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  2. On E2M6 right now, and I literally cannot find the last secret at all whatsoever. I've gone through every inch of the map and so far I only have 6/7 secrets found.
  3. On E1M7, so far I've found all the secrets in every map so far. May or may not have used jumping and crouching before realizing they weren't actually required. Did every secret after E1M3 normally though.
  4. Also, do some areas require you to crouch? Because I couldn't find any extra switches in MAP03 to lower the floor leading to that one wire walled room with the two pinky demons in it.
  5. On E1M3 right now, and holy shit that was a lot of enemies at the start. Played ring around the rosie with a ton of them too.
  6. What are some upcoming projects you're either looking forward to or developing? Or in some people's cases, both?
  7. If we're saying our resolutions publicly I guess mine's is to get a job. Also there's no thread about it yet, so there's that too.
  8. As cool as it would be to slay demons on 3 different screens, for the older games it seems a bit too much.
  9. I've tried playing TF2 and CS:GO a ton but I always get killed left and right, even if I'm 100% sure I'm not out in the open. How do you cope with this sort of thing? What are your techniques to actually getting kills?
  10. Seems like a potential skybox, depending on how you use it.
  11. I asked if there's the possibility of a DOOM source port for iOS, not what your favorite phone was.
  12. Now that files is a thing and we can download things off the browser, could we see a potential version of GZDoom or ZDoom for the Apple products?
  13. Regarding my map I'm currently making, I'm at a crossroad. I'm not sure if I wanna go for the hive shaped arena, or just a Icon of Sin fight. Obviously it's not just gonna be a regular elevator and shoot style, but I'd have to spend a little while thinking of something original. The current arena theme I have is cramped but could work if I made adjustments to it. Will provide screenshots later!
  14. taco2 is the original "used too many big enemies" WAD