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  1. This is continuation to my project "Lost civilization". This is "Part 2" (Think for a better name!). 12.12.2019 I decided to continue with this "Lost civilization" theme. Since then I've been collecting resources and experimenting with GZDoom engine. PK3 is now over 100 megs and growing. I'll update here the progress of the project. Current status (2.1.2020): Improvements (All are going to change to some degree) Visual Better texture resolution for the most textures (~8200) Lots of decorations, lamps, trees, bushes (~100) Models decorations (~158) Destroyable props, (walls) (~20) GZDoom effects: fog, clouds, floor glow, reflections, portals, 3d-floors, possibly lens flares, rain, snow etc. Changing environment Gameplay More monsters (~17) More weapons (~15) More items (~10) Inventory items (~12) NPCs with dialog (~10 ideas) Roleplay elements Example: Find firewood to NPC and get rewarded with hunting rifle. Example: Give a fieldkit to a sick NPC or use it for yourself. Example: Exchange your precius weapon for armor Example: Find food for hungy NPC or eat it yourself Example: Find 10 bottles of wine to bartender for random powerup Hub-world filled with interconnections and missions (optional and story). Many skill levels to give something for everybody (5) -Just exploring -Easy -Normal -Hard -Impossible! (resource starvation, avoid some enemies) More verticality with 3D-floors Allies, free captivated NPCs. Changing environment (maybe even how you choose) Interaction with world. Destroyable, pushable, fixable, usable or locked objects. Environmental hazards, poison clouds, lava, nukage, (maybe electic, cold) Scripts (1) This has quite the same design goals as the first part. -Fun -Nonlinear -Lifelike environments -Good flow This also has roleplaying aspects. You start with maximum health of 50 which can be risen with "vitality serums". You start very weak and end up as a poweful hero. There should be always some tension towards health&armor, ammo and more powerful weapons and exploring either towards story items or items you can barter with NPCs. I'm thinking to have three different map locations. Green is for easier levels, you shoud go there first. Yellow is harder. Red is the hardest. You should have a lot of ammo and powerful weapons to enter the red. Or I just block entrance to harder maps until you've completed easier ones.. Or unlock some via dialog. Still not sure about the concept. Screenshots! You enter with your familiar boat to the docks injured. Fight your way to the city (hub). If you can get there alive! As the first part suffered nonlinearity being quite futile for many reasons: -not being obvioius to the player -not showing how different routes affected the gameplay. -not many players play maps twice or more so there was not much reason to create many routes. Hub world encourages exploration and multiple uses for locations. Dialog, some kind of journal and map markers will guide the player. Some optional routes will be ... 1)Just optional for the exploration and free feel. 2)"Secret" routes that give you goodies. Rewarding on Doom2 assets was quite nonexistent. 3)You are forced to complete optional missions for resources (at least on higher difficulty levels). 4)Hopefully more clearly signed what difference they make.
  2. It's not so much considering I can use existing material from realm667 and all those resource threads. I can lower sector detailing using models instead. So it's much about basic mapping. Of course all those difficulty levels and some scripting takes time. And testing all resources that they serve a purpose.. I've already on good progress with UDMF. I'm hoping to release something even this year. Like, make the hub-map ready and then just unlock content to next releases.
  3. [Update 2.1.2020: Download link to idgames (joi_lstcv15.zip).] https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/joi_lstcv15 Another mirrors for download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fupwsvflfteybx6/joi_lstcv15.zip/file https://files.fm/u/wyvqqqec Changes: This is a thread for my project "lost civilization". Hopefully I've achieved something unique and memorable what has never been seen before. MORE SCREENSHOTS, A LOT! Layouts: Maplist: Goals for my mapping: -Fun -Nonlinear (can be 2 of the same keycard, key only for a secret, etc.) -Lots of secrets -Lifelike environments -Good flow, lots of room to move -Small puzzles -Easy platforming Boom-compatible. Tested in GZDoom, prBoom+. Freelook allowed. Multiplayer, only player starts (not tested). Mapinfo support (crouching and jumping disabled) Mapslots map01 - map21 + map31 Story: A civilization was collapsed as people got into religion of "ignorant egoistic idiotism". Genetically modified cattle and food turned the people and animals to agressive zombies. But there were few survivors. How they weren't affected? Credits (textures): Credits (music): Jimmy (From Jimmys jukebox) & Björn Lynne (http://www.lynnemusic.com/midi.html)
  4. @Buff Skeleton Thanks a lot! Well there was some "older" maps which I hesitated to put in, if you happen to mean them. At least they weren't too long, heh. Watched the first video(will try to watch them all) and your play and the mods look good! Have to check those mods out myself. Actually I'm already working on "part 2" It got quite fast start but now development has slowed down a bit. But almost every day something happens.
  5. What port are you aiming to? Not sure, but I would try to use some of the physics flags: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Actor_flags#Physics Like this one: -MOVEWITHSECTOR or +RELATIVETOFLOOR
  6. Jaska

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Must have been fun to make those slopes? Manually or using slope-mode?
  7. Detailing. Texture selection. Resource gathering. Alternative routes. Sometimes connecting different areas and parts take much time.
  8. Thanks! Now it works. I deselected "jump over railing". I also modified textures offsets. I also found some errors on the map but not in that location. So, not sure what exactly the problem was.
  9. Thanks. But no, Won't work correctly. I'll do something else for a moment..
  10. Now it fails just differently. Can't jump over it and it blocks in the air.
  11. A Problem with GZDoom's "jump-over railing". As can be seen, there is two 3D-floors with jump-over railings offsetted to the 3D-floors. But for some reason they also block on the ground level with same height, 32 pixels. Why is that? I can do jump over railing with these false bridge sprites or another invisible 3d-floors but it would be so easy to just use jump over railings.
  12. I'm also working on breakable props. You need an actor which is spawned when something is destroyed. For example: this is from Doom Enhanced: actor WOODGIB { +DOOMBOUNCE PROJECTILE -NOGRAVITY -NOBLOCKMAP -SOLID +RANDOMIZE Radius 2 Damage 0 bouncefactor 0.2 Speed 5 States { Spawn: WOOD A 0 WOOD A 0 ThrustThingZ (0, 48, 0, 1) //Thows gibs up on Z axis. goto See See: WOOD ABCD 5 //Plays animation loop Death: TNT1 A 0 //Gib is cleared out Stop } } actor WOODGIB2 : WOODGIB //Very good idea is to inherit another version of the "gib" with different scale to easily vary the gib { scale 1.5 //So WOODGIB2 is exactly same as WOODGIB but scaled up to 1.5. } To use this you need sprites: WOODA0 WOODB0 WOODC0 WOODD0 How to use example: actor SpikeTree replaces Stalagtite { health 15 radius 16 height 40 deathheight 40 mass 1000 +SHOOTABLE +SOLID +NOBLOOD +DONTGIB +RANDOMIZE +NOICEDEATH +SOLID states { Spawn: SMIT A -1 stop Pain: SMIT A 5 A_PlaySound("gibbage/xwood") goto Spawn Death: SMIT B 0 A_PlaySound("gibbage/xwood") SMIT B 1 A_CustomMissile ("WoodGib", 32, 2, random(0,360), 2, 6) SMIT B 0 A_CustomMissile ("WoodGib2", 40, 2, random(0,360), 2, 10) SMIT B 0 A_CustomMissile ("WoodGib", 12, 2, random(0,360), 2, 20) SMIT B 0 A_CustomMissile ("WoodGib", 32, 2, random(0,360), 2, 15) SMIT B 1 A_CustomMissile ("WoodGib2", 20, 2, random(0,360), 2, 8) SMIT B -1 stop } } Now you have to have SMITA0 sprite, intact version of the spike tree (from doom2.wad) SMITB0 sprite from Doom Enhanced, broken version of the spike tree. To hear sounds you have to have them in your PK3's sounds folder and defined in SNDINFO. I would suggest looking in Doom Enhanced for example. It has breakable lamps also. This also has some breakable stuff: HeXen / Heretic - Ultimate decoration pack https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=66784 Ask if something isn't clear! Are you familiar with DECORATE or zscript? ZDoom wiki is very useful: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Main_Page https://zdoom.org/wiki/DECORATE https://zdoom.org/wiki/ZScript I might put my "findings" together at some point but it will take time.
  13. Jaska

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Looks like some Finnish level. Jyrk was a tv-show in 1990.
  14. Where do I find NPC-sprites? My project will be at modern times, some kind of post-apocalyptic theme. Medieval sprites may work to a some degree. I know only realm667 and there isn't too much breakable things. Where to find them? Like breakable bottles, barrels, things that make world alive while shooting. I will use some 3D-models. I've found sitters: http://www.md2.sitters-electronics.nl/models.htm And blacktrayne modelpack https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=58223 Those are great and I got almost everything I was looking for. But If anyone knows more good stuff it would be nice to know. I have many sprite based trees but might use also models. Haven't found too much trees. Creating them with Blender is too time consuming for me as I'm not too familiar with it.
  15. Jaska

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    That sure looks great!
  16. Jaska

    S.U.P.E.R Natural: Demo

    Has this continued? This is so massive it's unplayable on my laptop but only thing I can do is just be amazed by the all the detail and atmosphere! And the scale of the maps is just mindblowing.
  17. It's very nice to hear because I used a lot of time and thinking to it! There was some feedback which I may have put too much weight on.
  18. I think dialog with NPCs gives a nice pause in fast paced combat. It gives something else to do than just shoot, a breather moment. But if someone doesn't like that there is not much to do with it. Well.. There could be a possibility to add skill level which doesn't have NPCs at all. Testing with all I've included now is and will be pain in the ass so lets see. I'm not sure about the journal yet anyway and you might be right on that. Simple things should work. If someone just skips dialogs and misses or don't remember what was in it, there must be something to remind the objectives. Or keep things just more linear. We'll see as I develop ideas further. Thanks! Well then I have misunderstood some of the feedback from nonlinearity.
  19. I have no idea why map05 wouldn't work. It has to do something with that mod. Map31 is inaccessible. Couldn't figure out what to do with it. I hadn't ideas and/or the energy to implement the secret map. So I just put it there to who wants to check its architecture etc. with codes. I kinda wanted all my ideas out.
  20. Jaska

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    So here we go again. Lost civilization part 2. First screenshot from the hub-city:
  21. I just wanted to avoid opening the wad files. It's easy to only add the doomednum to the mapinfo. I'll do as you suggested and use the DECORATE.
  22. ZScript problem. I have added ZombieRailgunner.wad to my pk3's root. Then I have added DoomEdNum to mapinfo.. 18552 = ZombieRailgunner. GZDb bugfix 2.3.0 3107 just gives "Failed to apply MAPINFO DoomEdNum override "18552 = zombierailgunner": failed to find corresponding actor class..." Do I have to include them in zscript.txt? Tried: #include "ZombieRailgunner.wad" is zscript.txt, but same error as I would expect. I have no problem with decorate monsters. I have one decorate monster in a WAD-file at the root of pk3 and I even haven't included it in decorate.txt. It shows up in editor and game just fine. I just added it to mapinfo for the doomednum.
  23. Jaska

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Curunir Looks very good! What project that is?