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  1. Heejyhorang

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Really wish they would have shed more light on the new abilities. Im really hoping for some more super powered melee options like blood punch.
  2. Heejyhorang

    thoughts on the Kahn Maykr?

    my question is, how powerful is she? Does she have any feats that make her a notable threat? with the icon of sin, the codex states that he's basically a multiversal threat, but nothing is stated about the Khan maykr besides her being treated like a deity. it seems she has some pretty powerful projectile attacks that could probably destroy a city, but that's really all it seems she's got going for her.
  3. Heejyhorang

    List of skins found within the files

    That cultist skin would be great without the demon mouth.
  4. Heejyhorang

    Wich one Boss was your favorite ?

    The icon fight was so awesome and now I'm pining for some more giant/titan boss fights. My biggest gripe is the meat hook was underutilized (imagine seeing around in the air like spiderman during the icon fight) and I was hoping for superhero style feats during the battle. Like the slayer glory killing each body part and doing big superman punches instead of just shooting the body parts.
  5. Heejyhorang

    Plot holes

    So did the human race (on earth) originate from the Argenta people (sentinel prime, Taras nabad, argent dnur)?
  6. Heejyhorang

    What do you want for DLC?

    More Giant boss fights that result in doom guy punching the shit out of them
  7. Heejyhorang

    What do you want for DLC?

    damn cacodemons were way bigger in 2016
  8. Heejyhorang

    What do you want for DLC?

    I want the ability to charge up your melee by holding it down then unleashing a massive ground pound. This game seems ripe for something like that!
  9. Heejyhorang

    Is anybody else seriously IN LOVE with Eternal?

    I agree. Let's keep this train going. This is my dream game. Bad ass, kill demons, gothic architecture, ultra powerful protagonist, plays like a 3rd person character action game, amazing game devs I support, difficult but rewarding/engaging, future add on content planned...i could go on and on.
  10. Heejyhorang

    Favorite Doom Slayer skin?

    After playing through most of the game with the demonic slayer skin, I went back to the default skin and I think its actually better. The flames on the demonic skin obscure all the awesome details on doom guys arms and legs. I do like the crimson skin a lot too
  11. Heejyhorang

    Let's talk difficulty (Not a rant)

    All I know is I beat the first slayer gate on my first try and scared the shit out of my wife because I screamed a victorious, toxicly masculine scream. I had 1 health for like 20 seconds and somehow survived. This was all on HMP haha. I beat doom 16 on UV first time no sweat. This game is harder and better.
  12. Heejyhorang

    Favorite Doom Slayer skin?

    Mine has to be the demonic slayer. I love how close it is to the default skin, but just extra flamin bad ass :)
  13. Heejyhorang

    Doom Eternal early copy spoilers

    Nothing like conveniently exposed brains right on the forehead ;). I'm interested to see how the rest of the fight goes. I hope doom guy physically slaps the IoS around a bit
  14. Heejyhorang

    Doom Eternal early copy spoilers

    A person asked if there were any feats of strength shown in the game and the guy didnt answer. I'd also like to know this since the doom guys strength is only really shown in the lore
  15. Heejyhorang

    Bestheda Game Days Stream of Doom Eternal

    All I know is berserk better still be in this game!