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  1. is ur pfp from a real plush ? where can i get one ;-;

    1. ryiron


      It is real. A friend made it for me as a present. I don't know if you can buy pre-made ones anywhere, but the crochet pattern is available here: https://www.craftytibbles.com/patterns/cacodemon-doom-crochet-amigurumi-pattern 

    2. OliveTree


      its by a wide margin the best design for a cacodemon plush ive ever seen thank u for sharing i will do whatever it takes to make or otherwise acquire one of these

  2. thank you so much for playing :> i cant not point out that the map is called "blueworld.wad" and "gibbous node" but not "gibbous world" lksdjflkadsjflasd
  3. OliveTree

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    im not gonna bring up doom 3 again. i cant do it. uhhhh i have a lot of fondness for Halo 5 even though I agree with everything people say about it critically. That kind of super high resolution sci fi with crazy machines and details is a visual style i just love looking at. The story is pretty bad but the cutscenes honestly still hold up. Halo Infinite's cutscenes are generally not very watchable in comparison imo. And I'd argue the story in most halo games is bad in many of the same ways (not paying off its setups satisfyingly, being too high concept for its manner of presentation, various character problems, etc). bioshock 2 is my favorite bioshock game by a WIDE MARGIN like its no contest i loved the evil within 1 a LOT its one of my favorite games of all time honestly
  4. OliveTree

    How much spiciness can you handle?

    really? man. the fucked up thing is bc ive been doing that anyway for um for, Uhm for uh non dietary reasons..
  5. OliveTree

    How much spiciness can you handle?

    OH that makes so much more sense lmao
  6. this is so cool conceptually
  7. OliveTree

    How much spiciness can you handle?

    im pretty sure a diet of just fresh jalapenos peppers and water might actually do real damage to ur internal organs
  8. hello :> some editorializing: Screenshots: blueworld.wad - "Gibbous Node" UDMF format - tested on GZDoom Doom II - Single Level Jumping and crouching discouraged Difficulty settings implemented :> Singleplayer only! Enjoy <3
  9. OliveTree

    Ultimate Doom or Doom 1

    i think theres smth a lot more nice ab doom being 3 episodes w/ its ending where it is, but episode 4 is functionally just a handful of extra maps that dont actually change anything ab the material ending
  10. OliveTree

    Sour vs hot?

    i tend to prefer hot food to sour food, but both at the same time is good too :> re: what is most painful. Hot? obviously? sour isnt painful its more like....well its more like tasting the feeling you get when someone drags their nails across a chalk board
  11. OliveTree

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    i think this commentary kind of misses how a lot of the adjustments in Doom Eternal itself come from player reactions to Doom 2016 (like having a better final act)
  12. OliveTree

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    i dont care for tiktok