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Everything posted by AndyW

  1. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ? Im starting to not like this company anymore. Seems they give a shit!
  2. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Thx, my english is not that good! ;)
  3. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Yeah im out here 100% Buyed the 2nd DLC too and i am not able to play a match on new maps caused by lack of players. They split the community with the 1st DLC, and now they did it again! Why did i pay 15E for 3 maps im not able to play? Still no Bot-support... But i know im in the wrong forum here now, so hf... I payed 100E that far for the game, i think i have a right to talk about stuff that sucks! Doomworld... :D :D
  4. AndyW

    Any Infos on next MP-DLC ?

    Yeah the new maps are very useless, caused by no ones buying that stuff. Now we have private matches but no maps for 1o1 and stuff. This forum is a bad joke, i cant belive its the most watched doom forum.
  5. AndyW


    I think youre right about the loadouts. In 4vs4-mode you could change the party very fast by just dominating the spawnpoints. In 8vs8-mode it will turn out to a hide and seekinĀ“ for guns. I love the MP-Mode, but i want some Infos about the planned-MP-maps. :(
  6. AndyW


    Played some rounds, what should i say... Its DM with Demons and *uc*. No Info about the next DLC? Server stuff is great! I still like the MP but that lack of info/news id-sided is making me a bit sad.
  7. AndyW

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    Players in MP
  8. 2 Games today, Was fun, but when the DLC maps came to rotation the game was over.
  9. AndyW

    MP is dead, now please give us Bots!

    I want to delete it, its installed and paid already! I just want to delete the MP pack.
  10. AndyW

    MP is dead, now please give us Bots!

    Yes here and there... Is there a way to de-install the new map-pack? I always lost a nice team after 2-3 games :( I dont know how they want to sell 2 more packs, its a joke...
  11. AndyW

    No voice volume after disable/enabling

    Check this for Voice Volume tipps! ;) https://youtu.be/rCl-tucdcgU Do you own a USB headset?
  12. AndyW

    What if there was a flamethrower?

    Flamethrower sucks... Better go with some type of Napalm-Grenades
  13. AndyW

    new patch impressions

    Chainsaw seems pretty useless now. Looks like they changed the "action-radius" of it.
  14. AndyW

    Anyone have the new DLC?

    Got it too, the new maps are pretty fun! :)
  15. AndyW

    Ideas for taunts

    It would be a nice move to add some type of this one: Just an idea... :)
  16. AndyW

    50X, what now?

    I know that the level dont affect gameplay, but why does the XP counter stops? For me it was just about: jeah, one more round... Any plans on that? Also what about global stats? Or are we already at the point that its not worth anymore?
  17. AndyW

    new patch impressions

    Affirmativ! Rockets are bit weak, or it is just the splash... But its fun (now that i fixed the speed-problem)! Got the new DLC and i like the three new maps! But we need a serverbrowser and de_server option.
  18. *solved* Slow movement was caused by "show hands/off" in options
  19. Even if i try to team up, all players are faster then me. Maybe its about the rank? Im slowly starting to hate this game!