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  1. LittleBurger


    That does make sense, but using Slayer sounds weird. I wonder how that will sound in some sequel to this Doom game (if one is made) where Doomguy is just referenced to as Slayer all the time (I'll probably wonder who they are talking about before remembering them abbreviating Doomslayer).
  2. LittleBurger

    An incongruous resemblance???

    Talking about how anyone sane enough could likely give better options, compared to Sams worry about his money making facility. He seems like a more insidious type of crazy.
  3. LittleBurger

    An incongruous resemblance???

    Pretty sure anyone sane enough to see the issues of why his entire idea is generally a bad one could give him some better ones.
  4. LittleBurger

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    They probably chose Certain Affinity for the modern shooter aspects of mp. Granted I think they should have probably just kept one style of mp as the hybrid like thing they have going for it still just feels weird to me (or at least made modes that stick with a more classic variation of the mp modes).
  5. LittleBurger

    Got Mastery on Heavy Assault Rifle, lost mod???

    Dunno, I never unequipped mine but that didn't stop them from getting unequipped. Not really sure what caused it but it was weird either way.
  6. LittleBurger

    Got Mastery on Heavy Assault Rifle, lost mod???

    Have you tried clicking whatever button you have bound to switch weapon mods? I had the weapon mods be unequipped only a few time, though I am not really sure if it was mostly due to adding unlocking things for the mods or getting the mastery. Either way I had to click the switch weapon mod button to reequip the mod back to the gun (had it happen I think only a total of like 2 times when playing the sp).
  7. LittleBurger

    improvements for the game that are needed ASAP

    The free wallhack secondary ability is something the power weapons could do without though.
  8. LittleBurger

    improvements for the game that are needed ASAP

    I wish I had the commando pro chainsaw thing when using it, never saw it give me the ability to kill people from 20 feet away. Generally had to be within 'if you haven't shot me dead yet at this range then you are likely going to die' range when using it. I think I like the BFG the most out of the power weapons (fires quicker than classic, but it seems like you have to at least aim it more than the Gauss Cannon).
  9. LittleBurger

    powerup question

    I wonder why they didn't just let you have the ability to punch for the rest of that level after the time limit for its main effect ended.
  10. LittleBurger

    powerup question

    I had thought the Invisibility one looked sort of like an eye (unless that was just an illusion from the coloring of it).
  11. LittleBurger

    The bitching about game difficulty

    As far as I can tell, you would lose your 50 armor along with taking 30 damage for your actual hp. The armor seems like it is just another form of health in a way.
  12. LittleBurger

    The bitching about game difficulty

    I can imagine the difficulty would go up more in some aspect if the armor acted like the classic doom armor. I wonder if it would work that well, what with the armor as it is now being easily wiped out by enemy damage.
  13. LittleBurger

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    Maybe he's just naturally not that hairy.
  14. LittleBurger

    improvements for the game that are needed ASAP

    I just noticed that sometimes the floor of two prefabs on the same level can be a sliver off. Not really sure if it's due to using a specific prefab or what, but it keeps two prefabs from connecting together. Just something else that needs to be fixed in SnapMap. I hope the free content updates for it at least address some of the issues people have with it.
  15. LittleBurger

    How is Doom Dumb?

    That is something that I have missed. Sort of wonder if modern fps's will break away from the CoD style of having 50 shades of the same type of weapon that are supposed to be a different weapon.
  16. LittleBurger

    Today I got my Chubbymoose

    Why is its hand white? Is that just an overabundance of shine caused by the flash and the type of paint or what?
  17. LittleBurger

    Forget the 2 weapon limit, shared ammo is way worse!

    Seems about right. I mean why go off the average/not really outstanding mp portion of the game to base it off of? Actually, why didn't they seem to try and go a mix of both sp and mp route? I think either they want it to be primarily mp focused so it will always at its core be terrible in aspects, or they released it as some lite version that we will have to wait over time to get any more functionality out of it. The latter assumption is more of going off of the open beta and post launch content article from Bethesda talking about additional features/functionality as being part of content updates from id (it only mentions it as being part of content updates).
  18. LittleBurger

    Forget the 2 weapon limit, shared ammo is way worse!

    The shared ammo is pretty sad compared to the 6 ammo types used in sp.
  19. LittleBurger

    An incongruous resemblance???

    Do both have the dead fish state that Buzz has?
  20. LittleBurger

    what are your thoughts on the Demons of DooM '16?

    Yeah noticed that as well. Cacodemon looks like it has some form of armor looking skin or plates going on for the top half it. Though it sort of looks like it has some head crest thing as well. When did it become part Krogan?
  21. LittleBurger

    Is it too late to save MP?

    Dunno. But with the customization given on weapon camo, and the never going to be seen camo customization on armor. It is weird they didn't have alternate voices for the announcer.
  22. LittleBurger

    AI isn't fucking around either

    Makes me wonder if some of the other demons will swat the smaller ones away when they get in their path.
  23. LittleBurger

    Olivia Pierce

    Pretty sure it's the thing unique to her (I guess they went for functionality over form, even though I have to wonder why they didn't go a mix of the two).
  24. LittleBurger

    This is what I wish snapmap actually was....

    The one thing it has over SnapMap are the open prefabs (there was a small, large, and I think a two story one) you could connect other prefabs to on any of the open ones sides (I think it was like 3 spots on each side for the large one if I am remembering it correctly).
  25. LittleBurger

    The bitching about the MP

    Couldn't they just allow the addition of more enemies by the player, but basically give a warning that it could affect your gameplay (more of the sense of maybe slowdowns or what not)? Are they trying that hard to keep the abilities for all the platforms fair (in the sense of making it stuck at a limit so it is equal on all platforms for the most part)?