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  1. Look guys, I just wanna clear something up finally. I try NOT to seek attention, okay? Yes, I like to discuss certain topics some of you may consider spam, yes I did do stupid things before like getting banned on my old account for shitposting, and yes, I did do the dumbest thing ever back in August. There, I said it. You don't have to anymore. I fuck up sometimes. But is anyone perfect? Does everyone have to be as pure as a freshly made whistle? Does everyone need to always be extremely likable by others? There's a quick and easy answer to ALL those questions:

    No. No one has to be perfect. But it doesn't help when people constantly say I'm "purposely seeking attention", and I didn't make this thread just for that. I made this thread to clear all that up finally and show you I'm trying my best not to be annoying to you all.

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    2. Doomkid


      Decay said:

      rofl I forgot about that, the Bloax one is particularly golden

    3. Saturn


      I am a good attention-seeker.

    4. pritch


      Ender I gave you my advice in your Losers thread. The only real difference between mine and all the others here is I'm one of the mods so you really do need to pay attention to it.

      BUT... if I personally catch anyone trolling or flaming Ender on purpose they'll end up in Losers as well.