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  1. OliveTree

    DOOM weapon-girls and demon girls

    caco gal is so cute <3
  2. OliveTree

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

  3. OliveTree

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    they found it recently btw
  4. 2024 has not been my year

    1. plums


      Sorry to hear that :(

  5. OliveTree

    Immersive Armaments for Doom 3

    lippeth, i have to ask, when u say it has "rebalanced audio", does this include the audio logs? ive always found them to be insanely quiet in vanilla doom 3 relative to the env. sounds
  6. OliveTree

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    im a simple olive, i jus want to know where the backrooms pic is from
  7. OliveTree

    Need your thoughts on System Shock 1994

    The ambitions of System Shock are anachronistic in both directions. It's one thing to say System Shock is ahead of it's time, but it's even bolder than that. It's ahead of somewhere else's time; we never got the future that System Shock predicted. A future where where gaming was focused on precision, fidelity of movement and avatar positioning, and a responsive, D&D-like freedom within an open and deadly playspace. Of course, we've seen glimmers of these things--I cant be the only one to think the only real way to adapt System Shock for modern audiences would have involved VR--but there haven't really been any true successors to its visions of what gaming could be, even titans like Deus Ex, Arkane's Prey, and Nightdive's remake release last year, all had to pick and choose what parts of System Shock's vision they would expand on, none of them could live up to all of its promise.
  8. OliveTree

    [RC4.1] Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edition

    i think this would correct the issue, but i wouldnt know without testing....
  9. OliveTree

    Should DOOM 1 have achievements?

    this is correct. The correct option to change is "notification toasts".
  10. definitely think this is a completely necessary campaign
  11. OliveTree

    Should DOOM 1 have achievements?

    personally i feel like its pretty absurd that they arent carried over to pc. its not that i think they'd add something, it just kinda bothers me to see that lack of parity.
  12. OliveTree

    [RC4.1] Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edition

    may i pls formally request that this mod be filtered as a doom mod and not a chex quest mod since it uses the doom entities and not chex quest entities. it would make it much more compatible with certain mods (like my own), and theres not a lot of user-end benefit as far as i can tell for making it be filtered like this. to be clear, the issue is that the Config is set to smth like "chex.chex3vanilla" which causes any gzdoom mods with filter folders to wrongfully load chex related folders and ignore doom related folders.
  13. OliveTree

    What could the "Z" in "ZDoom" stand for?

  14. i rly love the aesthetics of this :>
  15. OliveTree

    I believe I've made a huge mistake...

    you got a great head shape for it honestly!