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  1. SP_FACE1

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 09-23-18)

    Yeah, I think that would help. I switched the alternative HUD off when I noticed it's causing issues, so it didn't bother me that much afterwards. But if you want to make it even more explicit I guess a constant glow (same as in the firing animation) could help the player remember the powerup? By getting stuck I meant that in some level I didn't notice the bombs until I had killed the big fight without them and then I saw the bombs following me. I tried to take them with me (read: make them follow me) to another area but they got stuck in a wall somewhere. Those changes sound good. Forgot to suggest that some treasures would also lure the player in for sure :) Is the new version available somewhere? Oh, didn't realize there's a teleporter/portal. I don't know how portals work so my suggestion might suck but is it possible to move it further back the stairs to a point where you can't shoot Trolodon from the other side of the portal? How about making the brick wall that leads to the golden key floor button a single brick thick wall like this:
  2. SP_FACE1

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 09-23-18)

    I watched a friend play the first level. He has never played the original Hocus Pocus and he didn't know about the destructible walls and consequently didn't figure out how to finish the first level until I told about the walls. I think a wizard could tip about those bricks or you could make a "tutorial" wall, e.g. a destructible wall that has half the bricks already missing and then you see enemies behind and when you try to shoot the enemies you'll realize the walls can be shot. I actually got into a similar situation in map40 with the laser walls. It took a while until a accidentally realized I can shoot the lasers. If the "Rabbits stink" signs in the very beginning of the level were replaced with those lasers, I think it would help the player to learn they can be destroyed. Speaking of map40...
  3. SP_FACE1

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's not AA though. There's definitely a Spider Mastermind there right at the start.
  4. SP_FACE1

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Player start is at the edge of a large circular area with light gray walls. Sky is visible. There's a Spider Mastermind in the center. Not enough weapons and ammo to kill it so you need to activate a crusher or just ignore it. You can exit the area by running at the corridors at the side of the circle. After leaving the circular area you come to a large open cliff side with brown rock textures and water at the bottom. You need to go to the other side on the ledges to get a key and then enter a narrow hallway and somewhere there's an exit. The exit is in smallish cavern with brown rock and water. I think it's a pretty recent map. Played it this year. Can't remember if there were other maps in the WAD.
  5. SP_FACE1

    Best Single Map WADs

    Here are ten suggestions that haven't been mentioned yet: Fuel Devourer: large techbase with a clear visual style Port Glacia: icy techbase Mercury Rain: it's green, it rains Nightlife: big Tron Disco ballroom Dawn of Reality: realistic city map with a Ctulhu theme Bifrost: a hub with rainbow roads which take you to small areas with lots of monsters and six keys Man on the Moon: a sequel to Traveling to the Moon which was suggested here Boxes All the Way Down: starts like a massive e2m2, ends up as something completely different Waste Abandonment: nice small level with classical texturing and fun gameplay Plasmaplant: it's blue, it's dark and there's a grand piano somewhere
  6. SP_FACE1

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 09-23-18)

    Finished. More feedback: In MAP38 you could get trapped at the outer ledges. I guess you could say don't go there because you'll die anyway if you fall off the cliff but sometimes there are secrets at the ledges. In other words, it's confusing when exploration is sometimes encouraged in the form of treasure and bonus items and sometimes punished if you get stuck. It took me ages to figure out that the golden key opens a cave nearby in MAP38. That was the biggest moment of being totally lost in the whole WAD for me. Maybe it could help by making the opening more pronounced: The final boss battle was really tough. It didn't help that I used almost all the powerups at once in the potion room. Maybe it could help if they were not offered all at once but after each round. Also I managed to find a blind spot where I could shoot Trolodon at will without him reacting: As I praised before, this is a magnificent piece of a WAD! I couldn't find the secrets to map10 and map40 so I played them separately afterwards. However, I did end up in map20 and map30 somehow. I have no idea what games map10 and map30 were about but I did recognize Electro Man and Jazz Jackrabbit!
  7. SP_FACE1

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 09-23-18)

    Played the first three episodes. Few alignment issues: There were a couple of cases where you needed to jump but you could easily hit your head on the ceiling and fail the jump which lead to unnecessary frustration: A corner that you could walk through: Other things: - It's not easy to see which health potion is the small one and which is the big one - Hard to see what lightning powerup you're equipped with in the full screen HUD (or was I running the alternative HUD?). I mean more than once I blasted many shots of a valuable powerups because I forgot I still had it. Perhaps you could make the hands a little bit different when you're wearing a powerup? - I think I missed 80% of the smart bombs because they either got stuck somewhere or I couldn't see them This is such an enjoyable TC/MOD. It keeps getting better the further you play. The style and detailing is really admirable. Every now and then I just had to stop playing and watch the scenery, how the surroundings fit with the skybox, all the fauna, little rocks, sparks etc. I like the thematic variance between the levels. The weird maps are funny, I don't know if they were secret maps cause I don't think I found any secrets but they were a nice refreshment. This is clearly so much more fun than the original. The original feels like a small weekend fan project that was inspired by HocusDooM.
  8. SP_FACE1

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 09-23-18)

    Haven't noticed this mod before. Glad to encounter it! Is the menu background supposed to be yellow? Weird texture aligment on map02: I played the first six maps so far with GZDooM 3.6.0. Gotta admire the effort you put into this. I first encountered Hocus Pocus in a disk that came with a PC magazine and I might have even bought the full version after finishing the shareware version. I can't remember now. In any case, this is a truly magnificent mod. Is this coop compatible?
  9. SP_FACE1

    Graphically beautiful wads or eye candies

    Brigandine is such a beautiful map. And it uses just vanilla textures which makes it even more admirable.
  10. SP_FACE1

    Wyrmwood: Episode I

    Played this trough on HMP. I liked the short Scythe-like level sizes. Difficulty was fair on HMP, enjoyable fights that got harder on the later levels. Didn't get lost, not even in the dark areas that didn't show up in the map. Overall nice levels with good flow. I managed to relieve some stress with this WAD by killing as many Wyrmwood folks as I could.
  11. SP_FACE1

    4 Seasons of DOOM (on idgames)

    Run into this on map02: Lovely set of maps... Well, I just had time to play the first two but will definitely play all of them! Nice to see the hobo imps that live in trash cans have returned!
  12. Just finished this on UV. Phew, I'm quite exhausted! Perhaps the first third of the map I was running out of ammo and had to use all the infighting I could set up. But it eased up after that. Because the map is so huge and explorative I'd say the resource balance depends on the path you choose. I didn't encounter any huge issues. But I think I found a typo? I think I got 40 something secrets so still a lot of replay value. I loved the force fields that compelled to make the decision if you want to exchange a rocket for the items you saw. The writings on the floors were quite helpful as the map is so huge it's easy to get lost. You have clearly poured a piece of your soul into this WAD!
  13. I played on an 3 year old i3 laptop. I didn't have much lag on single player with GZDooM but on multiplayer Zandronum there was considerable lag. My friends played on more powerful computers than mine and they said they experienced a lot of lag too. I'm not that familiar on the limits in DooM. One of the friends I played with works in the game industry and he just pointed out that there are not enough lines that block the view and you can see too much which causes the lag. The bridge bug happened only on multiplayer. We were running simultaneously on a bridge and the players that were running behind the first player got stuck in the bridge. I guess this is an issue in general with this kind of bridge type? I remember encountering it before on other maps with coop but never got stuck inside the bridge. So to summarize, all my feedback was for coop. The single player experience was great even on the betas I tested last year.
  14. Some feedback after playing on coop, 3 players, UV, using Zandronum: quite laggy, too much stuff visible on the screen some levels (especially at the beginning) have too few enemies every level has lack of ammo possible to get stuck in the bridges in Mountain Pass In Lost in the Forest this area (screenshot) didn't have any enemies: And to end on a more positive note: Everyone was extremely impressed with the level design and visual style and we stopped at multiple spots to admire the views and to discuss how some parts were done.
  15. SP_FACE1

    Bifrost - single map with rainbow bridges (Boom+)

    Beautiful style. I always forgot which rainbow areas I had already done and ended up visiting old places multiple times. I would be pleased to see some way for the level to mark where player has already gone.
  16. I don't know. In any case, due to the name of the map I thought getting lost (without getting stuck) was the purpose of the level. And it did exactly that. Maybe without the automap I might have got frustrated but with the map it was not an issue. TL;DR I liked the cave-section and the whole level a lot.
  17. Hmm... the download has 9 maps? Anyway map05 and map06 were new to me. Map05, Lost in the Forest, truly lives up to it's name (as @HAK3180 also mentioned). I got lost in the cave-forest section but with the help of the automap it wasn't hard to find new unexplored areas. So I got lost but not stuck. In other words, I did not have a clear sense of where I was but despite that I always progressed in the map. After the cave-forest (or when getting to the upper area of the cave) the level design guided nicely where to go next. It was done with nice subtlety and possibly goes unnoticed on the first play giving the player a feeling of "I know where I'm going! I'm not lost!"
  18. Boxes All The Way Down by bonnie
  19. SP_FACE1

    Favorite Source Port?

    Zandronum (because I mainly play coop with friends) GZDooM (for my single player needs – I wish I could say prboom+ but can't because it has such bad mouse control support, in fact it's so bad I'd like to give prboom+ a negative vote :)
  20. SP_FACE1

    H.P. Lovecraft themed wads

  21. SP_FACE1

    [PRBoom+, Cl9] Crimson Wood [IDGAMES link available]

    Great map! I think I got stuck somewhere, couldn't figure out how the red and yellow bars opened? Otherwise it had a nice flow, the map pushed you to the right place at the right times. Loved the style and use of textures even though it's not my favorite theme. Couldn't figure out all the secrets on the first run so have to play again. The fights were well thought out, had to use a little bit of brain to survive them. (I'll put this on my coop list, I hope it has at least coop starts... didn't check :) Sweet! The first travmoon is high on my list!
  22. Since creating alternative universes is hard (I think?) a more feasible and still interesting experiment would be to introduce Doom to someone without ever showing them the original levels. Start from the top Cacoward winners and after a year or so introduce the originals. Here's one such experiment (n=1) done with video games in general: https://medium.com/message/playing-with-my-son-e5226ff0a7c3
  23. SP_FACE1

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    I switched to Linux from Windows 98 because Windows sucked, it was cool to hate Microsoft and I also loved the tinkering and hacking side of Linux. Then in 2007 I switched to OS X because I grew tired of the tinkering. I wanted the computer that I use daily to just work. And because OS X was Unix based it felt almost like home. Then in 2015 I switched back to Linux because the desktop side had matured enough to offer an almost carefree everyday user experience. I haven't used Windows much and feel lost with it when I have to use it. So yes, I like Linux a lot. I use Ubuntu because it seems to have the largest community, it has more software packages than other distros and generally it's supported well everywhere. All this contributes to the carefree experience that I'm looking for in my daily usage.
  24. SP_FACE1

    Port Glacia - now on /idgames!

    Played with GZDooM, HMP, took one hour to finish. Beautifully crafted and textured, large, nicely interconnected map. The way the map opened up reminded me a bit of Miasma but more spacious or some of the maps in Counterattack but far less confusing. The fights were tough but not overwhelmingly. I constantly forgot that the water eats your health and lost a lot of hp because of that. If the water is supposed to be freezing (or is it?) why does it move? I'm not a fan of damaging water. I think I almost ran out of ammo twice but it didn't last long. And it just nudged me to play more sparingly. TL;DR I liked this map a lot, please make more maps.