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  1. Koutana


    This wad hurts in the best way possible. I've always loved glitchy stuff. That sense where something mangled beyond recognition is faintly - and terrifyingly - familiar. Things you recognize being ruined, merged with the technological moshpit of garbage data. Lilith hits that spot perfectly. This wad is a horror wad - a proper horror wad. No scares, just an unknown familiarity and an amazing sense of unease that I haven't felt in years. This wad feels as if it was born out of something unnatural. While playing, any notion or thought that this was made by a human goes straight out the window. There's a sense of true randomness accompanied by an eerie sense of order and control. This wad also brings up an opinion that I've had for a while: more experimental wads. In my entire life, I have never seen something as experimental and unique as this, even beating out The Sky May Be as one of the oddest, most interesting things I've played. Most wads nowadays are the same browns, reds, and blues in boring patterns that bring nothing new to the table. This brings something new to the table and irradiates the area surrounding it. The wad itself runs well, and creates some incredibly unique effects. Only one problem, however: the GZ/QZ/Zandro lockout. While I do agree that warning people that it won't work in newer engines is necessary, I feel like it might be a bit too harsh as-is. Maybe something like a few thousand warnings and some sort of prompt would have sufficed. Either way, I love this wad, and I would kill to se m';;;re li!::ke it0x00000?0-
  2. Koutana


    Only worked in DOSBox, gave me an unreadable MIDI file. Trash.
  3. Koutana

    The Community Chest Project

    Give it some slack, it's the first CC, it was a new community, and someone just died. Jesus, take things into consideration.
  4. I can't even download off mediafire. It's bullshit, gimme WADs. There's a way but it eludes me, currently. It involves reviews and blocking and ugh
  5. It can be to protect you, but in wikia's case I think it's just to scare the less experienced into staying there. New user: "Oh man, is my computer gonna get virus by clicking here?' Wikia: "No, but you'll be more of our bitch than John Romero will ever make you. You're ours now, fucker."
  6. I just wondered, there seems to be an odd favoritism for doomwiki, and a disliking for doom.wikia. What separates them?
  7. Koutana

    do you use keyboard, mouse, or gamepad aiming?

    Keyboard + mouse, free-look, autoaim. I rarely look up or down, I don't even know why I use freelook.
  8. Koutana

    slowest pc used for doom ?

    I'm a bit of a younger person, so my DOOM experience stems from a Dell Inspiron laptop. I gagged a little from that. It could run (Z)DOOM with low fucking settings at what i guess would be 25 frameos per second. I now have a Toshiba Satellite and my life is much more ok, bsods all the time though because of my mouse driver, its a problem that i have yet to destroy this pile of chips and lcds over
  9. Koutana

    If you had to rename Doom...

    Odom. Pass it off as some demon thing, spap some box art there, call it a day; no, two days. Call the sequel Modo. [\|/]