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  1. Thank you for your in-depth review of my WAD! I really appreciate it.


    I got the feeling you didn't find most of the secrets in the maps. For example, it is possible to get the Plasma Gun in the Blue Key area. It even teases you in one of the corridors. That's alright though, I didn't design the maps in a way that secrets are mandatory. 


    As for the second map, when I designed it I thought it was interconnected but that was mainly due to the secret areas. I tried to make them quite different because the progression of most WADs these days is quite samey. I wanted to put in some surprises.


    If you want, maybe you could also post the review in the New Stuff section. I'd love more people to play my map.


    Finally, I also have an Egyptian-themed map that is almost ready to release. Would you like to playtest it before I release it?

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    2. DooM_RO


      I like the new site a lot better but I agree that the New Stuff section should be the first thing you see. You can still get to it by pressing the News button.

    3. DooM_RO


      Did you put any screenshots in the review? If you want, you can use the one in the link I put in the description.


      Also, if you want to play more of my maps, I have a couple in Joy of Mapping 3 and 4.

    4. SP_FACE1


      Yeah, I pasted your imgur link to the separate notes/comment section of the review.

      I'll put Joy of Mapping in my list of wads to check.