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  1. Announcement for everyone: this version of HeXeReTiC Fantasy and the thread itself are discontinued. If you're searching for an updated and even more complete version of the addon, please check the next link: https://www.moddb.com/games/heretic/addons/hexeretic-fantasy And if you need more additional and up-to-date information about it, just visit the official ZDoom forum thread: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=58009 First post has also been updated with this current info. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!
  2. Announcement for everyone: this version of HXRTC Project and the thread itself are discontinued. If you're searching for an updated and even more complete version of the mod, please check the next link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/hxrtc-project/addons/hxrtc-project-by-hexereticdoom And if you need more additional and up-to-date information about it, just visit the official ZDoom forum thread: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=48074 First post has also been updated with this current info. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!
  3. Available from now version 1.2 of the H-Fantasy addon! :D Check out the latest change list and access to the download links at first post, as usual... ;) And now some quote replies: Yes, in fact you can edit directly the addon or make a PK3 (or WAD) file modifier with help of Slade tool, and then modifying the IceChunk actor by setting the damage property to 0. This way it will make the game easier, but also less challengeable... There is not an official description of the skill levels at the moment, but I can detail them just now: Sorcerer's Apprentice: practice level. Very low monster aggresiveness, 2x ammo pickup factor, auto-activation of curative items near player's death, visible keys on automap. Studious Disciple: very easy level. Low monster aggresiveness, 1x ammo pickup factor, auto-activation of curative items near player's death, visible keys on automap. Amateur Enchanter: easy level. Medium-low monster aggresiveness, 1x ammo pickup factor, visible keys on automap. Skillful Magician: moderate level. Medium monster aggresiveness, 1x ammo pickup factor. Veteran Warlock: hard level. Medium-high monster aggresiveness, 1x ammo pickup factor. Professional Bewitcher: very hard level. High monster aggresiveness, 1x ammo pickup factor, monster infight disabled. Expert Archmage: expert level. Very high monster aggresiveness, 1x ammo pickup factor, monster infight disabled, cheats disabled, monsters have 50% more health. Supreme Master Of Spells: insane level. Ultra-high monster aggresiveness, faster monsters, 1x ammo pickup factor, monster infight disabled, cheats disabled, monsters have 100% more health. Perhaps, once the bestiary become even more varied in the addon. I'll take it into consideration... ;)
  4. Stable version 1.0 has been released and ready for download! :D Please check more details and get the updated links at the first post, and also don't forget reporting possible bugs and glitches, if you find any... Enjoy and have fun guys! ;)
  5. Hello, a new update is ready for being downloaded, including the new HeXeReTiC HUD as I promised! :D Here is a small preview: Check the first post for more info and getting the links. Enjoy and have fun, everyone! ;)
  6. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ WARNING: This version of HeXeReTiC Fantasy and the thread itself are discontinued! If you're searching for an updated and even more complete version of the addon, please check the next link: https://www.moddb.com/games/heretic/addons/hexeretic-fantasy And if you need more additional and up-to-date information about it, just visit the official ZDoom forum thread: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=58009 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT: THIS ADDON REQUIRES GZDOOM 3.1.0 / QZDOOM 2.0.0 OR LATER TO WORK PROPERLY. OTHER SOURCEPORTS LIKE ZANDRONUM ARE NOT SUPPORTED. INTRODUCTION Welcome to HeXeReTiC Fantasy! :D Here you will take the role of Corvus III, the descendant of the brave Corvus, the unclaimed hero of the Sidhe Elves tribe. Just like your grandfather, you'll have to confront again versus the evil Serpent Rider known as D'Sparil and all of his followers, and make your way into it with help of your habilities. Thanks to your powerful physical and magical training during last decades, you feel prepared enough for your task. You got some new powers over time, also with your increased strength and agility, it's a big chance to make D'Sparil and his minions biting the dust one again, and this way honoring the memory of your defunct and beloved grandfather. It's now time to pick up your new recharged Jade Rod and start now your new adventures! DESCRIPTION HeXeReTiC Fantasy is a GZDoom/QZDoom randomizer addon destined for being loaded and used exclusively with Heretic IWAD. Yeah, although at first it may seem by the addon title, it is not compatible with Hexen, but instead it brings and adapts some ported elements from that classic Raven Software game. It can also be used for some external PWADs that modify original Heretic map levels, as long as they don't make some critical changes which alter the gameplay, monsters, weapons and other base elements, because it may conflict badly with this addon. Some PWADs like Heretic Treasure Chest, Call of the Apostate, Curse of D'sparil, Elf Gets Pissed, HYMN, History of Fruit, etc. should be perfectly played with HeXeReTiC Fantasy, and also it can be used with most auto-generated PWADs made with Oblige or Obhack tools! This randomizer addon has been built mainly from some already existent ZDoom Heretic addons/mods, taking them as a base and adding some improvements and exclusive new features. Most of the used resources comes from the following addons/mods: COTIS Visual Enhancement mod, Heretweak weapons mod, Merciless Enhancement mod, [Hexen & Heretic] Remixed & Remastered Sounds addon and some Realm667 website resources, without forgetting the material coming from original Raven Software games. (See more details in Credits section). Like all my previous workings, this addon is provided for you at no cost, and has been created just and only for fun. And of course, I DO NOT earn any money from it in any way, not even in the hosting and downloading file action, and it never will be! (That's not my style, you will know...) LIST OF CONTENTS - Improved graphic special effects and remastered sounds overall, plus randomizing spawners for monsters and collectible items (weapons, ammo, artifacts...) - A stronger and more agile heroic main character: Corvus III can pick up more health and ammo, run faster and jump higher than his memorable grandfather, and even can stand for very long time without breathing underwater! (Suck that, Guybrush Threepwood! XD) - New eight skill difficulty levels: you can choose from the piece-of-cake Sorcerer's Apprentice to the really challenging Supreme Master of Spells! - A new starting weapon: the Jade Rod. A small, magic emergency peashooter that has quite medium-low power, but don't underestimate it: apart from his precise long-range attack, it can also be used when magical ammunition gets scarce, 'cause its power never runs out! - Every and each one of the game weapons have their own alternative fire mode, and also even a more powered version of them when you use the magic Tome of Power. Check and try them all! (Warning: they normally cost more ammo than the primary fire modes). - Available medium-sized ammunition pickups: they will give you more ammo units than small pickups, but less than big ones. (Obviously, what did you think? :P) - New enemies coming mostly from Hexen universe, so the game bestiary is now more varied and difficulty is also increased! (Also including some exclusive variations, like the Ice Gargoyle and previously unfeatured ghost-mode enemies). - New collectible items and artifacts: enhanced crystal vials, a new shield type, plus some improved Hexen artifacts: Poison Flechette and Disc of Repulsion. (Oh yes, and a totally new one: the Regeneration Elixir!) - Special direct action keys: Taunting action (Default key: T - It allows you to make fun of your enemies, but it could alert some hidden ones!) and One-Key-Savegame action (Default key: O - Directly brought feature from my previous H-Project mod, this allows to save instantly your game without having to navigate through GZDoom/QZDoom menu and having to choose and name manually a slot; let the friendly Holy Savior make the work for you!) *** New features from v0.777 (WIP) *** - Corvus III arsenal has now been extended with a bunch of new and powerful weapons! Get and shoot the mighty Amber Staff, or the precise and fearful Ancient Arbalest, also freeze your foes with the gelid Ice Bringer and much more! Remember, every weapon has two exclusive fire modes, and their power can be increased temporarily with help of the Tomes of Power. Discover them all and raise your dominance! - New types of ammunition available for use with some of the new weapons: Eternal Ice pieces and Cursed Gem samples. - Available a couple of new items and a new artifact: Vitality Crystal Vial (increases your maximum HP by 5 units), Legendary Shield (gives you very high protection, but it might wear down pretty fast) and the Ogre Mask (its terrifier effect makes your enemies run away from you with fear, within a limited amount of time). - If you're fed up of being a humble Heretic with a severe lack of funds, this is your lucky day! From now on, you'll be able to steal some valuable gold coins from most of your defeated enemies. No need to act like a stealth thief, just beat their butt as usual and their loot (if any) will be ready for pickup. Raise this way your earnings and become a little richer than before! - Automap Mark Spots are now activated, like in classic Doom. Now you have no excuses for getting lost or leaving the map without picking that valuable item you reserved for later! - Overall visual improvements in some special surfaces (like water, ice or lava). Also some explosion effects have been slightly enhanced. *** New features from v0.789 (WIP)*** - New HUD is finished and ready to be used with HeXeReTiC Fantasy! :D - Updated addon file with some minor tweaks and enhancements, and some optimizations for being fully functional with the new HUD. *** New features from v1.0 (Stable) *** - First stable release! The WIP status has been finalized, now the addon is fully completed and ready to play & enjoy with your favourite Heretic maps. - Expanded existing bestiary with a new huge batch of terrific and fierce creatures, including big boss and mini-boss replacements: Dark Gargoyle (a quite annoying minibeast that flies towards you and moves at great speed, it may be hard to aim and kill). Toxogargos (another flying hellspawn coated with poisonous dust, better avoid its toxic shots and stay back when it falls dead). Stone Golem (a hard-skinned monster that can throw you rocks, but it's rather weak against ice attacks). Ghostly Stone Golem (same as before, but in ghost shape). Magma Monster (a fiery creature as hot as an erupting volcano, so take care of it before it can reduce you to ashes). Ghostly Magma Monster (ghost shape of the previous one). Undead Archer (a long-ranged attack warrior that moves pretty fast and throws ethereal arrows at you with high aim and speed). Evil Conjurer (a magical and slippery undead warlock that teleports around and can be quite hard to kill, so be careful). Hoarfrost Dog (a four-legged icy beast that runs fast and throws two types of freezing attacks, depending on the proximity of its rivals). Ghostly Hoarfrost Dog (yep, the phantasmal shape of the previous one). Silver Armor Knight (a bit slow but resistant armoured enemy; it's harmless at long range but pretty lethal at melee, so don't let it gets near you). Golden Armor Knight (the elite shape of the previous one; it can move a bit faster, has an even better armour and has learnt attacking at long range with a burst of magic fireballs). Steel Spider [Mini-boss] (an out-of-this-world mechanical hellspawn, this rather ugly aberration has the ability to attack with mace spheres as if it were a modern machinegun, what makes it a pretty dangerous monster). Underworld Paladin [Big boss] (a giant and fierce undead warrior near comparable to the worst of your nightmares; it is said that its sword and shield can release the power of Judgement Flames, so adding this to its very high defense it is justified to say that getting to kill one of these monsters is far more than a heroic feat). Inferno Succubus [Big boss] (hell yes, another fearful big creature with the favourite attack patterns of Satan himself; don't let yourself to get seduced by her female shape charms, because this big witch is totally ruthless against her victims! The worst thing is nobody has ever been able to defeat this D'Sparil's henchwoman, so whoever makes it, he will have achieved undoubtly one of the greatest achievements of his entire life). - A new hostile decoration element: the Cursed Diamond Turret. Some time ago, the most veteran Disciples of D'Sparil had the evil idea of stablishing in their installations and some invaded places a kind of guardian devices to deal passively with intruders, so they scattered several of these sentinel turrets around. So be careful when you encounter them in certain places, they could turn into extra trouble if you don't destroy them at time. - All the Big bosses (but not mini-bosses, like Iron Liches or Steel Spiders) when defeated will release as an additional reward a special Mistery Chest, which can reveal some cool treasures when opened! But be careful... because here is also the possibility that the misterious chest turns into an unpleasant surprise. So take care and don't trust too much in luck! - Your collected gold coins are now spendable on useful things thanks to the Allied Mages! These little friendly people will randomly appear through your way, and for sure they will be happy to help you in exchange of making business with them at pretty reasonable prices! So then, prepare your pockets and watch carefully for them. Depending of their clothes colour, they'll be able to sell you different item classes: Blue Mages have weapons for sale; Green Mages will sell you magic ammunition; Yellow Mages have shields on stock; Red Mages sell lots of curative items, and Purple Mages have artifacts for multiple purposes. - New items available: Defense Crystal Vial (increases your shield's energy by 5 units; if you have not equipped any shield when picking up, a Silver Helmet will be granted directly to player with a 20% of absorbing damage, like the standard Silver Shield) and Raptor Shield (a magic high protection shield which can be spawned in place of the Enchanted Shield or the Legendary Shield; by the way, the latter will give you 100% protection against most damage types). - There is also another collectable unknown item, but it's pretty rare to find and there is not much more information about it. However, some secret sources have confirmed that this strange object has the power of bringing happiness to its finders in some way... - The D'Sparil Staff weapon primary attack has been improved doubling its explosion power, and will always provoke electric radius damage to most enemies (there are still some exceptions, like the stone ones). The secondary firemode now can also spawn randomly Allied Evil Conjurers, in addition to the existing Allied Disciples of D'Sparil and Allied Dark Bishops. - Chicken-morphed enemies are now a bit more jumpy and can move faster (but they'll keep being too much weak to pose a threat). The player's chicken-morphed mode has also been updated with some tweakings. - Some minor updates and cleanups to HeXeReTiC HUD, which also reaches the v1.0! :D *** New features from v1.0.1 (Bugfix Release) *** - Fixed and tweaked some game elements rendered in subtractive mode, that were displaying as weird shadows under certain GZDoom's display setups. (Thanks to Korell for bug reporting). *** New features from v1.2 (Update Release) *** - Included three new hazardous enemies to deal with! Here is their description for letting you know some more about them: Battler Lizardman (a very robust greenish-skin creature equipped with a resistant armour, it will try sometimes to run towards you and stomp its big hammer in your head, but at least it won't be able to attack you at long range). Razorslasher (an evolved form of the old known Sabreclaw, you'll recognize it immediately by its reddish colour and its ability to hurl sharped spinning blades that react similarly like a boomerang, so be very careful with these ones). Betrayer Elf (a bunch of traitors who once belonged to the Sidhe Elves tribe, but some time later they ended up submitting to the D'Sparil's evil regime; furthermore, these ones abandoned all types of magical arts and opted to use stealth tactics and primitive firearms to hunt and destroy whoever their enemies were. WARNING: these betrayer elves will not be directly placed into the level maps you explore, but they could suddenly appear anywhere randomly and unexpectedly, what makes them highly dangerous enemies. So then, never let your guard down!) - A new non-magical weapon that could be yours with a bit of luck: the Hunter Blunderbuss! This one is a pretty archaic firearm provided with a double cannon that allows two shooting modes depending on the hunting prey. It can be quite lethal at short or medium range, but might be a bit unaccurate at longer distances. As you can expect, this weapon uses a specific ammunition type: gunpowder. So then, you will be able to collect from now some Gunpowder Kegs to use this firearm and fill all the chests of your enemies with big loads of pellets! NOTE: as said before, the Hunter Blunderbuss is a non-magical weapon, so you won't be able to get it from the Allied Mages (they can't trade with unmagical items), and the same goes with the gunpowder ammo. Also keep in mind that the influence of an active Tome of Power won't affect at all its firepower. - Corvus III now has available a new ability: the Fast Dagger slash! This will allow you to switch almost instantly your active weapon and perform a quick short-ranged melee attack, and returning swiftly to the previous equipped weapon. A perfect movement for some surrounding ambush enemies, or for making a coup-de-grace to a very wounded enemy and preserving your ammo. Try it, you might find it pretty fun! (To use this feature, you'll need to bind the Zoom action key in GZDoom/QZDoom's Customize Controls menu). - The defeated enemies can now release some silver coins, instead of (or together with) gold ones. (Note that a single silver coin is worth half a gold coin, so for example if you pick up a small stack of 50 silver coins you'll receive a total of 25 gold coins in your score). On the other hand, some beaten bossy foes could release some rare and very valuable special prizes, so try to not miss them! - Added new footsteps sounds to player's movements! Depending on the stepped surfaces, liquid ones or not, diverse footstep sound effects will be played in a synchronized way when walking or running. (Note that this feature is still in experimental phase, but at the moment its fully functional and it should work without any problem!) - Replaced the generic crackling spark sound effect of most projectiles by a softer, less annoying one. Additionally, the ice chunks and boulders shooten/spawned by some enemies make new bouncing sounds on solid surfaces. - Included some extra alternative decoration elements (barrels, pillar statues, hanging corpses and skulls, stalagtites and stalagmites, etc.) that can be randomly spawned together with the classic ones with equal chance. - Updated HUD to v1.2 for compatibility with new weapon and ammunition types. - More features and surprises will come on possible future releases, hopefully... CREDITS LIST (MAY BE INCOMPLETE) - COTIS Visual Enhancement mod & Merciless Enhancement mod by: Expect No Mercy - Heretweak weapons mod by: Baratus - [Hexen & Heretic] Remixed & Remastered Sounds addon by: Aethun - Additional Heretic remastered sound effects by: PerKristian & Raven Software - Heretic sprite fixes and Widescreen-friendly graphics by: Marphy Black - Medium-sized ammo pickups for classic weapons by: Dreadopp (Realm 667) - Jade Rod sprites by: Blasphemer Project Team - Hexen enemies and artifact sprites by: Raven Software - Crusader Shield sprite & code by: MagicWazard (Realm 667) - Regeneration Elixir sprite & code by: Tormentor667 & BlueShadow (Realm 667) - Holy Savior sprites taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Fiery Crystal sprites by: Evil Space Tomato (Realm 667) - Amber Staff sprites by: Mor'ladim & NeoWorm (Realm 667) - Ancient Arbalest sprites by: ETTiNGRiNDER (Realm 667) - Ice Bringer sprites by: Raven Software & Eriance (Realm 667) - Death Scepter sprites by: CodenniumRed (Realm 667) - Vampire Crosier sprites by: Eriance (Realm 667) - D'Sparil Staff sprites by: Raven Software & Ichor (Realm 667) - Vitality Crystal Vial sprites by: Raven Software - Legendary Shield sprite taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Ogre Mask sprites by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667) - Silver Coins, Gold Coins & Gold Coin Chest sprites by: Rogue Entertainment - Updated Ice Gargoyle sprites by: Raven Software - Dark Gargoyle sprites by: Raven Software & Virtue (Realm 667) - Toxogargos sprites by: Monolith Productions - Toxogargos sounds by: Raven Software - Stone Golem sprites & sounds by: Raven Software - Magma Monster sprites by: Virtue & CodenniumRed (Realm 667) - Magma Monster sounds taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Undead Archer sprites by: CodenniumRed & Ravagefox (Realm 667) - Undead Archer sounds by: Raven Software - Evil Conjurer sprites by: MagicWazard & Gothic (Realm 667) - Evil Conjurer sounds by: Raven Software - Hoarfrost Dog sprites by: Monolith Productions & Eriance (Realm 667) - Hoarfrost Dog sounds by: ID Software & Raven Software - Silver Armor Knight & Golden Armor Knight sprites by: Raven Software & Bullfrog (Realm 667) - Silver Armor Knight & Golden Armor Knight sounds by: ID Software - Steel Spider sprites by: FreeDoom Project Team - Steel Spider sounds by: Raven Software & Rogue Entertainment - Underworld Paladin sprites by: Raven Software & Eriance (Realm 667) - Underworld Paladin sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team - Inferno Succubus sprites by: YuraoftheHairFan (Realm 667) - Inferno Succubus sounds taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Cursed Diamond Turret sprites by: Hexx & Captain Toenail (Realm 667) - Cursed Diamond Turret sounds taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Mistery Chest sprites by: Raven Software & Blue Shadow (Realm 667) - Mimic sprites & code by: Hexereticdoom - Mimic sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team - Allied Mage sprites by: Skyraidstar - Allied Mage sounds taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom - Defense Crystal Vial sprites by: Raven Software - Raptor Shield sprites by: Raven Software - ???? (unknown item) sprites by: Raven Software - Battler Lizardman sprites by: Rolls (Realm 667) - Battler Lizardman sounds by: Raven Software - Razorslasher sprites & sounds by: Raven Software - Razorslasher's projectile sprites by: Hexereticdoom - Betrayer Elf sprites by: Tormentor667 & NeoWorm (Realm 667) - Betrayer Elf sounds by: Raven Software - Hunter Blunderbuss sprites by: Monolith Productions & Batandy - Hunter Blunderbuss sounds by: PerKristian & FreeDoom Project Team - Gunpowder Keg ammunition sprites taken from Hexen game, edited by: Hexereticdoom - Fast Dagger slash sprites by: Exhumed & Xim (Realm 667) - Several alternative decoration elements by: Blasphemer Project Team If there are still some missing credits to anyone, please just send me a PM or contact me by e-mail at: hexereticdoom@gmail.com DOWNLOAD PAGE (MODDB ADDONS) ALTERNATIVE MIRROR (MEDIAFIRE) Hope you enjoy your Heretic adventures with HeXeReTiC Fantasy! Have fun and a nice Doomsday... ;)
  7. Hexereticdoom

    New name without "Doom" in it?

    Hi everyone, here I have some suggestions: FreeDamnation FreeZeroDay FreeArmageddon FreeObliteration FreeHavoc Or maybe... FreeAlienKiller?
  8. Hexereticdoom

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    Please don't get angry Raymoohawk, even with that temporary fix your Pestmeister monster still rocks! Hope you finish someday the remaining death sprites, but just take your time, no hurry at all. ;) Meanwhile, also in my mod I made this monster (yeah, I included it some time ago) to have an alternate 'disintegrating' death when you kill it, so it fades slowly to white and explodes in a thousand particles while leaving a trail of ascending dust clouds. It's a pity this cannot be done in FreeDoom wads, due to the required Vanilla compatibilities... :|
  9. Hexereticdoom

    CWolf's FreeDoom workshop (textures, sprites, something else)

    And by the way, he is also quite similar to Samus Aran SNES sprite... :P
  10. Hexereticdoom

    Placeholder signs

    OK then, here's a slightly modified version with fixed sentence:
  11. Hexereticdoom

    Placeholder signs

    Hello, I have made a new sign according to your petition, hope you find it useful:
  12. Hexereticdoom

    Polishing the Combat Slug

    Hey, that's a very nice reworking, it's cooler than before! (Well, to tell the truth the original one was pretty ugly...) :P Please keep it up! :)
  13. Hexereticdoom

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    In case there are not defined or official names for those monsters, I could suggest the ones I gave them for my mod... - Centipede for the serpent creature. - Medusoid for the orb monster. What do you think about it?
  14. Hexereticdoom

    The Pinky/Worm

    Ouch... my apologies. I'm so used to work with PK3/PK7 files that sometimes I forget about the WAD basics... X( Here you have the fixed WAD versions, markers included: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g3go99ri1sa1z3d/FreeDoom_Worm_Death_Preview_Fixed.zip Sorry for the inconvenience, hope this time they work OK. @Voros: I have sent you my PM reply, please check it!
  15. Hexereticdoom

    The Pinky/Worm

    Maybe the loading order isn't correct? Perhaps the IWAD is overwriting the patch file, you should try editing GZDoom's INI autoload section, or loading it with a shortcut, it should work this way...