Gzdoom HERE
  13. Well, I thought it would be nice to post a bit of an update. I discovered that at least the beta, worked in my current system. CPU: Intel Core i5 650 (2 cores @3.2GHz) RAM: 6gb @1333MHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 These specs are below the "minimum" as posted by id software, except for the GPU (which is a bit above the "minimum"). The game performed quite nicely, I was hitting 50+FPS all the time (except when using fraps, there I had constant hiccups where the framerate would dip to 10 for a second). Using shadowplay I was able to record at over 30fps all the time. But again, when I wasnt recording, it behaved pretty well.
  14. Thank you for this explanation. After reading I considered the possibility of replacing my video card, but after some extra thoughts, I decided I will go with the i7 chip. The reason is to "future proof" the system a bit. Last time I built my system (around 5 years ago) I also went for the "this should work for now" approach and got the i5. Today I find that had I bought the i7 back then, I wouldnt have had to make this whole mess now :P However, you got me thinking quite a bit about the video card. While I understand that the 960 will end up bottlenecking the system, I think it will be easier for me to get a better card later on. Say, in a year or so. Sadly enough, since I hadnt planned any of all these upgrades, I never thought of getting a 970 for example, so I went with the "cheaper" option. I still ended using quite a bit of cash, but at that point I didnt even think I'd end up replacing the whole system. I asked around to see if I could "resell" the 960 to get the 970, but what they told me was disheartening (i will round the numbers with a non accurate currency conversion for simplicity). I bought the 960 for around $240. If I were to resell it to this same people, even though it's 3 months old, they would give me $140 tops (a bit over half of the price). And the 970 is anywhere between $410 - $470. Yeah, insane prices here (and as seen before, ordering from outside the country also means extra fees of this, and that, and whatnot). So, my option is to try to resell it through online mediums at a better price, or resell it to the same guys that sold it to me. The former means more money, but who knows when, and the latter is plain sad. So Im gonna stick with the 960 for now, until I really find I need to upgrade it. If this one works to run doom (not at HUGE DETAIL or anything like that) Im okay with it. For now all the money was focused in getting the new computer built.
  15. Ah! thank you very much. I just have one question. Do you happen to know if a DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury RAM is compatible with the cheaper MOBO? I keep finding conflicting info about it. Their site seems to list some chipsets but I've read that it might just work I read about PNP vs XMP but I really dont know what all that means so far. I ask because I foolishly bought some time ago one of those sticks of 8gb, and I'd love to make sure that the thing works in the new MOBO, you know, to make sure I get to use those ~40 USD I spent in that thing :(