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  1. CARRiON

    Why is Star Trek Elite force not on steam?

    Your answer is (most likely) multi-layered. 1. Star Trek is its own license, currently owned by CBS (as far as I know, feel free to correct me on this) 2. Elite Force was developed by Raven Software, but that will have little to do with it being available anywhere. 3. It was published by Activision, that is who will get to decide where and when and how to sell it. So think of it like this, Activision owns Elite Force, CBS owns Star Trek, so in order for it to be sold anywhere again through official stores, both Activision and CBS need to make a special agreement together. My guess is Activision isn't very concerned with an old Star Trek FPS that'd they have to pay CBS royalties again just to re-release it to the public. I'd recommend just... acquiring it another way. Or pray it appears on GOG one day, they seem to have a knack for getting these sorts of things moving, but it takes a lot of time to make these triple A companies care about their backlogs, especially licensed games. E: @Lila Feuer Funnily enough, a good chunk of Raven's backlog isn't actually owned by Activision at all!
  2. CARRiON

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    Am I the only one who read the thread name in Jerry Seinfeld's voice?
  3. CARRiON

    Do you guys make checkpoints?

    Start of a map and before grabbing keys.
  4. CARRiON

    God damn i hate playing this game with a controller

    Eh, I can switch between controller and KB+M for an FPS with no issues. Back in the day I would sometimes play DOOM II with a Gravis Gamepad, or even a Microsoft Sidewinder. I guess I'm quick to adapt.
  5. Wow, who would have thought communities full of creative types would take creative works seriously, and have a general consensus that stealing shit, especially to put into someone else's project, and especially when what they stole from asked them not to, is kind of sort of maybe, idk, a little bit wrong? Disrespectful?
  6. CARRiON

    Newest Video Game Waifu Crush

    We've been through this! The Imp!
  7. CARRiON

    My weird state on videogames

    Excuse my post if this isn't exactly what you were getting at. Though the OP came off as a little scattered to me, I think I understand the general gist of what they're trying to say. It might get kinda long but eh whatever. (Also anyone with a Devilman Lady avatar is in their full right to call themselves an edgelord. ) I'm around your age and I was given my own PC at a very young age. My father taught me how to navigate MS-DOS so I could get into Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, etc, and he also owned a few consoles like the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive is a cooler name) and SNES so by and large I ended up living and breathing video games. As I grew older my father and his buddies would often swap games amongst each other or download pirated copies from various bulletin boards and later on, on the internet as we would come to know it. So I always had something new to play. Something new to discover. This led to me having very flexible tastes in terms of genres as often times as a kid I can recall having up to 20 different games installed at any given time. The PC was were I spent most of my gaming and it completely captivated me to the point I ended up doing poorly in school from an early age. I got scolded and punished for bringing big game manuals to school and reading those instead of doing my work. I always had something video game related on me. I got my family nearly kicked out of a church once because I snuck in my DOOM II manual to use as a reference to try and draw the Cyberdemon. That was the last time I ever set foot in a church. Point is, I was obsessed. Probably to an unhealthy level but there it is. Flash forward a little bit and my dad walks in my room with a new game: Half-Life. The obsession was about to get real. I had messed with modding games in the past, using Wolfedit or Floedit for Wolf 3D, messing with the retail levels in DETH, fucking around in Build for Duke 3D, my dad got that Duke Nukem 3D level design handbook for Christmas one year and I probably read it over a dozen times front to back. Half-Life though... Half-Life changed my entire view on modding. After I beat Half-Life for the first time, I instantly wanted more. I went on the internet and quickly found communities and started downloading mods in bulk. They Hunger, Azure Sheep, Point of View, Heart of Darkness, Science and Industry, Sven-Coop, any and all. I fired up Hammer and actually sat down to try and learn it, I grabbed Milkshape 3D and constantly bugged modelers in the community. I started playing Counter-Strike and that created another obsession. Once I played Half-Life, I went from obsessed about playing games, to obsessed about EVERYTHING about games. I was determined to enter the game industry (HA.) from that point on. (That dream did die.) Growing up, I had a lot of games, yeah, but we were not rich. I was always a bit behind in terms of hardware. So I didn't always get to play the latest and greatest. I still remember struggling to play the FEAR demo when that dropped on FilePlanet. I played that demo so many times though on the lowest settings. I grew to appreciate games that may not have had cutting edge graphics and rendering methods, but they had great aesthetic qualities, great art direction, and now to this day I end up thinking a lot of older games are more pleasing to look at than a lot of modern games. I adore the way Quake looks, or how about Metal Slug? Symphony of the Night? Super Metroid? FF8? Yoshi's Island? Sonic the Hedgehog? Star Fox? I can pull a random game out of my ass, like Steel Gunner, or Crossed Swords, or Crash Bandicoot, and just looking at games like that makes me want to play them as opposed to something more modern. Anyways, time goes on, I play and mod and dream and breath Half-Life for a long time, almost a decade. Until one day I realize I'm so burnt out on it that I can't stomach playing it for more than 30 minutes nowadays. My life takes some dark turns soon after, and while the passion is always there, I can't really focus on gaming much for a few years. Then, in 2015, my life got better, and I once again dove back in. Except something was wrong. I would buy all these new games I missed, new games coming out, real cheap on sale. My Steam library had hundred of games. I would sit down and scroll through them. Eyeing them. And I would just... feel nothing. I wasn't excited to play any of them. In the back of my mind, I was sure they were probably cool. I was sure they were probably a spectacle, and there have been modern games I have enjoyed a lot like Bayonetta, SF 4, Ruiner, MGS 5, and lots of great indies, too many to name. But my partner had to practically push me to even play DOOM '16. I played it. I liked it. And it stopped there. It's a good game. But I just don't feel the same drive, the same passion to talk about it, gush about it, dissect it, put it under a magnifying glass, it's just... there. This game that was great and fun but also most likely cost 90 million dollars to make (or something close to that) and didn't really make any groundbreaking impressions on me? It was like a magazine. I flipped through it, liked some of the art, got excited at a couple points, and then I put it down. I feel the same way about DOOM Eternal. I'm sure it will be a fucking blast, I'll probably end up getting it eventually and playing it. I got DOOM '16 in 2017 for $19. I'll probably do the same for Eternal. But I don't know. Games feel so... disposable now? Again, some great modern games are out there, RE2 Remake, DMC 5, Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out soon which I actually am excited for. So excited it's the third game I've ever pre-purchased. But I don't know. Gaming is different now. They cost a fucking ridiculous amount to make, and the teams making them inflated to the point that I think it's honestly very fair to say most did lose their "soul.", because when you have a small team, that gives everyone more opportunity to inject their character, their personality, their passions into a game. It's the reason DOOM turned out to be this Thrash Metal, Aliens, Evil Dead infused glorious mess. For a few years, I was worried my love for gaming was done. It honestly depressed me. I felt like something must be wrong with me. I loved games so much, how could the passion just die out of nowhere like that? I thought it was over though. Until one day, I decided to go backwards instead of forwards. I neglected to mention, but in 2010 to about 2013? I got super interested in computers. My obsession went from the games themselves, to modding games and game design, to the machines. I started doing my own research on computers. Apples, Commodores, the ZX Spect, Atari, Japanese computers like the MSX, FM-7, PC-98, X68, all of it. I became a sponge. After about 2013 though, I learned pretty much everything I wanted to. Like I said, I was a PC gamer through-and-through. Didn't think much about the console side of things. Well, in 2018, I started poking around the emulation scene, I hadn't checked in on it in years and years, so I was curious how far we've come. Well, that snowballed rapidly, not only did it remind me why I loved gaming, I now have an obsession with learning everything I could about console technology now, and arcade technology. It created more obsessions, and re-ignited my love for gaming. It was probably around that time I finally dawned on me, that I'm probably more-so a retro gamer than anything else. That's why there's entire communities based on that. We are not alone in our thinking. Gaming was a radically different time. With radically different expectations. Perhaps you're in the same boat? I've been having so much fun discovering new old games I never knew about. Because the level of quality, the expectations, they get met far more to what I expect a game to meet with older titles. So many things factored into the game industry changing the way it did, better or worse. Inflated budgets, inflated teams, social media, this always on-line attitude, streaming, gaming's rapidly increasing popularity, a huge shift to MP only focus, major pubs with their DLCs, Season Passes, loot boxes, piece meal fuckery, DRM, over calculated bullshit. All of these things have the potential to harm creativity, to dull passion, and like @HorrorMovieGuy mentioned, kill a game's soul. Older titles and arcade games had great art direction, great aesthetics, killer fucking soundtracks, good action, they aimed to impress you, the customer, the fan. They aimed to wow you. Captivate you. Triple A's still aim to do that, but now with a lot of asterisks attached. If you are in the same position I was in, do what I did. Go back. Discover something new from a time when gaming was as you remembered it. Games are fucking awesome. I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of cool shit I know I haven't seen now, but it's great. Much better than feeling like it's all done with forever now. I still play modern games, it's just harder for them to reach my standards and pass my bullshit detector. And that's okay. I feel content.
  8. Tom Hall because he created Commander Keen, which was what ignited my passion for so many things down the line. or John Romero, and I wouldn't ask him a single DOOM question. I mean, c'mon, what's the story behind SHADOW KNIGHTS? How about Rescue Rover??? In all seriousness I would probably bombard him with questions regarding Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Quake, Keen, Wolfenstein, Catacombs, general level design and game design, Apogee... yeah. I have no shortage of shit I want to ask Romero.
  9. CARRiON

    Doom Overrated?

    Yep, Commodore was a sinking ship, and even though they tried to enter the console market with the CD32 as a last ditch effort, they were blocked from selling it in the USA. I too believe DOOM was the final nail in the coffin for the poor ol' Amiga. I think people underestimate how... unimpressive gaming on IBM PCs was before DOOM, or even Wolfenstein 3D. Between the awful PC speaker being your only audio option, the terrible CGA color schemes, and games that were simplistic on the level of Atari 2600 games or early 80's arcade games, it was purely a small novelty to play games on your PC and nothing more. I mean, you had a few "hardcore" experiences like Ultima, Wing Commander, or the D&D licensed games, but once big games like Dune II, Wolf 3D and Ultima Underworld hit shelves, that was the spark for the IBM and DOOM was the flame that burned everything else to the ground. RetroAhoy on Youtube actually has a video about it called Doomed: The Embers of the Amiga. A great watch! And hey, now if you're an FPS junkie, you can set up a nice Amiga emulator (or buy a machine) and check out the Amiga's really odd FPS games like Alien Breed 3D, Gloom, Iron Gate, Nemac... there's a decent number of them! Some devs even kept making them long after the fact, pushing the hardware to its absolute limits. I didn't grow up with an Amiga, but the company history, dedicated community, and the demo scene for it have always fascinated me. It's a shame such a computer giant went out not in a glorious bang, but a lame whimper. Oh, and to answer the OP, this game has annual modding awards. It has communities that have been around since BBS boards were a main forum for communication. It gets re-released constantly and sells consistently. It's one of the few games I know of that people will buy repeatedly, and despite everything we know and learned about it now, people are still hungry for MORE information. Oh, and the MP community is still alive with multiple projects focusing on that over the years. It pushed gaming forward by such a monumental leap both in game design and technicality, it pissed off the US government so much that (along with a couple others games) it gave us an entire rating system for games, it gave us Deathmatch. It gave us modding capabilities which wasn't a common practice at the time. Someone can not like DOOM. Someone can even hate DOOM. But to call it overrated when it did so much not just for FPS, but the gaming landscape as a whole, good or bad, is ignorant in my opinion. At the risk of sounding dramatic I'd even go as far to say DOOM was important. As important as other monumental games like Street Fighter 2 or Final Fantasy.
  10. CARRiON

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

    It's a proper DOOM 3.
  11. CARRiON

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm the opposite in that I had a decent time with STRAFE and absolutely hated Ziggurat, lmao.
  12. So his reasoning is 2K still owns the pre-Gearbox build, and it would generally be a legal minefield? He mentioned that 2K has been open to the idea, so what's the hold up? Is it because he wants to try and sell it? His last reason is stupid to me, the people that made those assets and things did so with the intention of one day releasing it to the world. Would any of these people actually care? I also think most people at this point are well aware there isn't a "whole game" here.
  13. CARRiON

    The Cuphead journalist guy played Doom Eternal

    I honestly learned this about myself not even five years ago. Kind of embarrassing honestly. Growing up, I never really stuck to one genre, and I was constantly playing games thanks to my dad and his buddies constantly swapping them/sharing pirated copies. So by the time I was an adult, I could pick up almost any game and immediately get a feel for it within' 10 minutes tops. It became completely normal to me. Something I didn't even realize. I had no clue that my "basic" knowledge was actually not basic at all. Here's a great video on the topic that was also kind of eye-opening for me: It wasn't until I got into a relationship with someone that I noticed this at all. Watching them play some games was grueling for me, and I would definitely turn into a bit of an ass because to me it was all so "duh obvious". I forced myself to chill the fuck out now. It must have worked because footage like this DOOM Eternal gameplay doesn't really bother me anymore. Plus, he's bad a video games, admits he's bad a video games, but tries to rebound with "I'm oldskool tho". He is, indeed, "a wiener."
  14. CARRiON

    What operating system do you use?

    Yeesh, I've used so many OSes, a number of them just because of curiosity/hobby. Early Commodore, Macs, Amiga, MS-DOS, Windows, Linux... As far as my main computer though, Windows 10 64-bit. My first OS ever was MS-DOS. I don't really have a favorite OS.
  15. CARRiON

    Anybody else not date?

    I'm probably what would be considered introverted. Socializing is exhausting. Small talk irritates me. I would rather play a video game, read a comic, watch a movie, or do something creative than ever go to a party or a bar or meet up with people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That being said, it's still not impossible to find someone and be introverted. The person I'm with now I met online in 2006, and it just sort of blossomed from a great friendship to a relationship over a long course of time. In 2015 I moved in with them. Some days we hang out, some days we do our own thing. Never would have imagined though...