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  1. Like a smaller TV, Spectre to be specific. My laptop display is broken and I have to use my brother's small TV, and I have to say, it looks good on here.

    Anyways, tell me what you think.

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    2. MrGlide


      ReFracture said:

      Believe it or not working in IT apparently has zero impact on people thinking more technically about gaming.

      I've had coworkers tell me the eye can't see more than 30fps, tell me that complaining about 60ms of latency on my shitty LG HDTV is just making an excuse for poor skill.

      As the years have gone on however they've come to realize I wasn't just being a snob.. showed them a 120hz display running Quake 3.. showed another the difference between playing NES on an HDTV and a CRT TV.

      Ya People like to spout stuff they hear when they don't know. I can't play tetris on most tv's because the latency messes me up to bad. Especially when your playing on mouse and keyboard you instantly feel it when you turn.

    3. Ryzen


      I'm using one rn.

    4. Tritnew


      I usually just use my TV whenever I play on a emulator to... Well, emulate that sense of playing It on a console.