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  1. EduXYZ

    Things that bother you about Doom

    play doom in low res on a modern screen
  2. EduXYZ

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    i know how to fire with guns.
  3. EduXYZ

    What's the colour of your eyes?

    Dark Brown
  4. EduXYZ

    What are you reading?

    This topic.
  5. EduXYZ

    Height thread

    5' 11.25" 1,81 cm
  6. EduXYZ

    R.I.P DOOM on DOSBox?

    Just a question, dude.
  7. EduXYZ

    R.I.P DOOM on DOSBox?

    I just see people playing with sourceports, why? Hard to use? Low res?
  8. EduXYZ

    Doom vs. Doom II

    Possible Co-op...
  9. EduXYZ

    Doom vs. Doom II

    DOOM I = Level Design, Levels DOOM II = Difficulty, Enemies
  10. EduXYZ

    Shotty vs SSG

    Whet? Sniper Rifles have pratically the same power of a shotgun.
  11. EduXYZ

    Shotty vs SSG

    SG = Sniper Rifle
  12. EduXYZ

    Meat Arena (Boss Level)

    My first boss level, much simple. (Tested on ZDoom and DOSBox) (MAP07) Yes i know, don't have a end, i tried to put one when you kill all, but i failed :p Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/w963kpqhs4pvwso/meatroom.wad
  13. EduXYZ

    The Logic of the Archvile

    I talking about his power, a big flame what's run to you, don't make any sense, it's strange for me. Archvile is like a type of cocktail molotov, but in a organic form.
  14. EduXYZ

    firstmap.wad (DOOM II)

    Not exactly my first map , but my first i finished :p (i dont have pratically any patience to make DOOM maps). Veeeeeeeery short. http://www.mediafire.com/download/adfdnc58d68sos6/firstmap.wad