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  1. Something that pisses me off is the fact that you can throw any game at IGN and COD will STILL manage to get a higher rating.

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    2. Doomkid


      you can't spell ignorant without IGN

    3. Pencil of Doom

      Pencil of Doom

      Why do you even care, COD was doomed since the beginning, ever since they made MW, it's been going downhill, not to mention Activision's shady and greedy clever lies to the community and the fans, except for the fanboys, since they are too fuckin' retarded to see what's going on.

      Seriously stop caring about these sites, watch a gameplay video instead, if it interests you, buy the game, if not, don't.

      These so called game reviewers are nothing but a bunch of money whores, they are being paid by the publishers to say good things about these games and say bad things about other games.

    4. DoomKnight1984


      Ever since I learned that Gamespot and other gaming sites receive money to promote and rate specific games higher...I stopped caring about them. That and their SJW bullshit sometimes.


      The CoD franchise has nowhere to go at this point.