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Posts posted by doomvaultboy

  1. Gez said:

    I've already quoted that today in another thread, but perfection is not when there's nothing else to add, it's when there's nothing else to take away. Doomworld's old-fashioned minimalism is pretty close to perfection this way.

    If this is perfection, than I don't want to be perfect!

    gemini09 said:

    I'm starting to look for a new place to call home with regards to DOOM, myself.

    I don't know about that place, though.

    But I can't say I'm having a terrific time over here. Everybody's discussing DOOM-projects that I personally have absolutely fucking zero interest in, and it just gets worse and worse. I'm thinking that it actually was a shame that Doomnation and the like went under -- I think it's time for a reinvigoration of alternative sources of community and information that differs from this place, in my opinion, and to me.

    Tbh I think you should give SB a try, it really is a good community (regardless of how much of an asshole I'm apparently coming off as in this thread defending the site)

    Tritnew said:

    I checked out the Sugarbomb site and HOLY SHIT does It look like some 15 year old wanted to make a forum for all "the cool kidz loool" and hipsters.

    Jesus, what has this world come to.

    I'd come up with a response to this post but apparently responding in kind makes me the angry asshole. Oh well lol

    Doominator2 said:


    Come on Vaultkid dont tell me you find these red links easy to read. I literally strained my eyes trying to read this.

    I'd like to know what color you'd suggest. Blue would be just as hard to read. It can't be white because the text is white. Any other color would stick out horribly with the color pallete.

    Regardless, I just don't think it's a big deal. If something as insignificant as the color of links makes you not want to go on a site, then that's your opinion I guess.

  2. Kira said:

    Added an extra because I am an asshole, as you can tell:

    And there's plenty other glaring things as well, but I was too lazy to point them all. Like black on red, and too much saturation here and there.

    Also, cool you friggin jets. With this attitude you won't earn any new friend to talk with.

    Omg it's red because it's a fucking link, not sure what other color you could even make it. But you're right, how on earth can you use a forum that has red text on grey for links! Disgusting!

    And the yellow thing is a banner that some people have, there are multiple banners so you run out of colors to use so you're stuck with that. Also the purple name you pointed to is purple because certain users can choose whatever color for their name, there's a lot more customization of your user experience on SB. I'm sorry but if those are sticking points for you then you are much more nitpicky than I am. Hell, I could sit here and nitpick about little things wrong with this sites design but I don't really care that much to do so

  3. Kira said:

    If you can say with a straight face that red text on black and text on a friggin yellow box is a good idea, I'll start to believe that indeed, eye-fatigue is a legend.

    I don't think we're looking at the same website tbh. Sb has white text on grey, with some red thrown in but no red text. Unless you're talking about the banner at the top but there's still no "yellow box" there. Maybe your eyes are so fatigued from staring at this site for years that you're seeing different colors?

    Go here and tell me where you see "red text on black" and "text on a friggin yellow box" http://sugarbombed.com/forums/

    eargosedown said:

    Honest question, but why? What major features are we missing currently that we need to have?

    One of the big draws about this current layout is that there's very little clutter.

    The biggest thing Doomworld forum is missing is responsive design so it's more phone/tablet/etc friendly.

    @OP, Doomworld looks shitty, but suggesting an even shittier looking site is a bad way to try and make your point.

    You're just so wrong if you're saying sb is shittier looking than this site. There's something to be said for minimalism I suppose, but as for overall looks, you have to be blind, stupid, ignorant, or all three to think this site is better looking in any way.

    Gez said:

    Okay, that's the final nail in the coffin. Not gonna visit that site and I hope it dies.

    The wikia link is a broken link... I think it only linked to a site wikia page anyway made by site users

  4. Quast said:

    No, It's pretty blatant.

    Well, no one is forcing you to be here.

    Good thing they're not, I don't think my eyes can take this onslaught of blue any longer!

    Fonze said:

    I find it funny that this thread is named "Other great sites for Doom discussion" and instead of asking for other sites or recommending a few other sites, the OP just plugs one and shits on this one. Literally everything on that other site looks like it's just not for me. And if they're plugging the wikia over there, the only things you can expect a DW member to bring to the party are a torch and a pitchfork.

    Tbh I don't understand people's gripes about DW needing a revamp or whatever; I think the site looks great, the text portion of what people say is front and center, with only as much space as necessary devoted to the extra stuff, like people's names/tags/avatars and the misc commands at the top and bottom of the pages. Everything's easy to find and loads quickly. The text portion takes up about 80% of my phone's screen, so it's not like it's small and requires zooming in to read, though most mobile devices now let you set the font's size independent of zooming, so I don't even see how there could be a complaint for that.

    I also like DW's use of darker colors for the majority of what displays on the screen; it's easy on my eyes. That other site is way too flashy and colorful, with shit everywhere; ever heard of eye-fatigue?

    SB uses grey, black, and red. Never heard those colors described as "flashy and colorful" before lol

    Ralphis said:

    Honestly Doomworld is old and beat and really sucks Lingeeka should sell it to sugarbombed for free so that it can be run by someone who knows how to actually make a website thanks for listening

    Agreed! Hey Linguica, how does $50 cold hard cash sound?

  5. Gentlepoke said:

    My god, who thought that the colour palette for that site was a good idea?

    I like grey and red better than this weird shade of blue/teal on this site, but that's my preference I guess.

    also this place is just really bare bones, but like the one guy said some people like that. Not gonna argue with people's taste but SB is definitely better looking than this place.

  6. Jayextee said:

    So your proposed alternative is the fuckugly eye-aching "OH HEY LOOK AT ALL THIS WHITE" buggy piece of arse-crust that is Faecesbook?

    I like you, you're funny.

    I mean facebook is facebook... never really been bothered by the white lol

    Linguica said:

    You're not wrong about the archaic forum software here but I mean


    come on

    it's 100x better looking than this site lol... If you're talking about the lack of doom discussion than yeah I agree it is lacking, but it's growing with the popularity of the new doom. I think the sites only been around for a few months anyhow so it'll grow, especially if some ppl from here move over to there. The people there are very friendly.

  7. I recently joined this site, and although there is a lot of good discussion on here, I find it quite hard to look at. It's run on very archaic forum software and is quite ugly. While looking for somewhere else to discuss doom with like-minded fans, I found a bethesda focused forum site called "sugarbombed.com" while it mainly focuses on Fallout and Elder scrolls discussion, there is a growing contingent of people who talk about Doom. They also have a facebook page where they post constant updates and funny stuff about doom here: https://www.facebook.com/DOOMGang-1722132054725308/?fref=ts

    hope to see some of you over there!