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  1. Robo_Cola

    High-quality scan / PDF of the Doom manual?

    I believe I do, let me find it in one sec Edit: Nevermind I just realized mine's the same as yours I think
  2. Robo_Cola

    i really don't like being in this community

    Could be wrong, but that sounds like more of a general *human* problem as a whole.
  3. Robo_Cola

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Your avatar at 0:00
  4. Robo_Cola

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Did your parents ever have "that talk" with you? If they didn't maybe they thought that letting you see that video by your own volition would help you understand that side of human nature. It's a bit bizarre and perhaps avoidant on their end to rather just explain it to you properly, but it would have been one less (awkward) burden off their shoulders. That or maybe your mom told your dad of the video and he went looking for it then downloaded it on a USB for himself, and when he went to reuse the USB he forgot he had downloaded it on there and gave it to you by accident.
  5. Robo_Cola

    So where does your username come from?

    I laughed so hard at that the first time I read it, my first thought was maybe they were referring to your musical and modding skills? As in "I doubt anybody could replicate that legacy" but they accidentally said "would wish to" instead of "could." Could be totally off the mark though.
  6. Also I joined the discord that Doomkid posted if you want to add me or I'll add you. I use the same name I use here.
  7. Interesting idea for sure, I'll see what's up then!
  8. Sorry guys I'm just now seeing the *today* deadline and the recent comments, IRL getting in the way hard. I saw Doomkid posted that old demo for M.I.A, @Lippeth @CammyBanana those revisions are really awesome and very much appreciated! This song has been a nightmare trying to translate into Sekaiju, but your recent comments gave some insight why. Is it ok if I look into your midi revisions for some clarity? Initially after reading these first recent posts on here I was about to rescind my slot for 28 for someone else who had something better in mind, don't want to be "that guy" holding it up. Though it seems like you guys liked the revised midi(s), so if you want to keep that recent one by CammyBanana you can...all up to you guys. To tell you the truth that demo was an early build, and yes the .wav was transposed a whole step down (good ear).
  9. Robo_Cola

    Tips for beating the TAG2 final boss IF you gave up

    I said this in another related thread, but for me personally the "blood-fueled" rune made all the difference in this fight. After you equip that rune, keep glory-killing the zombies coming in to charge both your hammer and speed-boost throughout all phases of the fight (I usually do this in a circle pattern too along the edge of the arena). I probably did that for 80% of the fight while keeping distance from the Dark Lord unless I was getting ready to prepare my attack. Once you get the speed-boost, then you can instigate the Dark Lord's attacks by getting up close. With the boost it's much much easier to both avoid and instigate his attacks up close. Don't be afraid to use your hammer a lot too, especially on that last phase. Killing both the dogs recharges it immediately anyway.
  10. Robo_Cola

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    @DuckReconMajor @Quasar
  11. Robo_Cola

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    Just finished it and still trying to collect my thoughts, may edit this post later after some afterthought. The very first word that comes to mind with this DLC is "rushed," even down to the Codex's. It seemed like a lot of the good parts of the DLC (such as reclaimed Earth) were over in the blink of an eye while the bad parts seemed to drag out a tad. Overall it wasn't bad, but there was definitely some missed potential of which I may extrapolate on later.
  12. Robo_Cola

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    Everything shown so far is superb besides this. Imo it looks really lame, they could have at the very least give the texture a bumpy look or changed their face. And yes the OG Hellknight may have been a recoloring of a Baron, but that was 94'.
  13. I'm looking for an old video from way back on Youtube (like 2006-2007 or so) of Doom that went by something like "Doom in real life!" It was your typical parody with a guys face replacing the original Doomguy HUD. It was recorded in a basement I believe and the "player" gets progressively more powerful water guns. The "demons" are some guys in bed sheets goofing off if I remember correctly. It was fun and everything right with old Youtube. You can immediately tell if it's the right video because it has "YYZ" by Rush playing, though I can't find the video anywhere. Surely some members here remember it