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  1. id Software discusses Ryzen - YouTube Starts at 1:27. Robert Duffy: "We're working on the next generation of idTech right now, and we're definitely gonna optimise fully for Ryzen. The new engine tech that we're working on is far more parallel than idTech 6 (DOOM 2016 engine) was. We plan to really consume all the CPU that Ryzen can offer. We're obviously always working on something new so I can't say much about it, but you can always count on us having some fun stuff in the pipeline." What do you guys think?
  2. http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/02/25/dice-2017-hugo-martin-marty-stratton-on-potential-for-doom-sequel More Doom!!
  3. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Doom (2016) Sales

    Doom (2016) doesn't look like it failed...
  4. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Doom (2016) Sales

    Doom (2016) Units sold so far: 1,211,628 - PS4 1,067,059 - Steam 0,595,756 - XBOX One 0,154,819 - Retail PC = 3,029,262 units PS4 - http://www.vgchartz.com/game/83086/doom-2016/Global/ Xbox One - http://www.vgchartz.com/game/83087/doom-2016/Global/ PC Retail - http://www.vgchartz.com/game/31786/doom-2016/Global/ Steam (Digital) - http://steamspy.com/app/379720
  5. http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/447153/John+Romero+talks+Quake+Champions+and+the+new+Doom/ John Romero: "They look really great, you know, it's amazing to see the translation of the original creatures into the new ones and using the latest and greatest technology and animation, and that it was a reboot so it was trying to be faithful to the original game and the metrics of firing the guns and the damage and everything being recreated, movement, everything". "It was great to see the team cared so much about recreating the classic to really go for it in the future from there forward and make something new hopefully. "Then with the announcement of Quake Champions... this is basically a scene where you look at Bethesda and think about Bethesda's viewpoint, like, here are these three franchises, one of them is this cool Wolfenstein, German, Nazi thing, the other one is Doom, is this demonic shooter, and then Quake which they decided "let's go off of the Quake Live, Quake III Arena multiplayer because the segment that they want to nail is esports and the Overwatch, TF2, Lawbreakers area". "And so Quake was an example of a game that went into that multiplayer-only territory and would be accepted by players as being a multiplayer-only game, whereas the Quake that I made was not". "It was a single-player game, and it was multiplayer, and it was H.P. Lovecraft design, and very dark and disturbing. I think there's still room for making another one of those, but it's great to see that they're still going and that with the successes of the most recent installations I just don't see them not making the next versions of them".
  6. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer

    Info about Quake Champions: http://www.guidelive.com/video-games/2016/08/07/quake-champions-preview-interview-quakecon-tim-willits-id-software
  7. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Quake Champions: Overwatch Clone?! Where's Single-Player Quake Reboot?

    From the Metro.co.uk Wolfenstein Interview with Jen Matthies: "GC: So, one of the things many people said as soon as they played The New Order is they hope you do Doom next, which obviously you’re not going to because someone else is. But what about Quake, that seems like it might be a good fit for you? JM: [laughs] I love Quake. Quake is the reason I’m in the video games industry. GC: Hang on, didn’t you said that about Wolfenstein last time! JM: [laughs] I would say Wolfenstein is why I love the first person perspective. But Quake you could modify, you could make your own content. You could do that a bit with Wolfenstein 3D but with Quake you could really get in there and do completely your own thing. And that’s what allowed me to build my first games. So Quake is a hugely important game to me and I would love to work on a Quake game, but the problem for us as a studio is that multiplayer is extremely important to Quake. And that’s not been our thing. GC: So how would you approach that? JM: Oh, I have so many ideas! [laughs] GC: You wouldn’t rule yourself out because it’s multiplayer-focused? JM: No, no. I’m just saying that for a studio like us, that has a single-player focus, it’s hard to figure that out. GC: Could you team up with someone else? JM: That could be one solution…" Link: http://metro.co.uk/2014/12/15/wolfenstein-the-new-order-post-mortem-interview-shooter-of-the-year-4987141/#ixzz4FdfSnmha
  8. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Quake Champions: Overwatch Clone?! Where's Single-Player Quake Reboot?

    "GC: Obviously you’re not going to announce anything today. But was that just you telling me a story when you say this doesn’t close the door on other types of Quake game? Because if you’re making something that is this specific, that implies you could still do a Quake single-player and whatever. TW: We are not shutting the door on new consoles or single-player… GC: Because I know Jens Matthies from MachineGames would love to make that. TW: [Purposefully ignores comment] We wanted a focused game, draw your lines and make the best game we possibly can within those boundaries" So guys, why do you think Tim Willits purposely ignored the interviewer's comment saying that Jen Matthies from MachineGames would like to do new Single Player Quake game?
  9. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Quake Champions: Overwatch Clone?! Where's Single-Player Quake Reboot?

    Good Point! :)
  10. JoeKilledKenney2016

    The Sound Design of Doom Interview - DOOM 2?

    http://www.adsrsounds.com/news/the-sound-design-of-doom-exclusive-qa/ Interesting part from the interview: "Are you ready for DOOM 2? Ben: Whatever our next project may end up being, I am chomping at the bit to do a better job and use our tools and audio engine more efficiently… Never thought I would be excited about efficiency and workflow, but here I am. Chad: I can’t discuss what our next project will be. But, I’m always looking forward to creating new sounds. We are planning a ton of cool unique field recording sessions, including an explosions session!"
  11. Why people still complain that Quake Champions is an Overwatch clone? Is it because of Character abilities? What is Tim Willits planning? I don't think it's an Overwatch clone at all, because I think characters in other games before Overwatch have abilities too, but I can't name which game has it. Everyday people complain more and more about games they like had mechanics that other games have. It doesn't make any sense... However, Tim Willits said that they're not shutting the door on single player Quake. Tim Willits: We are not shutting the door on new consoles or single-player… http://metro.co.uk/2016/06/21/quake-champions-tim-willits-interview-people-are-afraid-of-quake-which-is-kind-of-awesome-5958340/#ixzz4FXyfAtk2 Either his words imply that they're still working on it or after Quake Champions. Personally I think Quake Champions is cool, but I'm not interested in multiplayer games, only single-player games like Doom and Wolfenstein. I hope there will be an unexpected announcement of a new single-player Quake Reboot at Quakecon 2016 or talk about it during an interview. Do you guys still want a new single-player Quake Reboot from id software? 'Cause I do! What do you guys think?
  12. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Guys...check this new Quake video out

  13. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Machine Games releases new Quake episode

  14. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Guys...check this new Quake video out

    A German interview with Tim Willits for Quake Champions: •Quake Champions will definitely have Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. There are also working on a teambased Mode for E-Sport •id thinks that 5v5 is the optimal player number for a teambased mode •Every Champion will have a passive Ability for his movement. And every Champion will have an active special ability. As example the Hero Ranger from the teaser can throw a "Dire Orb" and can teleport to its location. So are Telefrags possible •The Champions don't have a special weapons. As well there is no loadout like in Doom. Instead are all Weapons and Items on the map as pickups •Rockt Launcher, Railgun und Lighting Gun are in Quake Champions •A "classic" mods without Champions is not planned. But it is possible •In Quake Champions will be Matchmaking, a Ranking System and Saisons. Similar to Quake Live •Quake Champions will focus on esport. This include special gamemodes, a Spectator mode and Tournaments from id and Bethesda •Quake Champion could be Free2Play. But it isn't sure. They are testing a various of business models. The developer want the big as possible player base for the game Source: http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/quake-champions/news/quake_champions,53926,3274935.html If Quake Champions is Free2Play, Then the Single Player is a possibility for retail versions...
  15. JoeKilledKenney2016

    Machine Games releases new Quake episode

    Jerk Gustafsson is the Executive Producer of Machinegames. He made the DOPA episode of Quake. There has to be a hint for a New Single Player Quake Reboot. Do you guys think that Machinegames made DOPA episode just to give us a hint for a Single Player Quake Reboot at QuakeCon or just for the 20th Anniversary?