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  1. OliveTree

    Shamus Young passed away

    This is really devastating to hear. I hope those who knew him personally can find some peace.
  2. OliveTree

    Cursed Doom Images

  3. OliveTree

    Make your own difficulty!

    wait, only the higher tier demons are placed?...............huh..... well sleepdepr.difficulty.zip It makes for some slow starts to mappacks ;P
  4. OliveTree

    Make your own difficulty!

    I made this micro mod some months ago. UVN_Plus.zip
  5. I hate to pester and I hate to bump a dormant thread even more, but has there been any momentum on this project?
  6. the readme actually says its ok to distribute one-humanity as long as it includes the text file alongside it
  7. OliveTree

    The cyberdemon's death animation

    i like this imagery a lot actually!
  8. OliveTree

    Post your discord server

    https://discord.gg/smtY6u7UEX public sort of horror server for queer people and leftists
  9. hey, if you're curious about my doom music though! here's a preview track Ive been a bit inspired now to put out there: https://etherbottle.bandcamp.com/track/victory-the-end-of-doom-doom-1993 The reason that donations would contribute to this project for the record is because I made the mistake of doing the bulk of the work for this on Soundtrap last fall, which is a service that holds the lossless mixes of your music hostage if you don't pay a monthly subscription. I've since transitioned to using Ableton Live exclusively but theres a reason this specific project is kind of on an indefinite hiatus. I legitimately don't have the disposable money to acquire and release even some of my finished work. I want to say in case it comes off that way but this isn't me trying to bid for my inclusion on the list haha. Moreso I think it's worth being transparent about what I kind of implied earlier.
  10. oof, no no i absolutely get you! For the record I do have a number of smaller projects but for the most part its just a dtwid repack thing and a mappack that rightfully nobody knows about (i do actually have a doom reimaging album in the works but its a ways off and is more "doom related" than "doom modding related"). There was a doom comic I was working on ages ago but idk that i have any pretense of continuing that project in that form although i definitely flirt with the idea a lot. Most of my finished work is from when I was like 15 and is REAL terrible lmao, which I think is probably the case for a lot of people here. On that note, a fair observation that vibes with your reply is that time is the most valuable currency, and a considerable bulk of why more of my stuff is unfinished right now is due to working basically 24/7. But also, most community projects dont exactly need money, per se, and thats a part of this thread that I admittedly don't fully understand. I guess with regards to the Doom album I'm working on, that is something which money can contribute to. I'm rambling now though!
  11. oh, uh idk much about other users, but i have a bandcamp here: https://etherbottle.bandcamp.com/ I really love the idea of this thread
  12. OliveTree

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    i gifted a friend half life 1 and its expansions on steam
  13. ive said this before: i playtest my maps on HNTR. In my opinion if your map isn't fun on HNTR, it's not fun at all
  14. OliveTree

    Where do you think gaming will be in 20 years...

    in my opinion, we're gonna see a lot more weird, casual sport/party type games...as the gaming industry gets more and more mainstream, that seems to be the trend regarding what gets popularly adopted. Pick up and play games w/ a heavy social aspect like Fortnite, Fall Guys, Forza Horizon 5 etc (how did those all start with f's O_o). I feel like the massive open world bubble is going to burst at some point. You can only get so big before the bloat starts to intimidate buyers and exhaust players, rather than compelling anyone to invest themselves into the experience. Smaller open worlds probably aren't going anywhere....we might honestly see more small/semi open world games, like The Evil Within 2 and the like? I think of the ps4 spiderman games as a good example of something that really took off, which are more dense than massive. Thats just kinda random speculation though.
  15. OliveTree

    What happened to blogs and post hell

    it was a good thing to post. i promise it mattered for anyone for whom it matters. kind of a circular sentence but there you are, lol. I wouldn't worry too much about seeming "faux-woke". it means a lot to extend that hand like you did. I'm at danger of derailing this thread, so I'll close off here.