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About Me

I know Doom 2 since i was a kid, maybe 1998 i think.


My mom didn´t allowed me to play this game because the brutal content was a bad thing in 90´s


I just saw Chillax Megawad about 2010. I was so confused that the game Doom 2 get so much fun after this time and still there is a  big community.


I found out that there is a Map Editor called GZDoomBuilder and i learned how to use them.


Since there, i create my own Doom 2 map with big Inspiration from: Chillax,Slaugherfest 2011-2013 and the Program Oblige......i most of this maps i create for my friend CrazydoomGuy


this is his youtubechannel:




if you like hard Doom 2 Maps feel free you check them out:




you can download them all also from my Mega.nz Account: