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  1. Hello, a new update is ready for being downloaded, including the new HeXeReTiC HUD as I promised! :D Here is a small preview: Check the first post for more info and getting the links. Enjoy and have fun, everyone! ;)
  2. IMPORTANT: THIS ADDON REQUIRES GZDOOM 3.1.0 / QZDOOM 2.0.0 OR LATER TO WORK PROPERLY. OTHER SOURCEPORTS LIKE ZANDRONUM ARE NOT SUPPORTED. INTRODUCTION Welcome to HeXeReTiC Fantasy! :D Here you will take the role of Corvus III, the descendant of the brave Corvus, the unclaimed hero of the Sidhe Elves tribe. Just like your grandfather, you'll have to confront again versus the evil Serpent Rider known as D'Sparil and all of his followers, and make your way into it with help of your habilities. Thanks to your powerful physical and magical training during last decades, you feel prepared enough for your task. You got some new powers over time, also with your increased strength and agility, it's a big chance to make D'Sparil and his minions biting the dust one again, and this way honoring the memory of your defunct and beloved grandfather. It's now time to pick up your new recharged Jade Rod and start now your new adventures! DESCRIPTION HeXeReTiC Fantasy is a GZDoom/QZDoom randomizer addon destined for being loaded and used exclusively with Heretic IWAD. Yeah, although at first it may seem by the addon title, it is not compatible with Hexen, but instead it brings and adapts some ported elements from that classic Raven Software game. It can also be used for some external PWADs that modify original Heretic map levels, as long as they don't make some critical changes which alter the gameplay, monsters, weapons and other base elements, because it may conflict badly with this addon. Some PWADS like Heretic Treasure Chest, Call of the Apostate, Curse of D'sparil, Elf Gets Pissed, HYMN, History of Fruit, etc. should be perfectly played with HeXeReTiC Fantasy, and also it can be used with most auto-generated PWADs made with Oblige or Obhack tools! This randomizer addon has been built mainly from some already existent ZDoom Heretic addons/mods, taking them as a base and adding some improvements and exclusive new features. Most of the used resources comes from the following addons/mods: COTIS Visual Enhancement mod, Heretweak weapons mod, Merciless Enhancement mod, [Hexen & Heretic] Remixed & Remastered Sounds addon and some Realm667 website resources, without forgetting the material coming from original Raven Software games. (See more details in Credits section). Like all my previous workings, this addon is provided for you at no cost, and has been created just and only for fun. And of course, I DO NOT earn any money from it in any way, not even in the hosting and downloading file action, and it never will be! (That's not my style, you will know...) LIST OF CONTENTS - Improved graphic special effects and remastered sounds overall, plus randomizing spawners for monsters and collectible items (weapons, ammo, artifacts...) - A stronger and more agile heroic main character: Corvus III can pick up more health and ammo, run faster and jump higher than his memorable grandfather, and even can stand for very long time without breathing underwater! (Suck that, Guybrush Threepwood! XD) - New eight skill difficulty levels: you can choose from the piece-of-cake Sorcerer's Apprentice to the really challenging Supreme Master of Spells! - A new starting weapon: the Jade Rod. A small, magic emergency peashooter that has quite medium-low power, but don't underestimate it: apart from his precise long-range attack, it can also be used when magical ammunition gets scarce, 'cause its power never runs out! - Every and each one of the game weapons have their own alternative fire mode, and also even a more powered version of them when you use the magic Tome of Power. Check and try them all! (Warning: they normally cost more ammo than the primary fire modes). - Available medium-sized ammunition pickups: they will give you more ammo units than small pickups, but less than big ones. (Obviously, what did you think? :P) - New enemies coming mostly from Hexen universe, so the game bestiary is now more varied and difficulty is also increased! (Also including some exclusive variations, like the Ice Gargoyle and previously unfeatured ghost-mode enemies). - New collectible items and artifacts: enhanced crystal vials, a new shield type, plus some improved Hexen artifacts: Poison Flechette and Disc of Repulsion. (Oh yes, and a totally new one: the Regeneration Elixir!) - Special direct action keys: Taunting action (Default key: T - It allows you to make fun of your enemies, but it could alert some hidden ones!) and One-Key-Savegame action (Default key: O - Directly brought feature from my previous H-Project mod, this allows to save instantly your game without having to navigate through GZDoom/QZDoom menu and having to choose and name manually a slot; let the friendly Holy Savior make the work for you!) *** New features from v0.777 *** - Corvus III arsenal has now been extended with a bunch of new and powerful weapons! Get and shoot the mighty Amber Staff, or the precise and fearful Ancient Arbalest, also freeze your foes with the gelid Ice Bringer and much more! Remember, every weapon has two exclusive fire modes, and their power can be increased temporarily with help of the Tomes of Power. Discover them all and raise your dominance! - New types of ammunition available for use with some of the new weapons: Eternal Ice pieces and Cursed Gem samples. - Available a couple of new items and a new artifact: Vitality Crystal Vial (increases your maximum HP by 5 units), Legendary Shield (gives you very high protection, but it might wear down pretty fast) and the Ogre Mask (its terrifier effect makes your enemies run away from you with fear, within a limited amount of time). - If you're fed up of being a humble Heretic with a severe lack of funds, this is your lucky day! From now on, you'll be able to steal some valuable gold coins from most of your defeated enemies. No need to act like a stealth thief, just beat their butt as usual and their loot (if any) will be ready for pickup. Raise this way your earnings and become a little richer than before! - Automap Mark Spots are now activated, like in classic Doom. Now you have no excuses for getting lost or leaving the map without picking that valuable item you reserved for later! - Overall visual improvements in some special surfaces (like water, ice or lava). Also some explosion effects have been slightly enhanced. *** New features from v0.789 *** - New HUD is finished and ready to be used with HeXeReTiC Fantasy! :D - Updated addon file with some minor tweaks and enhancements, and some optimizations for being fully functional with the new HUD. - More surprises and features coming soon! TO DO LIST - Include some more enemies and collectible items (as might be expected). - Possible bugs and glitches to be fixed (as expected, too). CREDITS - COTIS Visual Enhancement mod & Merciless Enhancement mod by: Expect No Mercy - Heretweak weapons mod by: Baratus - [Hexen & Heretic] Remixed & Remastered Sounds addon by: Aethun - Additional Heretic remastered sound effects by: PerKristian & Raven Software - Heretic sprite fixes and Widescreen-friendly graphics by: Marphy Black - Medium-sized ammo pickups for classic weapons by: Dreadopp (Realm 667) - Jade Rod sprites by: Blasphemer Project Team - Hexen enemies and artifact sprites by: Raven Software - Crusader Shield sprite & code by: MagicWazard (Realm 667) - Regeneration Elixir sprite & code by: Tormentor667 & BlueShadow (Realm 667) - Holy Savior sprites taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Fiery Crystal sprites by: Evil Space Tomato (Realm 667) - Amber Staff sprites by: Mor'ladim & NeoWorm (Realm 667) - Ancient Arbalest sprites by: ETTiNGRiNDER (Realm 667) - Ice Bringer sprites by: Raven Software & Eriance (Realm 667) - Death Scepter sprites by: CodenniumRed (Realm 667) - Vampire Crosier sprites by: Eriance (Realm 667) - D'Sparil Staff sprites by: Raven Software & Ichor (Realm 667) - Vitality Crystal Vial sprites by: Raven Software - Legendary Shield sprite taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Ogre Mask sprites by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667) - Gold Coin(s) & Gold Coin Chest sprites by: Rogue Entertainment If there exist some missing credits to anyone, please just send me a PM or contact me at: hexereticdoom@gmail.com DOWNLOAD PAGE (MODDB ADDONS) ALTERNATIVE MIRROR (MEDIAFIRE) Hope you enjoy your Heretic adventures with HeXeReTiC Fantasy! Have fun and a nice Doomsday... ;)
  3. Hi everyone, here I have some suggestions: FreeDamnation FreeZeroDay FreeArmageddon FreeObliteration FreeHavoc Or maybe... FreeAlienKiller?
  4. Please don't get angry Raymoohawk, even with that temporary fix your Pestmeister monster still rocks! Hope you finish someday the remaining death sprites, but just take your time, no hurry at all. ;) Meanwhile, also in my mod I made this monster (yeah, I included it some time ago) to have an alternate 'disintegrating' death when you kill it, so it fades slowly to white and explodes in a thousand particles while leaving a trail of ascending dust clouds. It's a pity this cannot be done in FreeDoom wads, due to the required Vanilla compatibilities... :|
  5. And by the way, he is also quite similar to Samus Aran SNES sprite... :P
  6. OK then, here's a slightly modified version with fixed sentence:
  7. Hello, I have made a new sign according to your petition, hope you find it useful:
  8. Hey, that's a very nice reworking, it's cooler than before! (Well, to tell the truth the original one was pretty ugly...) :P Please keep it up! :)
  9. In case there are not defined or official names for those monsters, I could suggest the ones I gave them for my mod... - Centipede for the serpent creature. - Medusoid for the orb monster. What do you think about it?
  10. Ouch... my apologies. I'm so used to work with PK3/PK7 files that sometimes I forget about the WAD basics... X( Here you have the fixed WAD versions, markers included: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g3go99ri1sa1z3d/FreeDoom_Worm_Death_Preview_Fixed.zip Sorry for the inconvenience, hope this time they work OK. @Voros: I have sent you my PM reply, please check it!
  11. Maybe the loading order isn't correct? Perhaps the IWAD is overwriting the patch file, you should try editing GZDoom's INI autoload section, or loading it with a shortcut, it should work this way...
  12. Sure! Here you have a ZIP file with both versions, each one in an independent PWAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ggnnj556jn42ypq/FreeDoom_Worm_Death_Preview.zip Glad to contribute on FreeDoom's cause! ;)
  13. OK, here's a second attempt:
  14. Hello, here you have it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m616z6srf17rrrs/Pistol+Sprites+GIF+Format.zip
  15. Hi there, did you mean this?