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  1. CS:GO is literal fucking garbage

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    2. torekk


      I feel like I wrote this already in some other post, but anyways CS:GO is more about learning the in's and out's of every weapon and map. Try watching a few videos from eSports players about weapon recoil and how to master it.


      Basically you can't just aim for the head, hold down the mouse button and expect every other bullet to hit. For the AK-47 the first 4 shots are somewhat accurate, everything after goes straight upwards and then left and right, so if you e.g. start aiming at the head, shoot 1-2 times and then aim downwards and right and left, you can counter the recoil. It takes a lot of training though.


      But that's propably why most people dislike the community, because most people expect Counter Strike to be like Call of Duty, which isn't the case.

    3. Ryzen


      Funny thing is, if it weren't for a ton of people telling me to buy it I would've actually kept it out of my library just. The thing I'm most concerned about is the matchmaking.

    4. Ajora


      "Basically my favorite part of the game is that everyone on the other team can spray and somehow every bullet will hit you from across the map but unloading a full fucking AK-47 clip into someone upclose takes less than half their health away." 


      You need to learn how spray patterns work. If you don't, you'll just be firing randomly all over the place.  


      "Also snipers are a major issue considering they're all over the place."


      Usually, it's not a good strategy to have more than two snipers on a team at a time, but there are exceptions to this. In most situations, an AK47 is slightly better than an AWP, as it's good in close range and can one-shot kill someone in the head wearing full armour at a distance. The first shot fired by an AK47 has flawless accuracy.