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  1. This is a bit late by now, but I decided to make a thread dedicated to my tech stuff. So off we go I guess.

    I recently got two of the PC parts here. 16 gigs of ram from Avexir (Core series) and a Gigabyte B150M-DS3H motherboard. Here's a picture of them:

    More to be posted here (on this thread).

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    2. Quagsire


      Alright guys, the rest of the parts are here now!

      Some of the parts are different from what I planned on but they're still nice.


    3. Quagsire


      Well guys, I finally got it finished. In fact I'm typing this on the PC right now. Only issue as of this moment? No sound and slow download speeds.

      Okay guys, I forgot that my TV has sound on it so I don't need speakers! Also it runs very smoothly at the moment but I still feel the need to buy a better wifi adapter to use. Any good USB ones I should know of?

      UPDATE: the audio quality is pretty bad. If I can't improve it I'll switch to looking for speakers.

    4. Quagsire


      Final post here for a while, so might as well show a picture of the PC!