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  1. Dingir

    Eternal TAS demos

    Very nice, vdgg. Just out of curiosity: would building a TAS without taking any damage (i.e. reality) be possible (of course, damaging floors might be a problem) or would it be just too difficult/enervating?
  2. Dingir

    Eternal demos [-complevel 2]

    dat mouse wiggle @ 34:50 ;) ::walks to fridge to look for beer, scratches head::
  3. Dingir

    Eternal demos [-complevel 2]

    Hmm, nice perseverance! Looking forward to the remaining eternal tysons. ;)
  4. Dingir

    Slaughterfest (201)3 [-complevel 9]

    Very nice sf3 uv-max demo there, foobar!!
  5. Dingir

    Eternal demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice nice nice, j4rio. That's why I like watching good demos: you know (and you can see) that a lot of effort has gone into it...
  6. Dingir

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice, watched this completely (in five sessions). The last map was especially nerve-wracking. ;) Thanks for the good entertainment, Ancalagon!
  7. Dingir

    Eternal demos [-complevel 2]

    j4rio demo --> serious skill detected. And to think that, originally, I thought that tyson demos are dull... ;)
  8. Dingir

    Eternal demos [-complevel 2]

    Very nice tysons there, j4rio. If you really finish all Eternal maps, I'll buy you a beer. ;)
  9. Dingir

    Hell Revealed demos [-complevel 2]

    An amazing run, Ancalagon...! Beating a TAS, albeit old, is stunning. And yes: Ancalagon demo = instant download ;)
  10. Dingir

    Requiem demos [-complevel 2]

    Another amazing and impressive tyson! Congrats!
  11. Dingir

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    j4rio demo = instant download ;)
  12. Dingir

    Requiem demos [-complevel 2]

    Very nice tyson run! After so many years (20?), finally a tyson on map 15!
  13. Dingir

    Hellbound demos [-complevel 2]

    Very nice run. And yes, the first 60 s... --> nightmare reality category! ;)
  14. Dingir

    Italo-Doom demos [complevel -9]

    Very nice, Ancalagon... grinded much? ;) Hope A7MAD goes easy on the monitor!
  15. Dingir

    The most prestigious records

    Prestigious? 30uv and 30nm, quite. But mind-boggling for me are and will always be many pacifist demos, most of all doom2 map2 (Zero-Master) and doom2 map17 (Looper).