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  1. Hi, I'm making a map for Brutal Doom and a mod for that map, I modified Weapon.AmmoGive value in MINIGUN.txt file so the minigun only gives 10 bullets instead of 30 bullets. When I play my map in Realism mode the quantity of ammo is all right because monsters die faster, but if I play my map in any other skill, the player runs out of ammo quickly. I would like to know how to change the quantity of ammo the minigun drops depending on the skill level you are playing. I know how to do things using the GZDoom Script Editor depending on the skill level you are playing but I don't know how to change values of the MINIGUN.txt file using the GZDoom Builder Script Editor. There is any way to do this? ////// Brutal Doom - do things depending on the skill if (GameSkill () == SKILL_BLACKMETAL) { print (s:"blackmetal!"); } else if (GameSkill () == SKILL_IMTOOYOUNG) { print (s:"IMTOOYOUNG"); } else if (GameSkill () == SKILL_HURTMEPLENTY) { print (s:"HURTMEPLENTY"); } else if (GameSkill () == SKILL_ULTRAVIOLENCE) { print (s:"ULTRAVIOLENCE"); } else if (GameSkill () == SKILL_IAMSUPERBAD) { print (s:"IAMSUPERBAD"); } else if (GameSkill () == SKILL_INAPOINTOF) { print (s:"12INAPOINTOF10"); } else if (GameSkill () == SKILL_POWERFANTASY) { print (s:"POWERFANTASY"); } Thank you!
  2. I found you can change that values in the MAPINFO file, thanks for the answer Gez! I will make some tests that way. There is any way to just modify the Minigun ammo drop only, without affecting the other drops?
  3. I have a .pk3 file I made using Slade, inside there is the Minigun.txt file and others I modified also. I tried to add the check to the Minigun.txt file but this error shows after loading the mod: Script error, "WiliBrutalMOD2.pk3:minigun.txt" line 20: Unexpected 'if' in definition of 'MiniGun' Here is where I made he change, "Weapon.AmmoGive 10", how can I make a check for the skill level the game is inside Minigun.txt file? ACTOR MiniGun : Chaingun Replaces Chaingun { Game Doom SpawnID 28 Weapon.SelectionOrder 700 Weapon.AmmoType1 "Clip2" //Weapon.AmmoType2 "Clip2" Weapon.AmmoGive 10 Weapon.AmmoUse1 1 //Weapon.AmmoUse2 1 +WEAPON.NOAUTOAIM +WEAPON.NOAUTOFIRE +FORCEXYBILLBOARD +WEAPON.NO_AUTO_SWITCH Inventory.PickupSound "CBOXPKUP" Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the Minigun!" Obituary "%o was mowed down by %k's Minigun." AttackSound "none" Scale 0.9 States { Thanks for the anwer!
  4. Hi, I'm trying to make a trap, the player gets trapped inside one sector and then gets insta killed, the problem is I also want to make every monster inside that sector insta killed also but I cannot find the way. Here is the script I use for killing the player: Sector_SetDamage (22, 500, 1); After the trap finishes i set the sector back to normal, without damage: Sector_SetDamage (22, 0, 1); There is a script or a way for killing every monster inside one sector? Thank you!
  5. SectorDamage (22, 500, 15, 0, DAMAGE_PLAYERS | DAMAGE_NONPLAYERS); This works fine, when the trap finishes I reset the damage with Sector_SetDamage (22, 0, 1) and works fine. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, I'm making a Doom II map, I'm using Brutal Doom mod for my map because I like it a lot, but I'm making a mod that overrides some Brutal Doom features. I'm removing the grenade drops from sergeants and the health bonus from fatalities for example, I want to give the player the quantity of ammo and health that I want for the map, I want it to be scarce. I'm also removing some weapon drops like the "HellishMissileLauncher" dropped by Revenants. I'm making the map for playing it in Brutal Doom realism mode but others skill levels will be also supported. You will need to have Brutal Doom as well as my Custom Mod for playing the map properly. My question is, is that allowed? making a mod of a mod? Thank you!
  7. Wili

    Making a map for a modded Brutal Doom

    Nice, thank you for your answer! I don't really know what you mean by I should also have said version available for download, I have GZDoom with Brutal Doom last version installed, I drop my map wad file and my pk3 mod file on top of "gzdoom - PLAY BRUTAL DOOM.EXE" file in order to play my modded map, so my mod overrides some parts of Brutal Doom, I'm not planning on modifying Brutal Doom files and uploading it completely, my mod only has the Brutal Doom files that are modified. Thank you!