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  1. Sounds great! I'll check this out.
  2. Is it possible to limit weapons per slot number? Example: Only one weapon per slot, if you wanted another weapon that goes in that slot, you'd have to drop your current one.
  3. Regarding modding a bit, why is it the repository lacks some obvious things for the sake of variety or really interesting DECORATE creations? The DOOM weapon section is a bit of a joke, and some really cool weapons, monsters and items you have to dig through other more bigger projects just to find. It's a bit obnoxious you have to go find a project and dig through it just to get a zombie with a pistol isn't it? I mean, it has things like the Arachnobaron, and how many people are in all seriousness going to use that in their maps? It would also be nice to have more font choices, maybe a HUDs section or a custom skies section. I liked the idea of the repository because it was a centralized hub for custom stuff and is very "plug-and-play" in nature, and it provided the necessary credits for people's work. I would submit a lot of this stuff myself provided I have all the credits for it and would even be willing to create any necessary brightmaps and GLDefs for them all but something tells me it would just get rejected? And I don't mean a billion recolors or frankensprites or monsters just straight up ripped from other games like DN3D and Blood (which the repository actually has), but things like cool and interesting monsters with nice art or simple things that theme your map well. I'd hate to see some of this stuff get buried...
  4. Why does every food thread on this forum have an argument in it. Why do you hate food Doomworld.
  5. The one thing that honestly does annoy me are maps that seem to be designed more-so to look at than to actually play. An overabundance of detail and really, really boring fights scattered all over the mess that is sectors and linedefs on the digital canvas. Maps like that I find are commonly (perhaps) (sometimes) neat to look at but are incredibly boring to play. I also don't like maps that have a lot of custom content thrown in for the sake of it just being there. Things that are not themed well with your map or mapset bugs the hell out of me. Whenever you add something you should ask yourself "why do I want it and what will it add?" Also show some restraint. I agree with 40oz, when somebody that clearly loves DOOM makes a map, and I mean really LOVES it, I can feel that love. It doesn't really matter what it looks like or how it plays, I just get the sense that the person who made it really tried, and cared. So I hope threads like these don't scare away people who are new to mapping or maybe want to give it a shot. Keep going at it, perfect your style, and if you get good enough you can make almost anything "cool" or interesting.
  6. There is something strangely charming about the status bar. Even though I don't really use it much anymore, when I was a kid playing all these FPS with their big status bars on the bottom of the screen I always felt like a super badass terminator or something.
  7. Tacos, spaghetti, chicken salad, macaroni salad, taco salad, meat & cheese bean dip, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, chili, chili dogs, rice (with chicken sometimes), puppies, kittens, the wandering souls of the damned, and good ol' PB&J. I also like a lot of fruits. As for snacks, triscuits and cheez-its are common in the home, especially those Tabasco sauce ones.
  8. I know some people really hate it, but I honestly don't mind UDMF that much.
  9. I'm going to be doing a one man 6 map project I'm calling Obscene (for now at least). The first three levels will be in the rift, and the last 3 will be in purgatory. The rift levels will carry a hell-ish tech base theme and purgatory will carry an ancient evil temple theme. I'm currently making progress on map 1 and map 6. Here are some screenshots: Not much has changed here, this will be the last shot of this area I take. I added some ambient noise (wind), some crows eating some rotting meat, armor bonuses in the rift are now armor shards. Health bonuses in the rift are now small black looking stimpacks. Both health and armor bonuses give you +5 instead of +1. There's no pistol, the player starts with his fists and kick and you get a shotgun straight away. Slight texture re-work, added more ambient sounds. Zombieman and Shotgunner are now "ZSec" versions of themselves. I found these guys a joy to fight since they're a tad bit smarter, and they just fit the overall theme of my levels more. (Though their default dmg was insane and had to be nerfed). I've added the Rottweiler because they give it a nice Quake flair. They are weak, but very fast and take your attention away from the other threats. Breakable glass tech pillars, Quake crates, and all explosive barrels are now these oil drums that produce hazardous flames upon explosion. Light phases in and out as the base emits a demonic drone... The chainsaw in the rift went from a tool to a weapon designed for butchering. Very early WIP of another map... Yeah.
  10. I decided I wasn't happy enough with the rooms I made, it had been awhile since I used DB2, so now that I'm somewhat refreshed I went ahead and redesigned them completely (minus the start area). I had made a lot of silly mistakes initially that are now all fixed. Just some minor adjustments in the starting area. Yeah I still like bloomy lights.
  11. So, I haven't mapped for DOOM (or really anything for that matter) in about uh, 5ish years now? Recently I've felt a bit possessed so here are the results of that: Yeah I like bloomy lights.