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  1. You don't actually have to use any image sharing sites. Simply click on your attachments below (where the screenshots you upload are) when submiting a post, and those will be placed into the reply edit box where you can drag em' anywhere. BTW, thanks for pointing this out, I'l fix that toward the next beta release (yeah, I'm author of these conversions)
  2. If you grab computer area map or use map revealing cheat you anyway see that hidden-marked walls in PSX version of Doom.
  3. What's the difference of those versions? Are their maps different? Are they both for PAL and NTSC regions, or one of them was exclusively for latter or former? I guess the codes for v1.1 only?
  4. I entered those codes in both games to check out whether they work. It does the job for Final Doom, but not for regular Doom (it's ntsc region). What happend?
  5. Found some of the shots of Downtown at infant/adandoned development level. Can those modifications made by Dragonsbrethren be applied? https://twitter.com/Dragonsbrethren/status/1012775537662709761
  6. Not a bug. Really becomes a shortcut after a while. You'll agree if you play the original. This platform should never reach such height, setting itself in the middle instead.
  7. More bugs noticed in Doom 1 / Doom 2 part Level 1: Phobos Mission Control (by @Uroboros87) MAP02: Forgotten Sewers (by me) MAP03: Altar of Extraction (by @riderr3) MAP16: Icon of Sin (GEC)
  8. Errors and Bugs spotted in Beta3 Plutonia MAP05: Hunted (by @DynamiteKaitorn) MAP12: Neurosphere (by @Dark Pulse) MAP15: Impossible Mission (by @DynamiteKaitorn)
  9. Errors and Bugs spotted in Beta3. Master levels MAP02: Trapped on Titan (Đeⓧiaz) MAP10: Crossing Acheron (me)
  10. What to do if a music track really fits the mood of the level, so you cannot choose another? As I noticed, in the OP, some tracks repeat in succession. Could I come to an agreement with @riderr3 to reconsider making choice of some songs? (Level 20: Central Processing and Level 22: Habitat play the same theme, yet not in a successive manner. Can we leave it as is? Calm Panic Rises is best song for Central Processing... choosing another will ""compromise"" it)
  11. I'm a little confused.Can you, guys, explain by giving instructions on how to use that baby, V4. What batch should be launched first once I put wad? What should be done next? Finnaly, dealt with it. A plethora of bat. simply drove me mad.
  12. Can we choose soundtracks for our maps yet? Or is it up to [GEC]?
  13. An Emulaton General article that I read recently says a word about XEBRA, about its great game compatiblity but a slightly toned down audio system which can be revealed inaccurate. That's why I asked if the Corrupted Core track really should play as sinister... and I like it :)
  14. Does XEBRA, ps1 emulator, properly plays the music on MAP06? Are those varying/higher note octaves accurate for PSX Doom not heard on ePSXe? Not sure if the pure console played it that way.