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  1. Poormetheus

    DOOM Slowdown (Revenant's fault)

    It's the revenants . . . Whatever it is about their animation / character model / AI, they cause my game framerate to drop. This is especially apparent in their weakened animation where you can glory kill them. Specs: i7 8700k 5GHZ GTX 1080 in OC mode Anybody else notice this issue?
  2. In my main DECORATE file I have this; it randomizes Zombiemen and Shotgunguys with scientists, and if it is Inferno episode, replaces them with 'Zombie Fodder': Actor Zombiereplacer replaces Zombieman { States { Spawn: TNT1 A 0 TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIf(CallACS("Checkepisode", 0, 0, 0, 0)==3, "Spawn2") TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(110,"Spawn3") TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx("ScientistSpawn",0,0,0,0,0,0,0,SXF_TRANSFERAMBUSHFLAG|SXF_TRANSFERSPECIAL) stop Spawn2: TNT1 A 0 TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx("ZombieFodder",0,0,0,0,0,0,0,SXF_TRANSFERAMBUSHFLAG|SXF_TRANSFERSPECIAL) stop Spawn3: TNT1 A 0 TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx("Zombieman1",0,0,0,0,0,0,0,SXF_TRANSFERAMBUSHFLAG|SXF_TRANSFERSPECIAL) stop } } I placed a DECORATE in my FILTER directory saying this, and my CPU NEARLY MELTED ITSELF: Actor Soldiers replaces ScientistSpawn { States { Spawn: TNT1 A 0 TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx("SoldierSpawn",0,0,0,0,0,0,0,SXF_TRANSFERAMBUSHFLAG|SXF_TRANSFERSPECIAL) } } Any advice on how I can get those pesky scientists out of my DOOM2 game and replace them with a thing called 'soldierspawn'?
  3. Thank you, Gez. I was fully sure it didn't use to work this way (c. Dec 2016) but I guess I am wrong.
  4. Hi all, Can anybody think of a reason why lump filtering is no longer working apparently? I have a FILTER directory in my main wad file for DOOM2 assets (doom.doom2.commercial) and instead of using the DECORATE file here, the engine is using the main DECORATE file. I am using the latest version of GZDoom. Has lump filtering been discontinued or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Poormetheus

    "Could not find script lump . . . "

    [RESOLVED] Thanks for your replies, guys. It is very strange, but I basically created a new entry in my file on SLADE, copied the contents of BM_NITEM into it, named it BM_TEST and included it in the decorate file. And viola! It worked . . . It was very strange - I don't fully understand the logic behind why it now works. Perhaps the original file was corrupt in some way? My syntax was perfect and I didn't misspell anything. Anyway, thanks again for your support.
  6. Poormetheus

    "Could not find script lump . . . "

    I have a .wad file that has been working just fine - addition of custom monsters, weapons, etc. Until RECENTLY! I added one more custom monster, included it in DECORATE: #include "BM_NITEM" And the .txt file is called BM_NITEM. The game WILL NOT start at all, saying it cannot locate BM_NITEM, even if it's right there, and following the same logic as every single other thing in the .wad. If I delete its includion, my .wad runs perfectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! PS I am using SLADE (latest version), ZDL to launch everything, and Gzdoom.
  7. I have a problem. I am running ZDOOM on Ubuntu, and everything works / looks just fine, except one small issue: Moving in any *one* direction starts fine but then becomes jagged and slow. However, moving diagonally (i.e., with two directional keys pressed) works just fine. This is a bizarre compatibility issue and I'm sure it has something to do with Ubuntu (latest edition). Does anybody have any advice for this? Have you ever faced a similar problem while playing ZDOOM on Ubuntu?
  8. Poormetheus

    Sprite Resizing

    So is anyone prepared to help me with this issue?
  9. Poormetheus

    Sprite Resizing

    Hi Scifista, thanks for your reply. So adjusting the y offset to their size has them above ground, at least. The remaining problem is this; only the top left hand corner of their head displays . . . there is nothing of the rest of the sprite whatsoever. Can you think of a reason for this? Here is an image of what I am talking about : http://imgur.com/jCa7dbB Also, here is an example of the code for the sprites as per the textures script: Sprite Optional WBRNE1, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0050, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNE2, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0051, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNE3, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0052, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNE4, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0053, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNE5, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0054, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNE6, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0055, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNE7, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0056, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNE8, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0057, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNA1, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0058, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNA2, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0059, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNA3, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0060, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNA4, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0061, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNA5, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0062, 0, 0} Sprite Optional WBRNA6, 64, 64 {Offset 32, 128 Graphic WSPR0063, 0, 0}
  10. Poormetheus

    Sprite Resizing

    I have added some nice HD sprites. The problem is that they are larger and positioned differently to the default ones. I've used the 'Scale' definition, as well as messed with the offsets of the sprite itself, but it does not seem to remedy my sprites being semi under-the-floor / periodically invisible!!! Please help! (PS - This is Wolfenstein 3D TC I am playing, via Zdoom).
  11. Here's another question: Why is it that DOOM II monsters (revenant, mancubus, et al) are not SUMMON-able when I play DOOM I. It summons them, but they are invisible and do not deal damage. Is there a way to implement them when using the DOOM 1 wad file?
  12. As usual, the elucidating Scifista reveals all, thank you! Now I have a point from which to work and 'lump filtering' no longer seems a mystery.
  13. Thanks for your response. I have done exactly what you suggested and there is no FILTER directory to be found. Am I missing something?
  14. Thank you Gez. I probably need some helping along with this; I tried it before and it didn't work for me at all (I wanted a different TITLEPIC to display for each respective game). Where exactly do I add this folder called FILTER? Last time I added it to the area that contains SPRITES, SOUNDS, ACS, etc., to no avail.
  15. My question is thus: I have a randomspawner ACTOR which replaces Zombiemen and Shotgun guys 20% of the time. However, I would only like it to engage when playing (the Ultimate) DOOM, not DOOM II Hell on Earth. Is there a way to filter this?