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  1. MrGamer


    Heh. Yeah, I made a post about it. https://www.doomworld.com/vb/freedoom/92099-im-back-stronger-better-faster-and-even-more-handsome-somehow-xd/ Yes, I am very much with the project! And soon, new music will be produced and since both Erik and I live in neighboring towns it's silly NOT to be IRL-Friends when you're like 5 minutes by bus from the guy :D So I will make some time and visit as soon as I am able! ---- But watch out Erik! I am a Brastabonne! And you? You are a sillstrypare ffs! and we Brastabönnar are notorious for being "not inavlade" so I might appear strange to you :) :D :P xD ----
  2. Hello all! I'm sorry for my absence, but there is a GOOD reason and I can get to any eventual details *later* But, I have been *in and out of the hospital NO LESS THAN >8 times< in the last 4 Months* I won't make drama or a big thing out of it, let's just say I am better now. All I need is care, rest, calm, food and sleep. So, I will be your #1 Musician, FX and maybe even NARRATOR as soon as I feel healthy enough! :) I also have a gift! :D
  3. MrGamer

    Uptade on Progress (and lack thereof)

    I made music for free for a pal of mine, they where used in 3D-Movies and presentations for government and city events and other things. 5 to be exact, and they loved my music according to my pal, and he never lies. So, it is easy to say he owes me a favor or two ;) I can hire him to make/remake the font, also, he can make textures like a mother-frakker! So, either point me to the most important to be replaced, and I will hand them over to him, also, I need the resolution of course as well as what format it can handle. Becase he CAN make - for example - a 3D-Object in whatever progam(s) he use(s) with VERY advanced texture effects, Bump-Mapping is just one. And, I am fairly certain that he could build 3D-Models! Enemies, objecs, whatever! It will be a HUGE task for HIM since he does not have that much free time, but I will try to get "as muc has I can" and who knows? In the end, he might have made the frame for every object and enemy in the game... Also, the map-maker is feeling better, I will drop him a line and see if he's still on, he's been in the hospital ;-/ Oh well, I have resources. And soon I will PERSONALLY study programming, then I can help with that part as well! :D
  4. MrGamer

    Uptade on Progress (and lack thereof)

    My favorite sounds to mix ARE gun-sounds, so that can be arranged VERY quickly and I promise you, it will be 100% legal and professional enough for AAA-Release. I want to be able to compress and use my FX in OGG or FLAC-format, of course 16Bit, and 48000Khz if it is POSSIBLE, (44100) IS OK.
  5. MrGamer

    Uptade on Progress (and lack thereof)

    Sure thing! Things are FINALLY starting to get ordered! Although I am moving today, I will bring ALL my computers and parts to the new place. I have run Linux now for a LONG time, >not even having Windows installed!< Man am I glad I switched I will also build a completely NEW new Hybrid Gaming/Music rig, dual-booting Windows 10 / Ubuntu Studio 64. my skypename is gamermachine or just "Andreas Rohdin" - Brastad, Västra Götalands Län and a funny doodle made in MSPAINT back in 2008 :P Can't miss it!
  6. MrGamer


    Hey guys. Good news. I will move today, I have also completed my music-computer, so there WILL be Music AND FX soon enough! Here is how it will work, I will re-download Zauberer, open the Audio PK3(?) and start replacing sounds as I see fit. When enough are changed, there will be placeholders and I will update the *.PK3(?)-file constantly, from Mk 1.0 to 1.1/1.2/1.2.5/ etc etc depending on how much change I've made to it. I promise you guys, I will work on it until every sound is re-engineered and is PERFECT. I will do the exact same process with music, placeholders until all of them are complete. Cheers Guys! BTW, I will make this in to a new post as well for publicity... ;)
  7. Hi all! Things have been SERIOUSLY delayed for me due to several factors, one being the complete migration from Windows to Linux, I will now only use Windows for gaming, and nothing else. :) How far have I come on the front of effects and music? Well, I already have a small collection of "standard" sounds, mixed and modified to perfection. A small FX-Pack will come out, but I don't know when. Also, I have made a PRE-WIP (Pre-Work In Progress) and that means it is not fit for release.. It is several small tunes in one, and I can't release it as-is, since for starters, effects are not reset between "songs" and mess up sounds they where not supposed to Secondly, and this is the whooper - I have not made any "note-off/kill-commands" on the final note of most looped samples or synths. And the final note just keeps on playing unless it encounters an end-key or a volume kill command, another note, etc etc. I think you guys get it... But fear not! As soon as a few things are taken care of, progress will go at a rockets pace! Cheers! :D
  8. MrGamer

    Your Musician and FX guy here ;)

    Oh yes, I can. I have friends whom are singers, and some of them can make som REAL growling sounds. Pitch that down, and you have a Cacodemon right there! :D I am also good at using my voice to make "scary" sounds. :) BTW, I have made a pack of upgrades to be used with DooM, DooM II, Ultimate DooM, TNT, Plutonia, I however use the BFG-WAD's of DooM and DooM II that you can only get if you buy a DooM-Bundle with Steam. This pack is - hear this - over 600MB! I have upgraded every aspect of DooM. It is as far from Vanilla as it "physically" can be. It is almost a new game except for the scripts and maps. Those are the ONLY things used from the WADs without modification. I use the WADs and mods with Doom Engine. HD-Sound, HD-Textures, HD-Music, >ALL< Sprites replaced with MD2(?) 3D-Models, this includes the weapon in your hands... And your hands. It is a completely new way of experiencing a classic. I call "my" collection of mods "Hyper-DooM" and I will soon make a LEGAL Torrent out of it, so anyone can download it! :D
  9. MrGamer

    Your Musician and FX guy here ;)

    Hello Zauberer community! I have been in contact with Eric for a while. (Is he project leader? Never asked him :P) I decided to join your project for a number of reasons. 1) It will make me grow as a musician 2) I like helping out where I can. 3) I will put "my touch" into a collective creation. 4) It might boost my fanbase. 5) I needed a goal. 6) I'm a plain nice guy. ;) So helping out here isn't only good for me... - It's good for you as well! :) I will also make most, if not all of the sound-effects that will be used in Zauberer! - I am open to inspiration from every angle, any suggestions of tunes I should listen to, instruments I can use, audio files (fx) that you might provide (credit will be given as a matter-of-course) sites where one can download effects, advice on basically everything - give it to me! I hope we will make a great product and I am happy to be working with you! - Cheers my new companions!