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  1. Silverforte

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    Same here Cantley, this is now the definitive port for me. Now all I need is the dpad weapons switch from xbla and online.
  2. The new option to disable vsync is a godsend. This port now feels as responsive as the xbla version which is fantasic. Many thanks!
  3. I would also like to see online multiplayer added, it's the main reason I still have the xbla doom 1 and 2 still installed.
  4. Silverforte

    DOOM classic on ps3

    It's solid. The best thing about the port is the master levels are one continuous wad. I find the input delay to be better than the current gen ports, but it does suffer from weird stutters during gameplay, particularly when opening the map. Also split screen has insane lag for some reason. I prefer the xbox 360 ports to it, although for final doom and master levels I'd play it over the current gen ports.
  5. They are included in doom classic complete, unfortunately delisted... 360 online was pretty fun, back in the day when there were people online. Had some good coop and dm times.
  6. I experience the exact same issue Cantley. This version doesn't feel as smooth as the xbox 360 ports. Plus switching weapons isnt as fast due to the delay of the weapon scroll and the d pad doesnt let you cycle through everything like you could in the 360 versions. The 360 and ps3 versions also include online multiplayer. As it stands I still prefer the 360 versions to play doom 1 and 2+no rest for the living, and the ps3 version for final doom and master levels. If they fix the input lag and weapon switching issues this will no doubt be the best console port in every way, aside from online play.
  7. Silverforte

    Favourite Doom sound?

    Probably the psx doom cyberdemon footstep.
  8. Silverforte

    Balancing around Pistol Start vs Continuous Play

    Ive always been a continuous player, never really occurred to me to play any other way, I may try pistol start in the future, I dunno.
  9. Silverforte

    Quake Champions

    Oh great, multiplayer. Dang it, wheres the new single player quake experience?
  10. Silverforte

    The bitching about game difficulty

    I personally find doom 4 to be more challenging than any of the iwads with the exception of plutonia perhaps. You just move far slower and the monsters are far more oppressive. True having played classic doom for 20 years is probably part of the reason I find the old ones easier, but still.
  11. Silverforte

    No Deathmatch/Bots?

    People just treat tdm like regular dm anyways, why remove it?
  12. Silverforte

    Your opinion about the soundtrack of new Doom?

    For the most part I didnt like it, just sounds like a bunch of loud noise. Old doom music has rocking themes, alow themes, and ambient dark themes. This is just unorganized noise.
  13. Silverforte

    The bitching about the MP

    The multiplayer is alright, its not bad if you take advantage of the unique features. It def could be better though.
  14. Silverforte

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    Phobos labs is missing in that list. And yes, the maps they chose are pretty good. Im especially glad they added Halls of the damned and House of Pain.
  15. Silverforte

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    I prefer console myself as I am a big fighting game and jrpg fan. Imo playing fps on console is fine, I've been doing it for ages starting with psx quake II. Play on whatever you want folks. I realize fps is better on pc because of m+kb, but some folks just arent able to play on pc. I dont see why they should get hate.