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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      The problem isn't that facts don't matter. The problem is that facts matter a lot less than most people think they do. Some things are simple enough to understand by way of pure logic, like that example of how the earth is not a disc. 4+3=7, nothing emotional here. Why? Because it's simple, or can be explained in a "simple" way.


      The moment it gets complicated. Or rather: The moment things are made complicated (politics for example), there's no way to know all the facts 100%. That's why people have their favourite newspapers/bloggers/YouTubers. They stick to the one they feel they are in line with, there's emotion yet again. Your surroundings are a result of who you are emotionally. Simple as that.


      On that note: The article is much less about "abandoning facts", it is much more about how to deal with misinformation, and understanding why it works the way it does, in order take the "oomph" out of it.


      The process of changing one's mind solely by way of facts is "painful", believe it or not. Not to an agonizing degree, but it is uncomfortable. And even then, if one was to try and approach a given situation exclusively based on facts presented somewhere, somehow, there's still the element of acceptance/denial, which is again based on personal preference, which consequentially is based on feelings.


      The moment someone chose to believe in a certain set of facts, which make up but a portion of the objective truth, that is in line with the emotional base, the harder it becomes to add enough facts to the point of objective truth. Not that objective truth exists just like that.


      And one thing I can guarantee you: There's no easier target for "cherrypicked facts" than someone who feels like she/he can't be touched at all.


      The actual reality we perceive is heavily "coloured" by how we feel. This applies to facts. Every time. The only protective layer you could possibly have is being aware of how these facts are transported, as well as being aware of how they make you feel.


      I've heard many people proclaim they're as logical as bipedal calculators. They're not. Nobody is.

    3. RUSH


      Quick question: are you the sort of person to avoid politics because you feel it's a waste of time? Do you feel there exists reliable sources of information? Or is it all for nothing in the end?

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Politics is an instrument of control. That being said, I like to know what I need to deal with in life, however absurd politics are.


      There is no reliable source of information other than first hand experience. Everything else is based on trust. Trust is based on emotional preference. Your bog-standard wikipedia article: Trust. Newspaper: Same deal.


      Of course it's not nothing. But who am I to change things in greater perspective? I can only help people understand what awaits in a worst-/best-case scenario if at all. When doing so, I already know I am biased. The magic happens when I tell people what my bias is. ;-)