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  1. Unf

    New Forum

    Huh, I decided to check out the forums a few days ago and was wondering why the shortcut I had to it in my browser didnt work and I thought the site was down but then I decided to just put in doomworld.com and voila, new design exists. Im liking the new design a lot but the one thing I dislike is the fact that post hell seems to be gone.
  2. Unf

    things YOU do in doom that annoy you

    Whenever I have the Shotgun and SSG at the same time, I always try to keep the numbers as pairs. The moment I have an shell count that is an impair number (For example, 47) I just fire the shotgun so it becomes a pair number again.
  3. Unf

    doom 2 enemy wads

    We still got those lovely chaingunners ;)
  4. Unf

    2016 Goals

    Publish a map I made outside of /vr/ Get past the first episode/scout mission from Stargunner Finish making a map for SRB2
  5. Unf

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Lost souls taking 2 shotgun blasts to kill Being able to trick Revenants into melee effectively making them harmless Having almost full ammo and having a shell box/clip box/plasma something big ammo and being unable to avoid grabbing said ammo Being completely unable to go back to previous parts of the level, secret ways to go back dont count The brown water texture. Is it supposed to hurt? Is it just brown water full of waste? Why is there a version of it that kinda glows? The chaingun being mostly useless, even if one uses it to snipe, as the shotgun is mostly if not better at sniping. Using the chaingun is still fun
  6. Unf


    This is truly amazing.
  7. Unf

    Does anyone find Tech Base maps boring?

    I like tech base maps, they can sometimes be interesting and fun, but I mostly care about how fun a map is unless its clown puke in its texturing and Doom II city textures suck ass
  8. I play Doom because my father got me into it in the first place and the fact that it has an endless stream of mods ranging from great to questionable, how easily moddable the game is and the fact that Doom generally is fun.
  9. This is actually pretty cool! Now we might even have good deathmatch bots or even coop bots that actually kind of know what theyre doing
  10. Unf

    REKKR - V1.16

    This looks nice so far! Its nice seeing it pop in in doomworld too, after seeing it in /vr/.
  11. Unf

    Favorite DOOM II map?

    (It's) The (Nut) Chasm
  12. Unf

    Do you play with classic status bar?

    I mostly alternate between the classic status bar and the boom/zdoom/whatever mini statusbar thing a lot, but I still enjoy using the classic status bar from time to time.
  13. Unf

    What mods run on D-Touch??

    D-Touch has hat I think is the latest stable release of Gzdoom, PRBoom+ and Chocolate Doom. With that you have all vanilla wads, vanilla limit removing wads and Boom wads but I dont really know how much will work with gzdoom, but I can guarantee that if it doesnt have "Oh by the way, this mod requires that one dev build that was released 3 nanoseconds ago!", it will work.
  14. Unf

    Battle: Doomguy VS Doom Slayer

    One this that the Doom 3 Guy has going for him is the fact that he has 3 melee weapons! The fists, chainsaw and his shotgun. EDIT: Oh, yeah, I forgot about the flashlight.
  15. This happens to me but with the pistol. I cant help but see a face in it.