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  1. The Spider Mastermind Brain Bug. Big Bitch. Usurper Horror. K'Reahr Vash'Taik. (Kr-rear vosh-tech) The Spider Mastermind. Flynn Taggart is the only person to ever encounter it and survive. Luckily, he has supplied its corpse for UAC research to study. Although much more information was garnered from research about demons in general than the dissection of its corpse. In fact, the only things that the dissection of the corpse revealed was it had an even larger intellect than we predicted, the prosthetic assault chassis was added after the start of the mars invasion, and the arachnotrons are simply imitations, with no familial link and sloppier construction. With hell destroyed, several daring scientists dared the barren, hostile wasteland through failsafe portals that the Spidermind itself created. These portals run on an argent cell and have no shutdown, meaning they will only stop when they run out of power 2 years from now. The only attempt to shut one of these down resulted in a small singularity with over one thousand casualties. Luckily, it seems all of the demons' traps were sprung on earth and hell is now just a vacancy. The culture of hell is a strange one. The fact that hell has a culture may be surprising to some. Devout religion is as much of a necessity here as it would be in heaven. Satan and his Vassals demanded constant praise and worship. But it was revealed that there was a prophecy, stretching back to the early days of creation. That Hell would spawn its own downfall. A powerful demon would challenge Lucifer's rule with a grandstanding. A great spider would weave its web around Hell and earth, but a single vanguard would rip the web open and destroy all evil beyond. This prophecy was lost even to the demons, and was found almost on a whim as a large stone platform freshly washed up on a lava shore caught one of the researchers' eye. Upon further investigation it was a giant tablet, detailing a cult that kept this secret while nurturing the demon to overthrow hell. They found their answer in K'reahr, the master of deceit and betrayal. In hell, the spidermind was a large, wriggling, fleshy mass with its signature head at the front of its nearly mile long body. The rest of its body was detailed as more of a thin membrane covering the ground, staying true to its spider destiny. The cult approached it with a plot to become the new ruler of hell. K'reahr would've betrayed its very nature if it were to refuse. It knew of the prophecy that the cult attempted to hide, and was determined to instead surpass it, ruling both earth and hell. It is said that the cult members were eventually unwillingly turned into doppelgangers of the spider mastermind. In fact, much evidence points to the invasion of earth as a defensive measure by the Icon to make sure K'Reahr did not gain a foothold on earth, as to avoid hell falling to the prophecy. This theory is supported by the fact many new demons appeared on earth and none of them were seen on mars and its moons. This may have been actually playing into the Mastermind's hands, as it seems no effort was made by it to ever invade earth. The Mastermind may have simply seen the defensive measure and waited for either the demons or humans to win, and slay the weakened winners. To its credit, its whole plan was working out wonderfully. Both earth and human forces were wearing thin, and the entire deimos base was quickly overtaken, with phobos looking to follow. But to the tablet's credit, word quickly spread of a lone marine rippin' and tearin' straight through the strongest points of the mastermind's defensive measures. The mastermind left previous installments entirely barren of troops to throw them directly in the marines way. But the spider mastermind was quite sure that even all of his forces could not stop the destiniy of the prophecy. But the prophecy never spoke of the spider and the vanguard meeting. The mastermind was weak, lacking the inherit power of even a hell knight, relying solely on the power of intelligence. But no longer. The mastermind would use the humans' crude technology as a base for a grand weapon. He invented a battle chassis and, for lack of understanding, a shotgun chaingun. A Gun that shot out rings of bullets at an alarming speed that could make short work of anything at any range, with infinite ammo and no cooldown. But even this could not stop the doom marine. With the power of plasma weaponry hidden from even the mastermind, the surprise damaged the mastermind more than the white-hot ordinance. Although it is unclear if this one was the real mastermind or a decoy, as mentioned before. Even after the invasion, it is still unclear if the real spider mastermind is out there or in one of our research centers. We can see that Lucifer himself has tracked down several of these decoys and employed them in his forces as punishment. In the terrible event that one would encounter this creature, DO NOT ENGAGE. One obvious flaw with the spider mastermind, Flynn explained, was that it was locked in place while shooting. This means it is good at keeping forces under cover, but not so much at eliminating them. In true mastermind fashion, it relies on underlings to take advantage of the trapped marine. If there is a route for escape, hide behind cover until it moves to get a better shot, then dash to the next cover, and repeat until you reach safety. Although, this has not been put into practice as few people have ever come in contact with these monsters and literally none have ever told the tale apart from the DoomSlayer himself. The mastermind can take a lot of hits, a small amount less than the cyberdemon itself. Plasma weaponry is the only recommended weapon, the experimental BFG9000 being ideal for this situation. Often marines scoff at the mastermind's combat capability compared to the rocket-toting cyberdemon, and the two are commonly equated as the "Big Bads". It is often concluded that the spider mastermind created the cyberdemon as the last word in pure combat prowess. The cyberdemon excels at destruction and instant death against massive armies, while the mastermind, in combat, prefers personal encounters with a small group of enemies. This must be stressed: DO NOT ENGAGE. NOTIFY MILITARY HIGH COMMAND IMMEDIATELY AND FALL BACK. Biggest boss, Biggest entry.
  2. "Pinky" Demon The Meatshield, the Cannibal, and the ironic Delicacy, the "Pinky" is alongside the Imp in terms of infamy. Even those who have never seen a battlefield know of the Demon's ravenous appetite and knack for being the first to arrive in a populated area before other forces. The Demon's hunger is second only to the Mancubus, but the "Pinky" has speed and a giant maw to act on it. The hunger is not human-only as well, and the demon is often seen eating as much of his comrades as humans in a crowded setting. This seems to be a retaliatory action, as a demon will only begin eating others once it has been fired upon by other hellish allies. This may be an ingrained survival reflex, as it is a common site to see any breed of monster dine on a fresh "Pinky" corpse. Even marines stranded without rations and forced to eat demons have admitted they are succulent, with a taste of sweet barbecue and steak. The "Pinky" is called "Pinky" because it is quite """Pinky""". Moving on from trivia to more strategic information, the Pinky's jaw has roughly 2.4x the power of an alligator's, and can bite with this force at a quick rate. Marines usually survive a stray bite with only flesh wounds and damaged armor, but allow it to attack more than once and you'll be missing an extremity, or a heartbeat. Demons are infamous for 3 reasons: how common they are, their hunger and speed, and meatshield status. If other demons are careful enough and do not fire on the pinkies, the Pinkies can literally form a wall and the other demons hide behind them, throwing the occasional fireball, until the pinkies ravage whatever impeded them. Several cases of Barons commanding Pinkies to form a Brigade have been reported, with little to no survivors on the recieving end. Pinkies can take about twice the damage of an imp, which means an extra shotgun pull, which means a few more seconds for the pinky to race towards you and rip you apart. If you can ambush them or if you encounter them in a large area, they are little threat. But when they are consolidated in close quarters, you Will need heavy weaponry (or a chainsaw). Strangely enough, the Pinky's entire body locks in place when chomping, and their intellect leaves something to be desired, so crafty marines have discovered that rushing into a pinky, then retreating will catch it in some sort of somatic loop, in which it will be stuck until you decide to give it a mouthful of something other than you. This technique is actually being taught to civilians with some success. There is a rumor that whatever's in a berserk pack (hormones, steroids, demonic energy, etc) can sometimes attract Pinkies and Imps, explaining the common appearance of a closet full of Pinkies and Imps next to a Berserk pack. There is a sub-species called spectres, but those will be covered in a different report. Pinkies are commonly used for teleport ambushes as well as meatshields, so if there's something valuable close-by, prepare for the worst. Overall, the Pinkies are reportedly the 1# killer, due to their massive numbers and power to overwhelm, not power or intellect. By the same logic, Pinkies are likely the 2# highest in casualties, next to Imps. Given the chance, they can easily kill any human, but it is very easy to refuse them that chance. Just about any weapon other than the handgun or shotgun is suited for dealing with any number of Pinkies, although one must be cautious while using a rocket launcher as Pinkies are also known for leaving a crowd and running straight through your blind spots. Even chainsaws have been proven quite effective, putting the monster in throws of pain before it can manage to bite you, but you are bound to take a chomp or two if you are surrounded. All in all, as long as you know where they are and it isn't right in your face (and you have anything other than a pistol), Pinkies are easily dispatched and avoided. Gotta practice for those college essays somehow, right?
  3. Hornbuckle

    Doomiablo 0.0.1 - Diablo-DooM Crossover

    Yes, I agree, base mod should be done with all enemies and weapons and stuff, then you work on other classes if you want to. I'm just surprised you'd be willing to do what I imagine would be a decent amount of extra work.
  4. Hornbuckle

    Doomiablo 0.0.1 - Diablo-DooM Crossover

    well, my idea was that each character was a class, therefore you would have to make separate skill trees, stats, and special weapons for each character. But if you feel up to it I'm sure it would be much appreciated, if I can speak for everyone else.
  5. Hornbuckle

    Doomiablo 0.0.1 - Diablo-DooM Crossover

    I guess you don't play many doom mods? Legendoom adds some random perks to weapons dropped by randomly buffed enemies that I feel could be transferred to diablo in the form of "Identify" bonuses or maybe make it as their own passive skills and such (but then . Samsara is a doom mod that throws heretic, hexen, wolfenstein, quake, chex, and many other id-era shooter protagonists into the game. Essentially bringing weapons from a different game, say, marathon, and playing with them in doom, or even heretic or hexen. It'd be a lot of work, and I don't imagine even if you loved all those games you'd be willing to do it, but I would love to blow up enemies with Caleb (from blood). Same enemies, but different weapons and skills, and obviously player sprites. As for when I said other dooms, I just meant weapons and monsters. Doom 64 shotgun, fire extinguisher, heavy assault rifle, double-bladed chainsaw (64), etc. Some monster sprites from doom 64 look pretty cool as well, namely cacodemons and arachnotrons. I really like the idea of newer, custom-made enemies being introduced in different acts, that's a great idea. Hope you keep working on this, really looking forward to it.
  6. Hornbuckle

    Doomiablo 0.0.1 - Diablo-DooM Crossover

    @termrork maybe have a skill that does 360 swings with the chainsaw? Nice move for when you're surrounded. I think an overall good idea is to take some cues from legendoom for some unique weapons and maybe some skills. But I figure a bigger problem you're gonna have is with enemy variety. Are you trying to be mostly vanilla? Otherwise I would encourage some skulltag/realm667 enemies and weapons, for the really unique/hard encounters and loot. They're pretty well-known, so you're not going too far out. A railgun would be pretty bitchin in diablo. If you do desire to remain vanilla, palette swaps should work fine for enemies, and your plan for weapons is pretty good, although I still think some other dooms should make cameos. I would really like a Samsara-esque approach to classes, but I'm sure that would be far too much work. Good luck with your mod!
  7. Hornbuckle

    Doomiablo 0.0.1 - Diablo-DooM Crossover

    I'm thinking a berserk aura, boosts bare fist/gauntlet damage but might burn through mana or something idk, if diablo even has fist/gauntlet weapons or the ability to mod them in, I forget. Other than that, try to include some of the wierder doom weapons across the series as to make sure weapon drops arent the same 8 or 9 things all the time. Holy water pistols, Gauss cannons, unmaker, etc. This looks pretty cool, btw. Never finished diablo, this might get me to do it. Replace wells with soulspheres and shrines with fitting powerups maybe.
  8. Hornbuckle

    American Idol

    Pointless. Stupid. 3 or less seconds of playability. But, everybody by now should know that going in. Don't know why you bothered uploading this, but it's not like hurting anything. One star because I reserve no stars to trollwads with gross porn or ones that fuck up my settings and/or save files.
  9. Hornbuckle


    A hilarious exaggeration of slaughtermaps, which is great regardless of your opinions on slaughtermaps, although you will need a decent computer to keep up with the thousands of enemies that easily approach NUTS levels. If your computer can run it, make sure to pick this up and play through it. My computer could only make it to chain reaction, then dropped to literally 1 frame per minute.
  10. Hornbuckle

    Doom Turns 23: No End in Sight

    Damn, I thought I was close with 9 years. I'll admit, I wasn't even alive when Doom came out. But when I was 5 and my Uncle showed me a custom level he was working on, I was instantly taken. Now a little more than a decade and a half later, I still never tire of it. I'll be here for every other birthday, and so will thousands of others. Happy Doomsday, and congratulations to all cacoward winners! Exemplar work. That whole second page made me pretty happy, and to see Bloodstain and Shadow of the wool ball make it to runner-up was also great.
  11. Hornbuckle

    The /newstuff Chronicles #522

    Yeah, the red key thing was supposed to be an interesting thing, like "Huh, so that's how that works", and I thought a revealed switch would be enough, but with the already mentioned problem with cause and effect, it is possible that it could slip past some people. I imagine if the whole map was clearer, then it would've worked better. And when I said it was set to a door action, I meant I just wanted something to say red key required when you use it, it was never meant to do anything and it still does nothing, there's no problem with it. I'm sure you can make that happen with just a little bit of scripting, but I haven't touched that yet, and this method worked fine. With live, unstuck enemies they can be a bit predictable and it's been used before. I felt a wall of unmoving monsters gave an intimidating feel of "You're not getting past us" and they're deadset on just blocking your way, if you know what I mean, and it'd be a unique thing to see, although with certain enemies it looks especially ugly. If you feel like playing what you missed, I'd enjoy your input. I like it, but then again, it's 3 rectangular slaughterrooms. The first bit could've been better, but wasn't too bad. The "Hellevator" has that one thing where if you fall off you have to restart from last save, but other than that I think it lead to some pretty tense action, and I think the Eon fight with his Organic batteries was pretty cool, although could've been much more elegantly designed. The deadline definitely did make sure some bad things stayed in the map, but some traps and ideas can be used for future maps and refined for better use. Thanks again for the advice and review!
  12. Hornbuckle

    The /newstuff Chronicles #522

    Thanks for the review, Not Jabba. Your review was fair and intelligent. Don't worry, I'm not going to make a huge response this time. Just wanted to point out a few things that only the author could interpret. The biggest point is that you don't need the red key. That switch is actually a door action and is untagged, I just needed something to say a red key is required. The small area opposite that switch is actually what you want. After you complete a section, it lowers one of the walls. After you complete all of them, you can access a switch that lowers both the area opposite of it and the gate to the Faux base. The area that switch appears to open only reveals a bunch of weapons and ammo, and does not progress the map, although you will probably need that stuff for the upcoming fight. Then you would teleport to the rest of the level, which turns slaughtermap now that you have most of the weapons. It's like the marble temple, but you actually have to kill at least some of those monsters and there's less "Fuck you" traps. On the topic of locking players with one use doors, this map is meant to be played pretty linear, so you can go back to previously played areas, but it's more hassle than reward, and you won't find much anyways. Getting locked in accidentally, however, is my bad and not intentional. The HOM in the crusher room really pisses me off, because I spent a while trying to fix HOMs in there and I must've missed one. I'm glad you caught the purpose of the spider-obstacles, but I forgot to make the spiders block the ceiling, so it just fell apart. I felt some of the traps in the temple were pretty good, but it was just about the last part I did and the deadline was coming up, so some shitty stuff made it in there too, like the archvile door and the spider-obstacles. The meat-shield was a good idea, but it looks horrible with spiders. Next time, a bunch of pinkys or some Barons would look okay and would be more enjoyable to pummel to death. The yellow keys were a mess that could only look at least slightly coherent to me, and the Berserks were just a way to give you full health, I don't know why I didn't just put down a few medkits or something. Anyways, thanks for playing and feeling compelled enough to review it. I'm gonna try to make my next levels smaller. Just trying to get a feel for GZdoom builder right now, it's pretty wierd stuff. Thanks for everybody's input and help, I'm starting to see what makes a good map, but it'll probably still be a while before I make another map. But there will be another map, eventually. Overstory_Lover_63 (maybe I should just make a new account with this name?)
  13. Hornbuckle

    The /newstuff Chronicles #516

    I'm sorry if I came across as dissmissive or arrogant. But I thought I stated enough that I still felt mrthejoshmon's review was adequate and accurate, and that I agreed the map failed to, well, be good I guess. It's not a wall of justification, it's a thought process I laid out so people could tell me what I did wrong and MAYBE offer a different perspective on criticisms for anybody who cared. I've admitted that I did not execute some (many) mechanics to their full potential or successfully at all, and that some ideas I did have were just not good ideas, such as the dark room or the office theme (of course they can be done properly but they can limit you). I know I'm a noob (to mapping at least), and I value advice experienced mappers, or reviewers, can give. I'm not rebutting when I mention my take on a criticism, I'm seeing if my way of thinking about a subject can be wrong and if I need to change it in order to be better. Like when I said the level was for a run n' gun approach, rdwpa explained the level wasn't designed for the gameplay and expanded a bit on that. I realized that I was doing little in the way of map structure to emphasize the gameplay experience I wanted, and just assumed that it would fall into place, since I would be mapping around the way I would play the level. Always mapping in boxes definitely didn't help, but it could seem I went out of my way to harm the technique I wanted to encourage. What I thought would challenge a player using my recommended technique could easily translate to a player as a discouragement of using it. That sorta goes back into needing playtesters. Since I never played a different way, I never realized that other gamestyles could beat what I made, and since I'm the author, I could never know if certain things got across to the player without prior knowledge. Anyways, I've read the many reviews you put out recently and enjoyed them. BTW Zalewa, thank you so much for telling me about using doorstop-style textures to seperate misaligned textures. I had actually used it before without knowing and just forgot about it, but I'll be sure to implement that later. And thanks to several people for telling me to keep the players in fights and limit runaway options. I don't know why I didn't really work more on that, I guess I just got lazy. See you when End of Eon makes it into newstuff!
  14. Hornbuckle

    The /newstuff Chronicles #516

    Thanks for playing my map, rdwpa! I'm sorry if I kicked up a little sand in the comments thread, I'm pretty new to forums. I'm not trying to get people to play my level by making a ruckus in the comments and hoping a few guys be my white knight, I just feel that author input can help some people understand things that the reviewer might've missed, which is inevitable and not dependant on how good a reviewer is, it happens to the best of us. The gameplay was supposed to be a bit more run 'n gun. You're only supposed to kill a few guys in the main room, get the key from the boss's room, come back with the shotgun and kill some more, clean out the radioactive assembly and the showers, then kill whatever's left in the main room with the rocket launcher or super shotgun. I guess people get stuck in the way they already play, which makes sense and I'm not judging. It's nice to see a few people at least see potential in my maps. My next ones will be much better now that I've gotten some input from the community (I know I keep saying that and still have a comparatively large gap between my last map and my next one, end of the year is keeping me busy). Honestly, I think people not knowing about the radiation in the room after 3 different toxic signs is sort of their fault. Also, if you didn't know, there aren't any difficulty settings on this map. I wanted to see if they distracted me from the map, they didn't and I'll be implementing them in my later maps. The only reason I didn't with end of eon was because I had a deadline and I wanted to make sure I did it in time. The dark room was meant to be a sort of power room, and I figured all it needed was a few power generators, and some things I needed to implement a few ideas (monster holding pens to gradually add enemies to the fray, faster than I wanted actually, was afraid putting the floor above ceiling height would cause glitches but apparently it works out fine, a maze so there'd be more to the room after you deal with the initial threat), so a lot of decorations and aesthetics felt unnecessary. Of course, it could've used some detail, but something elaborate wouldn't make much sense, the focus of that room was the monsters, not the room itself, and for at least a little bit, you wouldn't even see much of it anyways. I'm surprised anybody enjoyed the environmental stuff, after mrthejoshmon said it it felt like that opinion was more or less uncontested. I liked it myself, of course, or I wouldn't have put it in. Thank you for understanding the secret. I'm a firm believer that the best reward for a player is either something really unique and cool, or more fun gameplay. Sure, the fun part might be debatable, but at least I'm on the right track. A 400x400 unit room filled with a berserk, some armor, and a backpack is not exactly my idea of exciting. Those types of secrets are there, because secrets are also there to aid and reward you for attentiveness, but the former is more fun. Also, there was no lucky element in this level. There's only one teleport ambush, a small and controlled one, and most of the monsters aren't deaf, so your experience should be pretty standard. If you thought you needed luck, you may not be playing properly (I know you were just saying it as a guideline and probably not from personal experience or whatever). If anybody cares for my input on rdwpa and Zalewa, I feel that a review should be equal parts mapper skill/effort and personal enjoyment. A decent amount of wads may not really be your bag but someone else's, and to not mention so alienates that niche from a wad. Your (Zalewa"s) approach to reviewing comes off as quite lazy. Sometimes you're actually supposed to enjoy it. noclipping when annoyed or lazy feels like you don't actually want to play doom, you just want to review maps. They're meant to be played as a regular person would, not by somebody with a time budget. The amount of times you die should come from your skill and purposed difficulty of the level, and should not be at a baseline 1. It's your goal of course, but it won't always be that easy. Your entire review should not hinge on your personal experience. If you loaded up origiwad, you'd probably give it 0 stars based solely on playing it, but since so much effort went into it and it's a huge accomplishment and breakthrough for all doomers, it deserves more. Maybe you shouldn't review a wad if it seems that it isn't for you, but if you do, mention that others may enjoy it for its certain qualities. Also, single player maps are usually tailored around single player after all, and the experience could be wholly different with more than one player, as many enemies are much easier with multiplayer. But on the other side, of course personal enjoyment should be a factor. A map's ideal goal should be to either entertain all styles of doomers or do a style so well that people new to the style can understand, learn, and enjoy it while being fun for people already accustomed to the style. If you don't have fun playing the map, then it has probably failed in some capacity. A very hard goal, but our goal nonetheless. Readers should also be aware that there are multiple reviews for a reason. Reviews will always be opinionated, so if you don't like one person's perspective you can read somebody else's, except for the newstuff chronicles I guess, but if anybody feels passionate enough about a differing view they will let it be known in the comments and maybe even give their own review, case in point. To strip that perspective and personality from a review could make it dull and repetitive, and possibly turn somebody off of the map by itself. Like I said, it sounds like your technique needs some work, but maybe that's what makes it unique, and if enough people like your reviews, then go ahead and carry on. Jesus Christ, that was a lot! I'm reaaally sorry if it's a dick move to post that long a message. tl;dr: thanks for some support rdwpa, thanks for advice Zalewa, but try to have a bit more fun while playing maps.
  15. Hornbuckle

    The /newstuff Chronicles #516

    Thanks for offering some advice Zalewa, and even bothering to read my comment. I didn't mean the player needs to replay the level multiple times in order to win, but that if somebody finds it's too hard they might notice a few things to make the harder parts easier, such as the goggles and several extra biosuits. The arachnotron monster closet is really a continuation of the previous secret. After you clear out those enemies, you can get some more rockets and a super shotgun from their room. But the fight was a lot harder than I wanted it to be, with the Baron and the narrow hallway. I've always wanted somebody to playtest my maps, but none of my friends play doom and I don't know how else to get people to playtest a newbie's level. I don't have an excuse for the furniture, it was really just an easy way to make an empty room seem less so, but I thought it contributed decently (I did make the chairs out of stucco and zimmer). Like I said, the level is bad, but it's training for me. My third map was made in a week and parts of it were rushed, so I'm sure that's going to get an even worse review, but I'm taking criticism where I can and putting it towards my next levels, and thanks to everybody who has offered some so far. Also, I don't know what happened with the last teleporter. It worked fine during testing, but when I played it again after uploading the level, it worked randomly and sometimes you'd need to run over the thing for ten seconds before it worked. Obviously, many people could see it as being completely broken and lead to a lot of confusion.