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  1. mr-around

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Hi there! Am About to show the early in-progress screenshots of E1M4: screenies: Automap (partially showed):
  2. I guess, this room reminds of the mancubi area of map27 but switched to Limbo? If not, I'll try to make that more familiar. I'm concerning whether it is too original looking or still could be e4m5 clone (which is out of place) There, I'm expanding the E3M1 shotgun bridge place... but ... Nirvana inspired Pentagram room (map27) Map21 - Should be penultimate room (redesigned - you don't just climb down like you did in Nirvana)
  3. Yep. But what's wrong? Ah, this also applies for map27, yeah
  4. I can, sure! About how much is done, I would say it would require some geometry tweaks, possibly adding some rooms and finally placing into the monsters.
  5. Level 11: Stalked is Done!! Name: Stalked Slot: 11 Target port/game: Vanilla Plutonia Music: "bunnyvile" by @StalkerZHS Tested With: Chocolate-Doom 3.0.0 Bugs: Possibly some, but I think it is a much work to do for a tester Download : MAP11__Stalked (mr-around).zip Screenies:
  6. Joining now to take MAP21 and MAP27. (If I cannot afford to be greedy at this point I will only take MAP21)
  7. Some progress toward completing on MAP11.
  8. Thanks for pointing this out! Even though the map for the chosen map is not ready yet, I'm not casting to leave the project... prefering to stay yet.
  9. Some delayed reply from me, however, let me just have some second chances (not the first due to some busy time) of having this level done in a little more than couple days (if you haven't done it)
  10. Let me try it. An interesting stuff!
  11. After you gave some more time, I will finish this map after all
  12. Unfortunately, @Korni27 and @Raith138 who agreed to colab, couldn't work to help me with my map in time (due to the level's complexness), which means the MAP30 will be passed to someone else to make it from scratch