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  1. Also on a side note, Saints Row 2 is free on Steam right now.

  2. AMD when everyone stops buying the RX 580


  3. I wanted to play GTA Online but somebody exploited money onto all of our characters, so I can't risk getting banned and have to stay off online for a while, until they roll back my account. Great, just fantastic.

    1. AbsorbedHatch


      Also I noticed it was under "health and science". Adds to the already high levels of stupidity in this article.

    2. RUSH


      The title of the article makes it sound like raw emotions should trump (heh) all facts, logic and communication. Which is idiotic of course.


      "By the same token, even though you can’t dislodge a lie with a correction, might it be possible to dislodge a lie by replacing it with another lie (not ideal) or something similar enough to a lie that it occupies the same brain space (perhaps better)?"




      " In other words, we need a lie reuptake inhibitor: a way to foil the operation of the lie by mimicking its effects."


      What is this nonsense I don't even. When people claim they're telling me the truth, I expect it to be the real *truth* and the whole truth. Don't start mixing that truth with deliberate proxy lies... unless you want to piss listeners off. Along with destroying what little credibility you have left. Seems like the advice in this article will only serve to make things worse.

    3. RUSH


      To follow up on that point... if you have facts you feel counter a lie someone is spreading, share that information! What's the harm in that? I feel like this author is trying to dissuade people from attempting to find the truth.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels


      The title of the article makes it sound like raw emotions should trump (heh) all facts, logic and communication. Which is idiotic of course.

      Idiotic? It works. Simple as that. People choose to believe what they feel is right to believe. This is why the world is governed by loudmouthed idiots.


      Facts can be easily dismissed, by way of unrational, generalized points of view, and terms like "SJW", "feminism" and a metric ton of other "isms".


      People don't want to be convinced by way of facts just like that. People want to feel better about themselves, so if you give them something that makes them feel better, they are inclined to listen to whatever facts have been cherrypicked to solidify their feelings, thus reinforcing their belief.


      The entire world is governed by emotions. People confuse facts with the absolute truth, yet facts are merely a fragment of the truth.


      The facts you believe in are the foundation of your logic.


      The way you communicate reflects your emotions, and it creates emotions. Whatever fact you put up for discussion is metaphysically frontloaded the moment it is spoken or heard.


      If logic alone would work just fine, we'd have stopped killing each other millenia ago. Go figure...

    5. Albertoni


      This is basic, basic, basic psychology that only recently seems to be making the rounds. An appeal to emotion is more memorable and stronger than one to reason. If you can make your rational argument appeal to emotion in a way that reinforces your argument (that last part is absolutely crucial and non-trivial), you're halfway towards being a great lawyer or politician.


      Even unseen emotions, like group identity, affect that. If a fellow Doomer tells you something, you are biased to believe in them, because you share a bond, fickle as it may be.

    6. RUSH


      Well, there certainly does exist misinformation and blatant lying. Ultimately I think it's important to question everything you see or read. I've definitely encountered the sort of articles you're describing (many of them) where facts are cherry picked and rolled into feel-good articles for the sake of targeting emotions. Though it's possible to look past that with research, something I think the article AbsorbedHatch linked to is dissuading the reader from doing.


      I'm not going to give up on facts simply because finding "absolute truth" is an increasingly difficult or (in some cases) impossible feat. You still have to try. Flat-earth supporters think objects fall down because a "dinner plate" shaped earth is constantly being propelled upwards. Among other explanations. Well, I'm going to side with the fact of gravity. Based on pictures of the earth I've seen suggesting it is in fact a sphere... it seems more likely to me that gravity is the real reason objects fall towards the center of the earth.


      But technically speaking, I'm going to have a pretty hard time "proving" the earth is a sphere. I can't magically teleport a non-believer to the outskirts of Antarctica in order to prove there is no edge. But overall the process of providing facts to break down a "flat earth 100% proof video" is going to be a lot more effective than simply resorting to a basic emotional response of "flat earth supporters are dumb lol". It's more persuasive to provide a "Ships vanishing over the Horizon" approach, if you know what I mean.


      Hopefully this is all still relevant... I've sort of drifted off into a weird tangent here, lol.

    7. RUSH


      Still, I agree with what you guys are saying. Emotions are easier to persuade with, certainly. And we see that a lot in the media as well.

    8. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      The problem isn't that facts don't matter. The problem is that facts matter a lot less than most people think they do. Some things are simple enough to understand by way of pure logic, like that example of how the earth is not a disc. 4+3=7, nothing emotional here. Why? Because it's simple, or can be explained in a "simple" way.


      The moment it gets complicated. Or rather: The moment things are made complicated (politics for example), there's no way to know all the facts 100%. That's why people have their favourite newspapers/bloggers/YouTubers. They stick to the one they feel they are in line with, there's emotion yet again. Your surroundings are a result of who you are emotionally. Simple as that.


      On that note: The article is much less about "abandoning facts", it is much more about how to deal with misinformation, and understanding why it works the way it does, in order take the "oomph" out of it.


      The process of changing one's mind solely by way of facts is "painful", believe it or not. Not to an agonizing degree, but it is uncomfortable. And even then, if one was to try and approach a given situation exclusively based on facts presented somewhere, somehow, there's still the element of acceptance/denial, which is again based on personal preference, which consequentially is based on feelings.


      The moment someone chose to believe in a certain set of facts, which make up but a portion of the objective truth, that is in line with the emotional base, the harder it becomes to add enough facts to the point of objective truth. Not that objective truth exists just like that.


      And one thing I can guarantee you: There's no easier target for "cherrypicked facts" than someone who feels like she/he can't be touched at all.


      The actual reality we perceive is heavily "coloured" by how we feel. This applies to facts. Every time. The only protective layer you could possibly have is being aware of how these facts are transported, as well as being aware of how they make you feel.


      I've heard many people proclaim they're as logical as bipedal calculators. They're not. Nobody is.

    9. RUSH


      Quick question: are you the sort of person to avoid politics because you feel it's a waste of time? Do you feel there exists reliable sources of information? Or is it all for nothing in the end?

    10. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Politics is an instrument of control. That being said, I like to know what I need to deal with in life, however absurd politics are.


      There is no reliable source of information other than first hand experience. Everything else is based on trust. Trust is based on emotional preference. Your bog-standard wikipedia article: Trust. Newspaper: Same deal.


      Of course it's not nothing. But who am I to change things in greater perspective? I can only help people understand what awaits in a worst-/best-case scenario if at all. When doing so, I already know I am biased. The magic happens when I tell people what my bias is. ;-)

  4. Nice necrobump
  5. My brother kicked our dog for no reason (retard) and now she can't lay down on my bed due to her rear legs or whatever hurting.

    1. Doomkid


      That's fucked up, what a douche.

  6. Chill, I just forgot that thread existed. And yes, I am obsessed with it. :P
  7. I'm not sure if there was something like this posted before,and if so I'm not sure what happened to it or where it is. Anyways, new thread, new start. My specs:
  8. Foundry or water cooling room?

    1. Ichor


      How about building a wing to the outhouse?


      But seriously, try foundry.

    2. AbsorbedHatch


      I'll do that and see how it goes

  9. Back in the game I guess, how is this looking?
  10. Whoever can guess what I changed here gets a free invisible iPhone 8


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      The four red "ovals" previously were gray and only half ovals, you also changed other floor textures, and please keep that iphone...

    2. AbsorbedHatch


      Actually, it was the red tunnel. Used to be more plain looking.

    3. Fonze


      The red tunnel used to be more plain-looking.


      Where's my iPhone? I need something to skip across this lake during quiet contemplation of the metaphors of life.

    4. AbsorbedHatch


      It's being mailed to you by cacodemon.

  11. I'm just gonna go to sleep now.

    1. rdwpa


      Be sure to tell us when you wake up! 

  12. DOOM but every time a cacodemon is killed a imp gets flung into the fucking sun

    1. Ichor


      Well, time to play Cacophony again and send 439 more imps into the sun.

    2. Ichor


      And I'm back. 439 imps have been flung into the sun.



      Oh, and I guess a bunch of cacodemons died as well.

    3. Doomkid


      im not sure what to take away from this

    4. Tracer


      Cacophony: A pain elemental that paints itself red and hides both arms.

  13. PC keeps cutting off randomly. Could it be the motherboard or PSU? I have a GA-B150-DS3H board and a Supernova NEX 650w PSU.



      Have you cleaned the dust out recently?  I've found that if mine inexplicably reboots, it tends to be an issue with the fans not doing their work (some sort of overheat protection? I don't know.)