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  1. Eternal0

    Bugs and other issues so far

    No way to do true classic from what I've seen. You are always limited to two weapons. You can just swap the weapon you are holding by picking up a new one. Sort of like picking up a gun in halo/cod/gears/tons of other shooters, though it's handled differently in this one for sure.
  2. Eternal0


    All gun butts, only weapon I didn't try and melee with was the gauss. Only time you see fists or boots is during glory kills
  3. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    I was trying to explain where I was coming from, if you didn't snip out part of the discussion out of context. So, what was the reason to bring it up at all that "A is not the same as B"? It had nothing to do with the rest of the discussion about how the engines work and what they are capable of. Because MY point about bringing up Unity wasn't that it can be used by other companies, but that they have systems in place for sharing information among teams, just as I also brought up that there are tons of ways not specific to an engine, which was the strength of idtech6 being presented in the discussion when you piped in. My point about bringing up unreal wasn't that it could be used by other companies, it was that it was capable of similar mechanical output as idtech6 with much lower overhead, if it was true that it even took farms. So neither the mechanical output or the internal team resources made sense. The whole basis of the discussion was why modding was impossible and how users could not use idtech engines because a basic user simply didn't have the computing power to do so, NOT that bethesda wasn't sharing the engine for licensing outside of bethesda published games. If you didn't want to discuss the goals and mechanics of the engine itself, and you didn't want to discuss other ways programming and management of resources work, and you didn't want to discuss what was possible for a home user, what was your point? I'm honestly lost.
  4. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    Again though, that doesn't mean mod tools aren't possible which is all I've been hearing in here, and the main thing I'm arguing against. The REASON given for it not being distributed to others has nothing to due with capabilities. You're right about not allowing the engine to be used in other places, many companies do that. Hell, even some that HAVE allowed it haven't ever been adopted. I mean source has been able to be licensed since 2004, there is basically 2 games per year that use it and 2 of them are basically premium mods (Gary's mod / Black Mesa). Frostbite is only used by EA, not sure others are even allowed. The only argument I've heard that has any merit that can be backed up is simply that they made snap map to simplify the system for beginners and that they think that the depth of it will be enough for advanced users, comparing it to how minecraft works. Which IS true and can be cited. I just wish that they would consider releasing full mod tools for that small percentage that would want to add new assets. Small really fanatic teams DO exist, look at the stuff made for Fallout/Elderscrolls, some of them create huge projects with tons of new assets. I'm sorry for getting irritated. I've been seeing all over here and other places for a long time that it's simply impossible for home users to be able to utilize idtech5 and now it's spread to idtech6 without anything to back up the claim and people never even try and counter it. It all started with someone here making a claim about how Bethesda didn't say that there wont be mod tools for Doom when I can quickly cite a source saying otherwise. Not WANTING it to be utilized by fans is different than not being ABLE to, as you sort of said they may not plan on licensing the engine
  5. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    Ok, they were created with different goals. No offense, but what was your point? It kind of sounded like you were defending the other guy about what idtech6 does/needs to do and what those requirements are to do it, I.E. a large company so a lot of resources. If you are just saying "it's different" and nothing else it kind of feels like there is no point to your statement. If I misconstrued or missed your point, sorry. What were those goals? It actually sounds like the goal for idtech6, from pines statement, was to make everything easier to use. That is however not a direct quote.
  6. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    Look at above post. Cite sources for your statements about server farms for version control for idtech6 or hell, even 5. It's poorly designed if it can't be scaled. If you have two projects being developed one with 40 people one with 250 and both require 300 cpus just to handle version control there is a problem with your tools. If anything, that slows down production because now you need a huge team just for the server management. You drastically increase the costs of production. Storing assets takes a lot of space, but that doesn't take hundreds of servers, and you don't need massive amounts of CPU power to store things. Handling code version control for a team doesn't take hundreds of servers period. Both are always scalable based on needs in any engine I've ever heard of, period. You can look up anything and you'll find that. Creating assets is totally different, I understand that taking huge servers as both teams can easily create an asset that requires as much processing power to put bake. That is known as a render farm. If you aren't creating massive assets, like megatextures, which aren't even required, then that argument from you flies right out the window Needing a giant server farm to store and share code there is bloat in your tools. If you don't understand that then you aren't even capable of using google to find out that cloud computing is scalable you don't need a huge farm. You could manage a cloud with even a single four rack server depending on your needs and team size. Really this whole thing boils down to "I couldn't even look up the fact there is tools for idtech5 that don't require server farms and you can create assets other than megatextures" which is done very easily, by the way.
  7. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    That is terrible logic, AND it's also completely wrong. What had to do with server farms was related to megatextures not proper version control and this is idtech FIVE not six which I've already shown megatextures likely have been ditched for idtech6. https://twitter.com/ID_AA_Carmack/status/299916407238443010 http://www.bethblog.com/2013/02/08/rage-tool-kit-available-today-on-steam/ they actually released Rage mod tools. If you chose to use no-mega textures the modding was very possible on a home PC. The engine wasn't optimized for it but it was possible. This is all simple google stuff than nobody but me seems bothering to do and just spouting things half heard. :| Feel free to show me I'm wrong with some actual sources. Please, seriously, I'd be glad to be wrong. Show me where idtech6 uses server farms for development beyond megatextures, if it even uses them, or where it'd be impossible to use for a small team. Cite quotes and sources for your statements.
  8. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    There is literally half a dozen ways to do this that already exist specifically for game development and aren't tied to one game engine. How do you think games that use 10~15 different programmers just for AI do it? Have you ever looked at the credits list for a game like the Arkham Series or Assassin's Creed? Do you honestly think that they are doing something for 1~2 people with a team that large? Hell, when you want to go specific to engines even Unity3D has systems in place for this for large teams. Those are all scalable. If idtech6 always requires a huge group of servers even for a small team project then there is bloat in design.
  9. Eternal0

    All the advanced PC options

    Nice to see some legit settings options in a modern game. So many leave these things out. I doubt there will be a dev console available but it sounds like the majority of things we'd want are available in menu.
  10. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    http://www.pcgamer.com/doom-will-not-get-mod-support-in-addition-to-snapmap/ Maybe they'll improve snapmap, but there wont be additional mod tools beyond it unless Bethesda changes their mind. If it's true that idtech6 requires a server farm to use and operate then there is some serious bloat that needs trimming when this is the recommended Unreal 4 editor requirements from Epic: Desktop PC or Mac. Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later. Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster. NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher. 8 GB RAM And Unreal 4 isn't exactly a slouch of an engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgT1SgZK3y8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3s6JLlfNe8 http://www.venturebeat.com/2015/06/17/bethesda-wins-the-attention-war-by-breaking-the-game-marketing-rules-for-doom-fallout-4/view-all/ No megatextures for Doom and likely not used in idtech6 anymore, certainly not required. In addition expediency is being pushed to the forefront for development, this would belie them using something that is extremely bulky, difficult, or time consuming to use. This points to more efficient tools and less resources to create things. So not needing huge amounts of time and computing power to create assets and put them into a project seems important. Plus, as I said, Unreal has a lot of things it does extremely well while competing with idtech6 graphically and having a much much much lower overhead.
  11. Eternal0

    Pinky shot on the gamestop cards

    Cacodemon looks amazing, pinky looks pretty awesome too.
  12. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    Because there ARE that 5%. Nobody is saying we can't have snap map and the ability to create other stuff on top of it. Bethesda has flat out said mod tools or anything like that wont be released. Quake 4 hasn't had it's source published like every other id game has, and that was the only bethesda published id game AFAIK. They wait a long time to released the sources, of course, but it's been 4 years longer between D3 -> Source than Q4 release date. Crysis map maker is actually not that difficult to use and it has mod tools on top of it. The unreal tools are actually not THAT hard to use. Is it harder than snap map or WC3 editor? Sure. However it is there. How about having the option to go deeper and add your own assets if you are willing to spend the time on PC but having snap map be the main thing? Many things out there only 5% of the people would invest the time in using. Plus, let's be honest, when simple map maker type things are released only 5% of the maps are quality/unique. How many awful super mario maker maps are there compared to the really good ones? There is a larger number overall of good maps but the good to bad ratio is just as bad as the ratio of people willing to utilize mod tools to create something unique. How many people actually use minecraft to create something like the ability to program in basic or create a calculator or anything else? If anything, using the blocks in minecraft to create this stuff is FAR more difficult than actual programming or map making. I'm really happy with what snapmap is looking like. It makes it easy for many things, it also makes it harder for other things and the fact you can't create new assets at all is disappointing. There may only be 5% but look at the stuff created by fans who could do that kind of stuff due to having deeper access to the game. Stuff like project melee for smash or how about the Q and Alex art mods for Street Fighter V, or the tons of content regularly created for TF2 by fans, there have been whole new game modes created by them. The release of the source film maker exploded the community and created so much new content but only a very small percentage of people who use it create anything worthwhile.
  13. Eternal0

    Classic Doom Multiplayer without Loadouts

    Admit it looks a fair bit better than I expected, the specific geometry still disappoints and it looks like not true classic DM as you still are limited to 2 weapons it looks like. I could be wrong. It also has a "pickup" button which is slower than running over. Better, but still can edit code so nothing like Brutal Doom or Chex quest or anything like that.
  14. Eternal0

    3 Simple Changes that Could Save the MP Mode

    The more inputs required the worse it is when it comes to a fast paced game. 1 button > 1 button + direction stick and slight delay from needing the wheel to come up, even if only a brief moment. Don't forget that pressing a button + directional stick input forces you to change the directional stick compared to your original aiming movement and causes a slight hiccup in it if you were to want to change for 1-2 combo. If you saw an opponent to your left and you wanted to switch to a weapon on the right side of the wheel you need to go right then left so momentarily you may turn to the right after the weapon switch which adds a slight delay. With one button you can be already lining up your shot as you switch weapons. Maybe it's not a big deal, but it IS worse, even if only marginally.
  15. Eternal0

    3 Simple Changes that Could Save the MP Mode

    The original Halo basically created the standard control layout for console first person shooters. The majority of FPS games on consoles since Halo have adopted Halo's control scheme or something closely resembling it within the context of the games designs. Before Halo there was a lot of fumbling with varied controller schemes to different quality. As for weapon pickups, I didn't defend that as required. Many games have weapon pickups. Gears of War, Bioshock Infinite, Halo, CoD you can swap weapons, ect. The thing is that you are still generally limited to two weapons, or maybe three. Often the concession is to add an alternate fire to increase these weapons versatility without adding an additional weapon you need to switch to, though many times this alternate fire is merely a scope/iron sight. Another thing to consider is that these games require you press a button to pickup/swap weapons which means, generally, standing still for a moment. Some of them even play animations on weapon swaps. This slows the game down compared to just running over a weapon classic arena FPS style. Regenerating health is not something required either via console designs, it merely was something that became popular from Halo. This is not a logical design direction for the game based off of the limitations of the controller. The weapon mechanics are. A two weapon system makes weapon management a lot easier than having 5~8 weapons. Cycling through 8 weapons quickly when your controller only has 12 buttons (4 shoulder, 4 face, 4 directional pad, not counting start/select), is not easy if you want to include other mechanics. The alternate solution typically used is a wheel system where you hold down a button and use the directional stick to select a weapon, which allows 4~8 weapons. This however is not very good for a fast paced multiplayer shooter, that is why the /majority/ of games that utilize this add a slow down mechanic when using it if they are faster games, if they don't then the multiplayer tends to suffer. A dedicated melee and/or grenade button is easier to manage on the fly than swapping to a melee weapon (fists/chainsaw), same with grenade button. However on the flip side generally speaking if the game has those buttons they need to be effective enough to warrant a button dedicated to it. This is not a certain affinity issue, this is a general practice among the majority of console shooters since Halo became the gold standard for an FPS. They don't utilize 100% of the mechanics or layouts in every game (regenerating health/ect) but much of the way that controls and designs work typically are inspired by or build on the foundation set by Halo when it comes to FPS games targeting a console market. This isn't an attack on consoles, this isn't saying the game is bad, this is simply stating why a design decision was made. I think that a loadout system will likely stay because they have put so much effort into it already. A 2 weapon limit will definitely stay due to limitations on the controller and them being unlikely to do a wheel system. I didn't play a lot of UT, but I played a TON of Q2/Q3 and I played Doom beta with max FOV, the game is slower even just run speeds. However where it is mostly slower is how jumps work. I feel like I get a fair bit more air time in Doom than I ever did in Q2/Q3, even without a double jump. What overall makes the game /feel/ slow is the lack of any sort of advanced movement options to speed it up beyond double jump, which actually slows you down in momentum. UT could be fast, Q3 could be fast. Doom 2 even had an advanced movement system and crazy fast run speed. Take a look at the run speeds in UT2k4 even with a fairly average FOV, then top it off with the advanced movement options shown in this to quickly accelerate in any direction and the general fall speed. The UT walk speeds are similar but still seem a bit faster, the advanced movement options increase the speed tremendously: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXgSYPVZc9Q Check out Q3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rce75JYlJd8 Again, you can see that run speeds (there are a number of times walking is used to make yourself quiet) it seems faster than Doom and, again, advanced movement increases the speed tremendously. Also fall speeds are faster and jump height are lower. Compare them all to the Doom beta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWjqkfPsHyo Q3 and UT2k4 are noticeably faster in run speeds and less floaty on jump speeds. I don't expect this to be Doom Arena Tournament 2k16 I'm not asking for that, actually I want something different which is why I was interested in the double jump + clamoring. I'm merely trying to explain that the game is different in a way that is slower.