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  1. Heejyhorang

    DoomGuy 2016 vs War (Darksiders)

    Started playing Darksiders 1 (AMAZING game) again after years and got to thinking...Could Doomguy 2016 stand a chance against the Red Horsemen? I think Doomguy stands a chance, but War is just such a tank and monster when he's battling demons and angels alike...I think in the video game portrayal of War he is unstoppable..So what do you think??
  2. Heejyhorang

    The Night Sentinels weaponry

    Ya I heard that the cum sword was confirmed as dlc
  3. Heejyhorang


    Doom anime....This games story seems ridiculous enough :)
  4. Heejyhorang

    Favorite Difficulty?

    How do you stay alive on UV? What runes do you use? If its the unlimited ammo one i wont use it. for some reason im against it lol.
  5. Heejyhorang

    Favorite Difficulty?

    I have no idea how you could manage a no upgrade UV run!!! The would drive me crazy. UV WITH my upgrades kicked my butt repeatedly. I just can't stay alive in those end game arenas. Ughhh.
  6. Heejyhorang

    Favorite Difficulty?

    Towards the end of the game do you die much? I literally die like 20 times per big arena encounter in the last 2 levels.
  7. Heejyhorang

    Favorite Difficulty?

    I must be a dingus, because the jump from HMP to UV, even with all my upgrades, was too much. I finally beat the game on UV, but boy i was stuck on levels for quite a while. HMP, in my opinion, is where I have the most fun. I know that a lot of you think HMP is a snoozefest. So what do you all think? Which difficulty do you have the most fun playing?
  8. Heejyhorang

    How do you customize snapmap armor?

    Please help!
  9. Heejyhorang

    My thoughts on the game!

    How many different glory kills are there for Barons of hell?? Also, CAN YOU GLORY KILL A CYBERDEMON??????
  10. Heejyhorang

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    I can see what you are saying, but someone who has been playing video games for many years should have the ability to see basic mechanics of a game and know if you are interested based on just watching people play even if it is in a controlled environment. Every company needs to market their product in a positive way. Consumers are pretty smart these days and know what they want. Bottomline: if you have seen all the streams and can't make a decision yourself on how the core game is going to be then you are either 8 years old, haven't played many games, or are a mindless sheep waiting for IGN.
  11. Heejyhorang

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    such little faith from most of you. Also, there has been SO much gameplay shown (for all modes)! If you can't get a general idea of whether or not you think this game is for you and you are worrying about a trivial business decision, then you must not be very experienced in gaming.
  12. Heejyhorang

    The Little Things Thread

    Yes that is the case, however, if you notice in SP, enemies get staggered when their health gets low and enter a 'fatality' state. While in MP all enemies are still moving around when health is low (because stagger states would not work in MP) which means the enemy's body position when Glory killable will be different than the SP staggered state, causing different animations. For instance, all of the large enemy types (Hell Knight, Mancubus, Baron, etc) fall to their knees when staggered/stunned, this means that the GK animations for these monsters will likely be less because you can't easily look at their leg/arm/torso/etc. youre basically staring at their head or back. Hopefully not all weapons cause the enemies to go in 'fatality' mode. I'd like it if rapid fire weapons causes a much less stagger state than heavy weapons so that we can see a higher level GK variations...make sense?
  13. Heejyhorang

    The Little Things Thread

    I also noticed that the Single Player Glory Kill is different than the MP Glory Kill on the Barons. In SP you rip off his horn and bash him with it and in the MP you jump on him and throat punch him. I really hope that the throat punch GK is in the SP :). looks so cool
  14. Glory kills! That mechanic is what truly sold me on this game. And the zany story leaks:)
  15. Heejyhorang

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    I dont think he is any doomguys from old games. Some of the audio logs reveal that Doomguy was around "eons" ago as an ancient, legendary warrior who wields a sword. Then he gets trapped and buried. I don't think that the military doomguys from any other game fits this description. Those doomguys are just soldiers while this doomguy/doomslayer/hellwalker is a completely different person.