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  1. Zack

    Doom 4 Unveiled

    I log in so rarely to this forum that it amazes me every time I remember the password. Hi. :) I'm seeing a good number of erm..."passionate" responses about how this game isn't the classic Doom experience we were hoping for. Frankly if you want the classic Doom experience, Chocolate Doom exists for a reason. id obviously can't make the exact same game with better graphics and expect it to be a smash hit. That said, I do agree with Jewellds that the game is too "brown." They should have learned that lesson not from Doom 3 but from Quake 1 long, long ago. Otherwise, the graphics and enemy design still show an awful resemblance to Doom 3 (which is now as old as Doom was when it came out). I don't see that changing in 8 or 9 months so I guess that means we're going to have to cross our fingers that the game play (already nearly shining if you ask me) and the questionable level design will be perfected to make this game a real treat for us fans and everyone else. I'm really hoping I can say this game is everything I had wanted to see in Doom 3. But it looks like we're going to have a good time even if that mark is missed.
  2. Zack

    New Rage trailer

    I got to try out Doom 2 XBLA in the QuakeCon vendor area and I'm kind of excited about the new levels being developed by Nerve. There were 2 new levels demoed and they had a very classic look and feel to them. I just hope I won't have to buy a 360 and an XBLA subscription to play them...
  3. Zack

    The Fall of Newdoom

    I got that email too. Either the email's a marketing attempt and he actually expects the pay model to thrive, or the email is meant simply to add insult to injury, as if he's doing all this just to get more negative attention drawn to him.
  4. Zack


    Ah, my mistake. It's specifically the New York mirror in the /idgames archive that is bringing up the wrong file. If you request http://youfailit.net/pub/idgames/levels/doom/d-f/fbdemo2.zip it gives you fbdemo.zip; seems like automatic spelling correction is the culprit because a directory listing shows that fbdemo2.zip is not available there...
  5. Zack


    That first link is to the 5-year-old 10th anniversary release, instead of the current one apparently.
  6. Zack

    Doom Audio Overhaul Project

    Gecko, I'm curious to hear what you have put together but SpeedyShare deleted your sound. Would you be able re-upload it, or could you email it? My address is zack 18 at comcast dot net Thanks!
  7. Zack

    The wonderful world of -statcopy

    I'd still like to know if AVG had something to do with it like you suggest. Maybe this calls for some detective work. :) Does anybody know anybody who was involved at AVG? Maybe Romero knows? Edit: Some quick Googlin' leads me to believe they closed up shop long ago. From the info in the files you linked to, the phone number is now a residence and the address is claimed by a thrift store.
  8. Zack

    Halloween thread

    Homestarrunner.com, which is ripe for viewing once every year or two now, has their latest latest Halloween cartoon up. Pom Pom is dressed as a Cacodemon.
  9. Zack

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    Thanks Quasar. :) You're a really good person.
  10. Zack

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    That's insane. If someone really does think that showing regards and showing respect is rude then they better not expect anybody to show up at their funeral. The last funeral I went to was for an online friend's former fiance. It meant a lot to him, and I didn't know her at all.
  11. Zack

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    Quasar, that would be really great if you went. If gas prices are stopping you I can Paypal you something. I wish I lived closer... Some funeral services give attendees the chance to stand up and say some final words. It would be neat if you could mention his influence on our corner of the gaming community and that he'll be missed by hundreds of acquaintences he's never even met IRL...I think that would be nice.
  12. Zack

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    Toke it up. It's a coincidence that such a hardcore fan of id's games lost his life on John Carmack's birthday. I must have met Toke online 7 or 8 years ago, on DoomServ when it was still called ZM. He was one of my favorite 1-on-1 matches; We'd DM on DWANGO wads and we'd always come very close to a tie...and then he'd always pull ahead at the last minute. I wish I had more to say. Toke: GGs man.
  13. Zack

    GBA contest winners

    So, what were the answers...?