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  1. JCST

    Do you ever play Doom on I'm too young to die?

    I play mostly in HMP, but mostly because i forget to select UV more than anything else.
  2. JCST

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    It's easy to see why. Those two different decisions probably came from different people. One wanted to sell new crap to new people, other saw a market on a long existing fan-base.
  3. Probably just comes from the fact that Doom was a groundbreaking FPS and Carmack's long old love for VR, nothing more. Myself i like that Doomguy is his own vague entity that's a total murder whacko with a genuine love for rabbits.
  4. Well you could pick the red key in E1M6 without opening the monster closed, see it as tradition, heh.
  5. Just a warning, version 1.2's Dehacked break specials, so don't play E1-4 with it loaded. (I supposed this was to be used only on Compat version or something)
  6. JCST

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    I liked the animated trailer, probably the only thing made with some minimum effort in whole thing. But resurecting Keen only to make a free to play cash grab to fish whales.... it doesn't make any sense at all. It's like smushing togheter Dungeon Keeper Mobile with the smufs moovie in hopes to cash on some vague nostalgia without effort. Hope it crashes and burn, just to stop Bethesta having "bright" ideas, because Keen doesn't deserve it.
  7. JCST

    How do i run brutal doom? +error

    I think Bonific's confusion steems from the fact that the Episodes appear to be selectable. Try to select another episode and you'll see. GOG's the better option if you already own Ultimate Doom https://www.gog.com/game/doom_ii_final_doom
  8. JCST

    Who came up with the Daisy ending?

    I suspect it might be two culprits instead of one. The E3 Ending just impalled a generic rabbit for the shock value (probabbly Adrian Carmack that was tired of cute things thanks to Keen) and latter someone decided to tie it in with Doomguy in Ultimate.
  9. GZdoom 4.0.0 supports big episode lists now, so i took the chance to use it for an integrated menu for the Master Levels, since i'm not 100% fan of the complex hubs menus and sequential levels aproach that are out there. Download simplemenu_master and use it combined with the master.wad that is generated by Blzut3's tool. The levels use their original music and are isolated from each other with this... unless for some reason you are having nightmares. Hell on Earth isn't selectable. It's really something just a little more conservative.
  10. People will extract the music from the wad anyway... So it's for their best interest if they actually opened another source of revenue and sold the tracks digitally. You woud be surprised but it's not the cost of something that factors more on a piracy rate of a product, but it's lack of accessibility. I would know, the copy of Doom i have nowadays is provided legally from such services.
  11. I asked John and his team if we could at least buy an digital version of the soundtrack, but they said it's unlikely unfortunaly...
  12. JCST

    Id software is 28 years old today

    It was the shareware version of Doom runnin on Doom95 It's considered an horrible source port these days (and i agree) but back then that extra 640x480 resolution was wonderful... The funny thing is that i'm quite indiferent to the whole metal/satanic theme of the game, but i love it! A testament of it's solid gameplay. Other funny thing is that the first time i saw the ending of E3 i was tremediosly shocked, nowadays i just find funny that hell's demons are so petty to the point of impaling a rabit's head to get a reaction from Doom guy.
  13. JCST

    Things about Doom you just found out

    For decades until now i genuinely thought that American McGee's name was an alias...
  14. JCST

    Ultimate Doom Secrets fix?

    The name of the file is e4fix.wad or E4fix.wad The only place i found the file these days is the one included in this package. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=34942&sid=3da26109b32e258029b5f4da25bc55f8 It should work with other ports.
  15. Since you fixed some menu graphics... I noticed M_NMARE have some wierd brown pixels that look like they don't belong there. So i sugest a fix like this one: Feel free to use it, if you see fit. And while i'm here... Thank you for your patches!