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  1. I have a document with ideas for new Possessed.
  2. Really? Where's all the Texans who have taken arms to fight the demons?
  3. I'll point out some flaws. The fact that you're a Space Marine, yet you don't know how to hold a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Do the Marines undergo survival training at all? As for weapons, the shotgun's ridiculous spread is the first weapon flaw that comes to mind. Also, the sound of automatic weapons not being properly synced with the actual fire rate. Imps. They're overused. I'm sure everyone agrees that opening a door to have an Imp lunge at you is repetitive. They live up to their name. Then, there was the (lack of) enemy variety. Mancubi only appear in two levels, while Lost Souls only appear in four. The Delta Labs were the worst part of the game. You know why? Because Imps, Imps and more IMPS! Apart from the occasional Commando, Revenant, Wraith, or Arch-Vile, over half of the demons you fight in those levels are Imps. No wonder Hell got beaten so easily. They kept sending in the same low-ranking demon. They really need to fire the guy who made the Delta Labs levels(if he's still working for them).
  4. That has to be the most retarded shit I've ever read in my life!
  5. They wouldn't put a swear on the box, as that will draw away parents.
  6. Sorry for late reply. Ex for obvious reasons, Baron because she's the hateful type of MIL.
  7. Why she's my ex-mother-in-law or why she's a nickname for the Baron of Hell?
  8. Pinky - Stinky Pinky Cacodemon - Wacko Caco Baron of Hell - My ex-mother-in-law Pain Elemental - Meatwad's one-eyed ancestor Arch-Vile - Arch-Bile
  9. Disagree with the shotgun bit. Various shotguns can be used at long range(usually with slugs or frag rounds). It's just that some gamers are stupid enough to believe shotguns can only be used up close(that doesn't include you, OP).
  10. Quake 4 had skippable cutscenes.
  11. You don't have to be a dick to him.
  12. I don't see what that has to do with what I'm saying.
  13. Of course. Stock maps in games are always the worst.
  14. Another thing Doom 5 needs to do is change the Possessed. The Possessed are incredibly generic. Plus, their name is rather misleading. I mean come on. You've got a melted, zombie-like creature, and the best name you can come up with for it is "Possessed"? Behavior-wise, they're your basic, shambling zombie that you see everywhere else. They can only sprint when following a scripted path(like in SnapMap, when following an AI Path/Combat Point set to sprint), which is complete bullshit. Each Possessed type re-uses the same character model. The zombies in Doom 3 had a variety of skins; there were scientists, maintenance workers, technicians, Marines, and office clerks. You see absolutely none of that with the Possessed. It's always the same scientist with a hole in his head, the same worker with only one arm, the same engineer with a gas tank in his chest… I could go on and on. Oh, and the Unwilling are a complete waste of space for an enemy. They have the exact same stats as the Possessed Scientist. The Possessed Soldiers. The only thing that makes these guys a successor to the zombieman is the fact that they are formerly human. Doom 3 had the Pistoleer(a true successor to the zombieman), the Shotgunner(the Shotgun Guy), and the Machine Gunner(aka the Machine Gun Guy). The Possessed Soldiers ALL have plasma guns(despite the fact that the soldiers in the holograms are all carrying Heavy Assault Rifles). Then there's the Possessed Security, the Shotgun Guy with a shield. He has the same character model as the Soldier, which means he has the exact same plasma gun fused into his arm, but it fires SHOTGUN shells instead. How original. I'm all for immersion when it comes to the Possessed.