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  1. I've given CS:GO plenty of chances and it's all been the same shitty experience, same shitty playerbase, same shitty everything.

    1. Nevander


      Indeed it is. Every time I tried playing it, the game, the people, the whole experience is just aids. Which is why I've since removed it from my Steam library completely. I have to buy it again if I want to play it but I would never pay for that trash again.

    2. torekk


      Not sure if the playerbase changed much in the last 2 years, but I found playing with randoms quite interesting. I remember one time where I played with 3 turks and a russian and while you'd think that just leads to chaos, nope, it was the opposite.


      However CS:GO is not a game where you go in random and expect to be Global Top Elite in a week. But it's not about being carryied by friends as well either.


      Another problem that most people have: They expect to be good in CS:GO just because they're good in other FPS. No, that's not how it works. To be good at CS, you have to LEARN a lot. You basically need to know each nade/smoke spots for the maps you play same as where it's likely the enemy will be. You'll want to master the recoil of the guns you're using, else you're just having a hard time.


      And my favorite trick(that I still can't pull off decently) is being ninja.


      Oh yeah and if you don't have a decent headset(or don't know how to utilize it), don't even try competetive.