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  1. Kimota

    When Doom first came out...

    I remember that it was a total hit, it was 3D! (you know, sort of). You had the feeling of moving in a "REAL 3d space", and it was FAST (remember the kind of computers we had back those days). I remember I got the demo from a game magazine (don't remember the name of the mag) and after playing the demo I went to buy the game... diskettes, of course, and then you just couldn't stop playing over an over and over the levels, then I got interested in the secrets of the maps and try to discovered all of them in each map. Playing again each map, over and over... :) Remember how hard was at the begining to play that "madness", and the music, and the enemies sounds, everything was SO NEW, and so far away in the future (put that in context, please) that for many years was THE GAME, at least for me. :) Then, one day, don't remember the year, a map editor showed up, it was msdos as I recall, but that is another story, hehehehe.
  2. Well, after checking all wads (Kaoss.wad) I have uploaded them to the ftp site (I hope I have done it right, I have even write an email first saying it is a wad with my email, I am not a robot and all is clean... and all that... including txt file and such...) I will check in a week or so (as instructions say) if it is ok or rejected (hope not)... When I had the link and everything is ok in the ftp site I will copy here the link to the 10 maps wad (Kaoss.wad). In the meantime, hahahaha, I am building 5 D-Match wads, hahahaha... And after those 5 maps I am planning something with new textures, more options and another portal more "advance"... Let's see if I have enough energy, hahahaha. Oh, testers and people that have helped me here is included in txt file with a big thank you. :D EDIT/UPDATE: :) They are now in idgames! Here the link. :)
  3. Kimota

    Untitled WIP Series (2nd map released)

    Yes, level skills I think is a "powerful" weapon when creating maps... not everybody have 0.1 seconds reflexes, or maybe some players want to encounter a more "soft" play and discover tricks, secrets, traps, etc. I know it is easy (me) to talk about it but to balance a map in order to get a good amount of people enjoy is a hard thing... You are right, the full spectrum of gameplay is good to get more people enjoy a FUN thing, I said before that my skills are not prepared for that amount of hardness -even in HMP (my standard)- but I know many players with more skills (reflexes, hand-fingers ballet, etc...) will enjoy very much those two maps... I have to admit -with a tip to the hat- that they are SMART map building. IMHO. Just remember poor guys like me, hahahaha, when designing maps... do not want a *walking Ms Daisy* of course, but something we can play and enjoy... and of course, give hard-core (my definition) player what they want... Anyway, GREAT map building. (I will copy some of your ideas for future levels, copy the concept, not how you did it...) (Is it ok?) :D
  4. Kimota

    Is there a way of selftesting coop maps?

    Oops, maybe my bad, I should have explained -clearly- I was talking about vanilla maps, that Kaoss is a project thought for vanilla... I thought... well... I am sorry. Nowadays, with so many ports and options, I get lost... and I am very old school. I have no problems creating maps with other portals options, really, but with those Kaoss maps I was trying somehow "back to the bassic". I know there are tons of options now, and I like them... I remember when Aliens (doom2 mod, I recall) went out, and it was a blast... hahahaha... long time ago. :D Thank you and sorry for my poor explanations. :D EDIT: Typo.
  5. Kimota

    Is there a way of selftesting coop maps?

    After testing maps (4 of them) with prboom.plus -solo-net, I have come to realize those maps were NOT designed for being coop/multiplayer: narrow corridors, low doors in tiny rooms, etc. I cannot imagine 4 players playing in those areas... :( So, after all that work (I even fixed MAP01, widen corridors, created new corners, new secret areas...anyway)... those 10 maps are not fun for coop... very bad, hope next time I get into an adventure like this one (building 10 maps, hahahaha) I will be MUCH more careful with those things. Well, at least, they are 10 maps single payer mode. :/ (Not happy) Thank you all for your tips and info, and...everything. :/
  6. Kimota

    Is there a way of selftesting coop maps?

    Aha, I understand, ok... Testing with bots it's an idea, but... well, I do not know if they are "smart enough", haha... Also, to get a player lockup in a room while others are out is not a good thing of course. I am checking that too (just calculating and in theory). Ammo is a problem... but IF I tag some ammo and some weapons as *multiplater* (I mean JUST multiplayer) I assume that they are JUST displayed in multiplayer/coop, is that right? And also enemies tagged as *multiplayer*, JUST multiplayer they will only appear playing coop/multiplayer, am I right? For example, ammo for single player, SSG and a shotgun shells, knowing you will have 3 more players I can add 3 more SSG marked as *multiplayer* and 5 (or 6) more shotgun shells marked as multiplayer also. So, we have now 4 SSG and 5 shotgun shells, (maybe a player will have less ammo, maybe...) Also, one doubt... is there a respawn of ammo and weapons or... is it an option in some portals or is a standard? Thanks for your advices. :D
  7. I have been searching here and there and I have not found anything... or I am a bad searcher, haha... Anyway, is there a way -not involving 3 more players, of course- to test your coop maps? Cause I am now organizing Kaoss maps to be prepared for coop-multiplayer and... well, I do not know if I am doing it right or terrible wrong... Thanks in advance for the info and/or tips. :D
  8. Kimota

    Untitled WIP Series (2nd map released)

    (MAP1) Woaaa, too hard for me and my skills, hahaha... Just for "advanced players" or "killing machines". Good surprises, good enemy teleports just in the very same face of player, and nice ambient (too dark for me... my eyes are not what they were, hahaha)... I have been massacrated a dozen times (at least)... BUT as many enemies kill each other, so IF you run like a chicken (me) and are very lucky, you have to kill less enemies. (What a discover, pff) Really nice surprises that keep player always on edge. Maybe to lower down a tiny bit the skill needed (less enemies), so more players would enjoy that little but very interesting map? IMHO :D
  9. Kimota

    Maps you play often to keep your edge

    Good idea, but it depends what you want to train, for example, it is not the same a map where you practise saving life cause there is not much in it, or a map with low ammo and you have to practise saving ammo, or aiming/strafe/moving with many enemies and just a shotgun but plenty of ammo, or a map for training avoiding enemies and rush to the exit... What I use for "training" ahem are maps with many TP tags for the enemies, some with TPsound and some silent, so I "study" enemies IA (very simple by the way, hahaa) and train my reflexes cause the same map is not the same all the time cause of the random factor and movement of the enemies. And sometimes they are where they were not supossed to be. Hehe. :)
  10. THANK you, Deadwing and MrSkeltal, for testing and playing and offering feedback! I have seen your FDA, Deadwing, you are playing in UV, so it is good to see level skills is working, great! (I always do testing in HMP, and in some maps in "ITYTD" and some in UV cause it is hard sometimes to calibrate when you go soft and when you go too hard, well, you players know more than me in creating maps hahahah... anyway... I have seen in your FDA -as you have played map1- that maybe it is a little confusing -map1- and you are right, I was shy in first middle/quarter of the map cause I was planning to get the player into the mood of my way of thinking maps (classic, I know, hahaha), so yes, I will check your comments... hmm cohesion... always that thing... You are right... but I remember original maps were a BIT of mixture without any reason, but yes, now is 2016 and more cohesion is needed... aghhh... I will kill you (rocketlauncher, of course) cause it is a lot of work, but I will try to improve that. Details in map1, yes... yes, yes. About the enemies roaming around... well, if you know how much testing involves that, you would not believe it, I am crazy about that... and knowing as the enemies move (more or less) I spend hours trying to determine their paths and changing things... in order the player always have a "surprise" if the player moves north he will find this, or if the player moves east the "free" enemies will do that... It is crazy the hours I spend with this "imp-terrarium", hahahaha. Music. Ok, I do not want to break any law or copyright about music or anything else, any lawyer in the airplane? hahahah, ok, I can change music if there is a legal way to do it, without breaking any law or copyright, of course. And I do not know anything about it (law I mean, hahah). Oooh, how it is possible? The line you got stuck was 16 (grid 16) apart from the other line... I understood that 8grid creates problems in prboom, but those lines were 16 apart, ok, ok... I will fix it... but I imagine I have more maps with this problem aghhh I hate portals... ahahah... just joking. Thank you for playing and comments. @MrSkeltal Yes, I will change that in map1, you -both- are right. Ohmy... I have checked the map you say it has a HOM, I do not know what is wrong... floor same height, tested, recheck and nothing I see, double check textures, floor heights, both -light and floor-, nothing... Dunno... some expert in software needed, hahah, cause I see nothing in the editor, in the tests, or playing it. AND I see your pic with the HOM, so, no idea. Any uberexpert in the airplane? hahahah. I hope you have fun playing all 10 maps, that is my goal. :-) Thank you for playing and comments.
  11. Doble post, sorry. ****** First of all: Thank you for testing them. Please, check playability, mistakes, things that don’t work as intented, and/or anything that is not fun to play. As you know I have being following your suggestions to improve the maps. And thank you! I have being testing them and see no mistakes, but you know... nobody is perfect. ;-) This DOOM2 maps have been build with Doom Builder, option BOOM, and tested with zdoom, and –for me- everything works fine. It is ok to use (if you want) lookup and lookdown option... Do not “mega run”, do not crouch, or anything like that... as I say just lookup and lookdown it is ok, cause I have not design the maps for anything else. I mean I want them to be vanilla compatible. You can play now 10 maps, all together, from map1 to map10 in that single wad. Kaoss.wad (3.417KB) Before I upload Kaoss.wad to be oficially in doomgame/igdames, I would like you to test these 10 maps, in case you find mistakes, not fun areas, textures, wrong areas, the order of the maps (maybe map7 could go before map4, you know), and/or anything you think might be improved. Last round of testing, I think. These maps: No multiplayer YET (I have to plan carefully that after your last single player testing). Deathmatch will NOT be implemented cause of the size and structure of the maps. Maybe some maps are a little “mixed-style”, but also, I have tried to keep –more or less- some general style in each map, of course in Vanilla Doom -in some maps- they also mixed several styles, so I think is not so bad what I have done with textures and rooms and styles. Some maps are a little labyrinthine, but, well, part of the fun is to find your way out, heh. All maps. Single Player: Yes. Difficulty Settings: Yes. No new sound, no new grafics and no new music. (All maps from scratch except map9, that I have used some old map I had and rebuilt it almost entirely and ending of map 10 that I used an area of a very old map too.) Some screenshots: MAP1 MAP2MAP3MAP4MAP5MAP6MAP7MAP8MAP9MAP10Again, thank you for testing them and hope you have FUN.
  12. You managed to get into that closet!!! :OOOO Never thought that was even possible, I guess that if you hear a door opening and closing you want to know what's in it, LOL, also my bad because I had in mind a player "route" but you had your own way, so that will be fixed... On the other hand, I think you had troubles with blue door because -as I saw in your fda- you missed this (in spoiler in case someone did not want to know what you missed), maybe in the thrill of killing your eyes played a trick on you, but you never activated that... (at least that is what I saw in your fda): I will keep working on them... :) (Agh, there is always something to retouch, hahahaha) And thanks for your time and play testing!!
  13. Doble post, sorry (I hate it)... but... I just want to say here that I am working on the 10 maps, now putting them all together in a single pwad... I have been busy with &%$$&&& work, but... I have managed to get some time off to retouch maps, double check maps, and those things... (I guess that being out Doom2016 there will be less activity in classic doom or maybe not, I don't know) I include in spoiler some images -from Kaoss1 to Kaoss6- in order not to make a big post with several images... I have already 6 maps into the main pwad, all with skill levels now implemented, and I THINK that following your wise suggestions. From Kaoss 1 to Kaoss 6... 4 more to go... (If I just had more time off I will end all this in a week or so but... real life sometimes is a pain, hahahah.) Anyway, in spoiler you have some images of the maps now included in main pwad.
  14. Some images from Kaoss10.wad... :) At OP you have Kaoss10.wad for your testing and comments. Just implemented HMP. :)