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  1. incendairyhawk

    Flow in a map

    Map design varies for each type of DOOM map, take brutal doom for example, or hellonearthstarterpack, these maps are all designed with the mod in mind, so large open space followed by smaller choke points. with vanilla doom, you should probably take the original games and try to analyse them. What do they do that makes them stand out. One map I like in terms of design is Underhalls, it is linear but it is built around a central starting point. It's short but sweet. You have to think about the purpose of a map and how it would be best put to use or played. Then think about factors such as different play styles and how it might seem repetitive to you, but will all be fresh to someone else. DOOM is a versatile map-editing game, different play styles and mods and the fact that there is a massive multiplayer scene mean that what you might think is boring someone else might think is good. Don't over-do corridors, make halls, split tunnels and make interesting sectors. Place monsters evenly, no one wants to head into an office full of Imps. Flow is important but so is DIRECTION. Don't make a map where people can't find the exit. Flow is only as important as you make it out to be, if you are going for story, you need to think about some of the earlier maps [DOOM1]
  2. incendairyhawk

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    I'm in. Sounds good. This would be my first doomworld entry, so yeah. I'll get around to it tonight.
  3. incendairyhawk

    Levels of detail, how much?

    A good mixture of detail and gameplay is vital. Always take the IWADS as an example. I have a doctrine of large, open arenas connected by small corridor sectors and inter-connected tunnels.
  4. incendairyhawk

    What has Doom taught you?

    Doom, if anything, has taught me that difficulty can be overcome and there is no harm in trying [chainsaw v cyberdemon]
  5. incendairyhawk

    Create a Doom themed T-Shirt

    I Saw something on redbubble it was a t-shirt but the whole shirt was TEKWALL4
  6. incendairyhawk

    New Forum

    Just when I was starting to like the old doomworld. Well this is 2017, websites need to be modernised.
  7. incendairyhawk

    Short Wads (1-10 levels)

    Master levels for Doom II, I actually enjoyed playing them. I remember they had a pretty good design.
  8. incendairyhawk

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I am working on a WAD that isn't too bad and it is purely vanilla, all original doom 2 textures from the original IWAD, however, this is my first full wad. I am yet to make something actually decent, it was only a month ago I figured out how to make lifts and switches and lower/raising platforms. I'll post pictures when I can, as of the time of this reply I am currently at school so theres no chance I can get a picture.
  9. incendairyhawk

    Describe the DOOM weapons as if you were the manual.

    Fists: You messed kid? Pistol: Well, i heard hell isn't too bad Shotgun[basic]: You've got it kid! SSG[Super Shotgun]: NOW WE'RE TALKING! Chain-gun: Go get 'em kid! Rocket Launcher: They won't even see it coming... Plasma-gun: Woah... Please, take it easy kid... BFG: Are you actaully human? Just wondering... Chainsaw: I guess ash dropped something
  10. incendairyhawk

    The Worst Thing You've Ever Seen

    Shrek is love
  11. incendairyhawk

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    if i could not find the exit or last key i'd use IDCLIP. sorry.
  12. incendairyhawk

    Specific Things in Doom that Amuse You Greatly

    One thing that amuses me in DOOM is when monsters start fighting each other, thankfully, it happens when i'm low on ammo. It's great because i can hide behind some corner and wait until they've killed each other and kill the rest of them.
  13. incendairyhawk

    DOOM Snapchat

    It's just a method of advertisement and i would seriously doubt it would affect the end game.