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  1. I have beaten Saints Row 3

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    2. Ryzen


      It was great tbh, I don't get the hate from some people. It stays true to it's roots while providing newer gameplay and a newer story. It's also the most well optimized game in the series.

    3. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      I initially really enjoyed it for what it was, now after playing Saints Row 2 I think the map is way too small and a lot of the interactivity and sheer variety of activities was lost in the translation to a nicer looking game. I don't even care they changed the theme drastically, I just wish there was a lot more to do and interact with than ever before, otherwise I'd have no incentive to go back to an earlier game for that. I do however prefer more real-world weaponry in my sandboxes however as opposed to wacky or sci-fi stuff.

    4. Nems


      The smaller map size was pretty much my major complaint with Saint's Row 3 considering how big the map in Saint's Row 2 was. Aside from that I enjoyed the game as well as 4.