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  1. Allow me also make a little bug reporting MAP05: They Will Repent MAP10: Industial Zone
  2. riderr3, thanks for feedbacking of those. Granted, I got remarks on some of the little "criticism". That was deeply red area in truth (color index: 78 - call this "barn red"; brightness - 25 - very gloom dark). If this irritates I can raise the value of light level to approximately 50...60 and add a transparent middle texture adjacent to room's walls (it yet not marked to display the mid-texture due to my fault). Please simply disable god mode cheat. That pit is deliberately fatal :) Hadn't encounter the crash any time before. What will be your suggestions?
  3. Darn crap! That's all my fault. Due to that sector having accidentally reduced to zeroth brightness level it shows blackness. Should be raised to around 235-255 to display better (as its color is something of that darkest blues). At the point of the brightnesses, by the way. That's too bad GZDoom Builder no longer comes with a tool called Brightness Mode. While it seems at a glance totally worthless, this could (the days of DB2) lower/raise a light level of any number of selected sectors (including every sector a map has) in just a click. A highly cool appliance for PSX mappers/converters! Is that possible to get this back to the GEC edition in a form of an additional plug-in at least? Because there are so much of maps in this Beta 2 I noticed which appear too bright on a monitor and would be great to have the light trimmed a little.
  4. Yeah, and these ones according to my investigations reside on VRAM. F_BLANK, being the flat, is the 64x64 pixels. Not sure about W_BLANK's dimensions.
  5. I still see that rotating icon of circle close to my Level 8: Metal. It is in the finished state... what happened?
  6. And I'd like taking E1M10: Sewers and MAPS 3, 4 & 5 of NRFTL (yet while I got steady malloc errors on my Odyssey of Noises).
  7. This is not neccessary. Harder-to-kill enemy types are only to increment the difficuly on higher skill modes. The buddies altogether placed on the same point means only one creature should be spawned on that place while playing on a specific skill level. Many today's mods often use that (check TWID map packs for sample).
  8. The star base sky is really the best choice which fits the new texture theme and the atmosphere of the level (none of the Hellish scape, fire sky nor even the Thy Flesh Consumed clouds are suitable) even though this is the deep hell before the final boss level (PSX did utilize it on most of Plutonia maps and Master Levels and TNT as well except Level 30, which due to an error of a map designer, I guess, gave you E1 scape). "Bells of Agony", "Infectious", "Tendrils Of Hate", "Breath Of Corruption" & "In The Grip Of Madness" would all be very good to hear on the map, but currently I ain't able to choose soundtrack (swapping the music .LCD file with another one only results in music disabled at all). About removal of the rocky road and blood pits. Deleting those ones would darkly affect the aesthetics, so let me better tone down anything else on the map to make it work correctly.
  9. Also, does the thing like unjoining the previously merged sectors greatly simplify the level?
  10. Comparing to your level, MAP29 has 1699 Vertices, 2055 Linedefs and 2951 Sidedefs after I cleaned up the level and ONLY 182 Things... and all that against your complex map having lesser quantity of geometry but on the other hand much more things and thing types (mine currently has only three monster types) with the map data you provided on the screenshot. Looks like I gonna indeed simplify the geometry instead of things... getting back those cacos, demons/spectres and even Hell knights.
  11. Alright! Odyssey of Noises now works fine with the all the textures and flats converted, enemies number reduced to only three (chaingunners, imps and revenants are the only villians here, so how boring the map is now) and no decorations except one small grey tree. The game, however, crashes saying Z_MAlloc: Failed Allocation on <a_stupid_number> anytime I die or click to restart the map. Here's the level data. ----- 1699 Verts ----- ----- 2055 Lines ----- ----- 2951 Sides ----- ----- 264 Sectors ----- ----- 182 Objects ----- Am I to delete more things on the map (boy, 182 is a quite nice quantity for PSX!) or the level geometry was the cause?
  12. Odyssey of Noises works but it constantly (or at least at numerous outside areas) bombs me out with the message RightEdgeClip: Point Overflow. Don't remember what this specifically implies (we must have already a talk over that but I ain't going to start over the whole thread again for now). The framerate is quite average in the large areas (like the large blood pool in the south), sometimes even smooth.
  13. No one has yet made Odyssey of Noises (Level 29)? I'm votting for this map in that case.
  14. Thanks you guys for joining me to the project. I've nearly finished the map called Administration Centre (yet this only lacks color lighting and the startup testing). The only question (of a newbie member like me =) ) is where the levels should be uploaded? (To whom?)
  15. May I occupy the slots of these maps? Level 7: Prison Level 8: Metal Level 20: Central Processing Level 21: Administration Center