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  1. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Thx, my english is not that good! ;)
  2. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Yeah im out here 100% Buyed the 2nd DLC too and i am not able to play a match on new maps caused by lack of players. They split the community with the 1st DLC, and now they did it again! Why did i pay 15E for 3 maps im not able to play? Still no Bot-support... But i know im in the wrong forum here now, so hf... I payed 100E that far for the game, i think i have a right to talk about stuff that sucks! Doomworld... :D :D
  3. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Yeah the new maps are very useless, caused by no ones buying that stuff. Now we have private matches but no maps for 1o1 and stuff. This forum is a bad joke, i cant belive its the most watched doom forum.
  4. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ? Im starting to not like this company anymore. Seems they give a shit!
  5. AndyW


    I think youre right about the loadouts. In 4vs4-mode you could change the party very fast by just dominating the spawnpoints. In 8vs8-mode it will turn out to a hide and seekinĀ“ for guns. I love the MP-Mode, but i want some Infos about the planned-MP-maps. :(
  6. AndyW


    Played some rounds, what should i say... Its DM with Demons and *uc*. No Info about the next DLC? Server stuff is great! I still like the MP but that lack of info/news id-sided is making me a bit sad.
  7. AndyW

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    Players in MP
  8. AndyW

    MP is dead, now please give us Bots!

    I want to delete it, its installed and paid already! I just want to delete the MP pack.
  9. AndyW

    MP is dead, now please give us Bots!

    Yes here and there... Is there a way to de-install the new map-pack? I always lost a nice team after 2-3 games :( I dont know how they want to sell 2 more packs, its a joke...
  10. 2 Games today, Was fun, but when the DLC maps came to rotation the game was over.
  11. AndyW

    No voice volume after disable/enabling

    Check this for Voice Volume tipps! ;) https://youtu.be/rCl-tucdcgU Do you own a USB headset?
  12. AndyW

    What if there was a flamethrower?

    Flamethrower sucks... Better go with some type of Napalm-Grenades