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  1. dpstatic

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    Awesome! Definitely going to be playing this soon.
  2. dpstatic

    Worst Doom Level

    TNT Map08: Metal. TNT has some bad maps, but this has always stood out to me as the worst. Dark rooms and hitscanners in the worst places.
  3. dpstatic

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just found out that when you get hit, Doomguy's face in the HUD turns in the direction he got hit from. I've noticed the head turning, but just never put it together until I read it. Also recently found out this switch exists in Perfect Hatred.
  4. dpstatic

    Looking for opinions on my map

    Here's a map I just finished, called Power Station. I've worked on it in small amounts since July, and did most of the map over the last week. It was originally just meant to be a techbase map, but I ended up making a large Inferno/Thy Flesh Consumed (mostly the latter) inspired area into the map. So far I've only publicly released maps for community projects (Mostly to FDTWID), so I'd really like to hear what people have to say about my maps, including criticism. Tips to improve would be greatly appreciated. For Doom 2, Map01 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7ginad0a446g7z/PowerStation.wad?dl=0 Also for fun, Here's a map I finished about two years ago. It's a city style map, and the last map I made before I started publicly releasing anything. I'm not looking for critique as much on this one, since I know I my mapping has improved a bit since then; like I said this one's more for fun. For Doom 2, map12. EDIT: Both maps are vanilla, and tested with Chocolate Doom.
  5. dpstatic

    So I've have been playing through some megawads

    I like you only really played the official iwads up until two-three years ago. Like the others, I highly recommend DTWiD and D2TWiD. Memento Mori is another one I really enjoyed (Many authors who contributed to Memento Mori also contributed to TNT, the Casalis included) since no one has linked it yet check out Doomworld's Top 100 WAD List, which contains the top 10 wads from 1994-2003, and the cacoward winners for each year after. Of course only some of them are megawads.
  6. Just the idgames archive is not every wad ever made, or even publicly released. Still this an extremely ambitious project. I don't know josh, so I couldn't make any guesses as to how long he'll actually go through with this. Pretty cool though.
  7. dpstatic

    Post your Doom textures!

    I'm sure plenty of people have done this before, but I made brown "water"fall textures a while back. Also looking at a few of the tutorials on this topic, I made these METAL with a lamp, and solidified STONE4.
  8. dpstatic

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    @RottKing I realise you made the map 4 years ago, but having made a Drake O'Brien map myself, I thought I'd take a look at Fissure. Overall I liked it and felt it did a good job at mimicking Drake O'Brien's style. One big criticism. The SSG is found a fair bit into the map, but in all three of Drake O'brien's maps the SSG is within the player's view upon starting the level.
  9. dpstatic

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    @DukeOfDoom I just played Injustice, uhBooh mentioned the biggest problems, first is getting trapped in the telefrag "room". user triggered linedefs can just not work when placed to close to other actioned linedef. My suggestion would be putting a switch inside the "room" to open the "door" keeping the functionality without having to change the structure of your map. Second, the garage and computer room break seg limits, make sure you test using a port that can do vanilla limits, Chocolate Doom would probably be best. I enjoyed the map, and definitely feels like a TNT map would. I'd say it would have to be an episode 2 map, and not an episode 1, the two arch-viles at the end being the biggest reason.
  10. dpstatic

    How do I progress levels in Doom Builder 2?

    The levels need to be saved in the same wad. When you make the level, Doom Builder asks for the level name (Map01 or E1M1 by default). You'll need to go to edit>map options (or press F2) and change the level names to what level you want them to be (Map02, E1M2 for instance) then go to file>save map into..., and save them all into whatever wad file you want them to be a part of.
  11. dpstatic

    Doom 3: Depths of Evil [Community Project]

    I, like a few others, put my map for this project on hold since there was a discussion on adding a new set of textures. I don't feel like there was a conclusive stance on textures for the project. I'd like to return to this project should the project leader make a more conclusive statement regarding adding more textures.
  12. dpstatic

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    I made a few changes to Sudan. As for the OP/Google Doc, it currently is placed under Map01, but should be in the Episode 1 category, it seems there was some confusion about that regarding this map. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gwxtph2tbyew6d/Sudan_V2.wad?dl=0
  13. dpstatic

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    I made the map for E1, but not specifically Map01, I just made it in Map01 for convenience. I fixed up the other things though, I can't believe both of those HOMs slipped by me when I tested the level. The download link has been updated.
  14. dpstatic

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    I went and highly modifed my map Sudan. There were several areas in the map I thought just didn't feel quite right. While the flow of the map is exactly the same, some of there areas of the map have been changed. Here's a Download link for Sudan_V2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gwxtph2tbyew6d/Sudan_V2.wad?dl=0 It's a Milo-style Plutonia map taking up map01.
  15. dpstatic

    Doom 3: Depths of Evil [Community Project]

    This seems like a pretty cool project. put me down for map09.