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  1. DoomMan007

    Looking for advice with Doom Builder and/or GZDoom

    Thank you for your kind help :) I will take a look at DoombuilderX (DBX) and see how that goes for me. Doom Builder 2 is nice for a while, but then when you really start getting good ideas for your map, you exit a play test and boom the program just hangs and won't fully exit out of that test map phase. Again, thank you very much and have a great day :)
  2. DoomMan007

    Looking for advice with Doom Builder and/or GZDoom

    Nope, didn't happen that way. "but I remember reading several years ago" meaning that I read OTHER people from an old forum saying it, not me. I know they do this in their spare time, I have respect for those that do it. Never said anyone owes me anything. Perhaps reading the original comment is beneficial rather than a quick skim and a false accusation. Thanks anyway.
  3. So I came across Doom Builder yeeeeeeears ago, when it was Doom Builder, before Doom Builder 2. Anyway, long story short when I use the most current up-to-date version of Doom Builder, if I click the play button, to test out my map, well when you hover over that arrow, it shows in a little pop up box, "Test Map". Some of the time, when I am in the game, that pop up box is still there. If I mouse over that pop up box my mouse cursor changes to an hourglass. If I press ESC in game, select Quit Game and press Enter, I have to force close Doom Builder because for whatever reason, something is glitched or not working properly. Task manager says it's running, and isn't showing any problems, but sometimes when you exit Test Map, you can't go back to the work you were on, so hopefully you saved it. I keep seeing posts about GZDoom. What exactly is GZDoom, and what problems does that have? I just want to be able to use a Doom editor, that allows me to keep working. Doom Builder is starting to make me frustrated. I love the program, but I remember reading several years ago that the dev for Doom Builder became lazy and didn't care anymore. Which map editor is good, and which do you prefer using/map editor that doesn't have many problems like Doom Builder does?
  4. And I'm sure it's been done already. The idea is that the rooms the player has to run around in, have monsters in them. At some point after those rooms, you have to hit a switch for the correct door. Choose wrong and you are teleported back to the start of the level. It would be cool to have hidden rooms so that when a trigger line is crossed, it opens up walls in those previous rooms where the dead monsters are, only to be filled with new monsters the second time you have to go down there. Probably what I would do is have to move ceilings or floors to create new rooms, so that way the player wouldn't be able to cross that line, unless he was teleported back. Years ago I had created this level that I thought was pretty good actually. There were all these rooms you had to go through to kill all these monsters, hit a switch to raise stairs, then run back through to where the stairs are. Go up the stairs, turn left, go down those stairs, and into this long hallway that opens into a huge huge room. Cross into the room and like 3 or 4 wall doors just open full of monsters. Go straight and there is a left and right switch, each in its own hallway. Press the wrong switch and like 4 more walls open with more monsters coming at you, press the correct switch and you open the door to keep going through. Then I think you went through some more rooms, and up to 3 switches. But I had it so that if you tried to approach the wrong switch, instant teleport to start of the level. I even had a BFG just out in the open, only it was surrounded with teleport trigger lines lol. Well pressing the right switch opened a door so you could get the blue skullkey, then you had to go all the way back to the main room before the stairs, but behind the blue key door was just some winding hallways, hit a switch to open this hidden wall door in the main room, and then in there tons of monsters, then this hallway with left and right turns into an elevator that was like 3000 height and then into a outside area full of cyberdemons. I had a room full of invincible orbs, but if you knew where to go in that level, and what to do, what the correct switch was to hit, up to where you open that hidden door in the main room, took me 26 minutes lol. Anyway, I'm trying to recreate what I can remember, and I thought maybe it'd be a cool idea to be able to have wall doors open so that it would give that feel that new monsters have just spawned or something to that effect.
  5. DoomMan007

    Chex Quest editing

    So basically I just want to make new, Chex Quest 3 maps. Here's the thing if you haven't already read: In making E2M1, the ceiling texture F_SKY1, shows up as mountains. If you play Chex Quest 3, E2M1, the ceiling texture is of a city. I noticed that in Chex Quest 3, in Doom Builder 2, they made what to me looks like a skybox, because there's another huge sector that the player never accesses. In that huge sector they used F_SKY1 as ceiling texture, but, in the sector you do run around in, they used CJFCOMM5. And I don't see any tags or anything that is connecting that skybox to the other sectors. So I am now very confused as to what exactly they did. Now, if you go in to edit E2M2, there is no skybox, and F_SKY1 shows up as the city skyline. So why is this different with E2M1 with F_SKY1? I now know what I'm going to do, with that first level, but I just wanted to see what the answer was on this, because from what I remember years ago, I thought you did something that connected that skybox sector to the player accessed sectors. Sorry if this post constitutes as double posting, I didn't mean to do that if I did.
  6. DoomMan007

    Dumb Stuff You Believed When You Were a Kid

    I thought a lot of dumb stuff as a kid growing up, mostly from watching movies. When I first saw Caddyshack, I must've still been in middle school, so you're talking like 1987 through 1989. Well in the movie, when Rodney Dangerfields character at the end says "Hey, we're all gonna get laid" and everyone was cheering, I thought he meant they were all going to get laid-off from their jobs, and because people hate working, they were happy about it. Years later, I had that, ohhhh ok, now I get it moment, and was able to really enjoy that movie.
  7. UPDATE to this question, so it looks more like they made a skybox? In the Chex Quest 3 wad, E2M1, there is the normal sector you run around in, and another sector, which looks like a copy, but of only a few main rooms. They did use F_SKY1 as the ceiling texture in the other sectors, but in the sectors you run around in, the ceiling texture is that CJFCOMM5 texture. I used F_SKY1 for my texture, but it brought up a sky filled with mountains. I wanted to hopefully get the city skyline to show up, but again, I just don't know how. It's been so long since I've map edited, so any help on this is really appreciated. For example, if you are making a map in Doom, all you have to do is, place the f_sky texture as a ceiling texture, and you'll have a room that appears to be outside. In Doom 2, if you want to use that orange looking sky texture, it's not even in the list of available textures. In Chex Quest 3, in E2M1, you begin outside. So I am just starting to make a new Chex map, and I've run into a roadblock. In the Chex Quest 3 wad, in Doom Builder 2, the ceiling texture used to make it appear you are outside is, CJFCOMM5 <--- (yes, but I think they used a skybox). In the map I am making, I have selected this ceiling texture. Now, I was told that Chex Quest 3 is Doom (hexen in zdoom) format, when you open it in Doom Builder. I have selected this option for making my map, just to try to stay as close as possible to the original format. Problem: The ceiling texture is not showing up as being an outside texture. Instead, it's just a flat ceiling. Question: How do I get the ceiling texture to actually show up as a sky like it does in the original Chex Quest 3 game?
  8. DoomMan007

    Chex Quest problem

    Gotcha. Thanks again. Not sure if I post this here, I wanted to avoid a double post, anyway, I'm working on making a new Chex map. I am using the Chex3.wad as a resource. Well, I want to start outside, I'm using the same ceiling texture as used in chex quest 3, and yet, in my game, it's just a ceiling, in chex quest 3, it looks like you are outside. Doom 2 has the same problem. I first started making the map in a plain Doom format, then went to the Doom (hexen in zdoom) format, and the ceiling, still looks like a ceiling. Whats the work-around to make it so that the ceiling looks like you are outside?
  9. DoomMan007

    Chex Quest problem

    Yep I know what you are saying. I downloaded the zip file, extracted it, ran the exe file that comes with the zip file, which it looks like it loads into a Zdoom format. I hit enter on New game, you hear the doom sound effect, but the screen that should have options after you press New game, never comes up. You can hear doom sound effects if you press the up and down arrow keys to navigate through a menu, but you don't see it or anything else. I then loaded chex3.wad into Doom Builder, didn't touch anything, other than, File > Load > chex3.wad > selected a Doom format, and opened E1M1. I never touched lines, never touched vertices, never touched things or sectors. Okay I'll give that a try. Putting the wad file in the same directory. And if that doesn't work I'll try the drag and drop method. Yes, once I put the chex3.wad file in the Zdoom directory, it then brought up a menu box, with 2 options, The Ultimate Doom and Chex Quest 3. I have wads I've previously made in Doom Builder, in the Zdoom directory, and they don't come up in the list. Is that because the wads that do come up in the list, have been provided in a list that is coded into Zdoom? Anyway Chex Quest 3 now works. The only thing I didn't like, was the lack of ammo, but if you're resourceful enough you can save your ammo and not run out. Thanks again for all the help on this!!
  10. DoomMan007

    Chex Quest problem

    Okay so I'm in need of some help here. The only time I've run another wad file, was when I would load the file in Doom Builder, go to Test Map, I have Zdoom set up as the testing application, and then it loads me right into the map into Zdoom and from there I could go to the main menu in Zdoom and play any episode I wanted. I don't know how I would run chex3.wad by running Zdoom. Would I use a .bat file to set up to run Zdoom with something like Zdoom -E:\Dos Games\chex3\chex3.wad? I need to know how to type in this information. Secondly, I did load the chex3.wad into Doom Builder, went into Test Map and it wouldn't run. This is what my screen looks like after getting the error and the other picture is of E1M1 of chex quest 3. This map looks messed up to me, and I'm using Zdoom as the testing application, soooo yea, it should have worked, but I got an error instead.
  11. DoomMan007

    Chex Quest problem

    Well I figured it out. So if I'm in DOSBOX, and running Chex Quest, E1M1 thru E1M5 are the only levels I can play. However, if I go in through ZDoom, THEN I can choose what episode I want and I am able to play those other Chex Quest episodes that exist in the Chex Quest, chex.wad file. And, NOWWWW, I see what was meant by "original Doom levels." I was under the impression that ALL the levels, were brand new levels for Chex Quest, but whoever redesigned it messed up somewhere along the way and only ended the game at E1M5. Now I get it. So yea then I guess my next reach is for Chex Quest 3, or even just make up new Chex Quest levels. Either way, thanks all for the help and the information on this, it's greatly appreciated. Something is wrong with that Chex Quest 3. If you run the exe file, it runs, but pressing enter on New game doesn't bring up a visible option. You hear the Doom sounds when buttons on the keyboard are being pressed. So I opened up the chex3.wad file, all the maps are messed up. It's like someone took and just messed up all the maps. It's unplayable.
  12. DoomMan007

    Chex Quest problem

    Here's the thing though, I went into the chex.wad file in Doom Builder, all the levels are there. E1M1 - E1M9 then E2M1 - E2M9, all 4 episodes are in the list and if I go to any level listed, it brings up a chex quest level. If I wanted to play, E3M4 of Chex Quest, I could do that in Doom Builder if I use the Play Test Level option in Doom Builder. I could play any of the maps in Doom Builder because all the Chex Quest levels are there in that one wad file.
  13. The map on the bottom, is kind of like maps I was making, and the map up top, are maps I want to make, but I quickly run out of ideas as I'm working on it lol. Is this using just the default textures with retres.wad? Or are there other resource wads out there?
  14. I remember a member on the Doom Forums, not sure if it was New Doom Forums, or if it was here, but he made this map that had a depiction of 7 swords, and was very symmetrical. Never got to play it, but it looked real nicely done. I had made maps 'years' ago, but you know, formatting happens, or you forget to save old works :/ Maybe I'll get back into making maps again. It's been forever since I've done any of that though. Actually now that I think about it, I did my own take on The Stygian Abyss, but in Doom. I wasn't trying to copy any map or anything, more of, the low ceilings and the dark, dark hallways, that was the feel I was trying to go for, and it was a kind of series. As in, the exit from E1M3 would be the start location in E1M4.