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  1. This look simply stunning. The textures are very diverse yet there's still coherency there. You can be proud of the production quality here :)
  2. Bengaltiger1

    Burdens of Mortality

    so glad I limit my caffeine intake
  3. Bengaltiger1

    Twisted Tech

    Yes I am. Thank you all for your positive replies
  4. Bengaltiger1

    Twisted Tech

    Thanks :)
  5. Bengaltiger1

    Twisted Tech

    Greetings :) I present to you all a Vanilla Doom ii wad that is also universally compat. It features 2 new maps that are compact in layout and quite challenging on UV. Theming is blending Hell and Tech together. I tried my best as the solo mapper to keep visuals cohesive and transitions smooth. Critique is welcomed on where I can improve, esp on gameplay Thanks to Doomkid for helping me name the maps for Vanilla based ports. For those who would like to learn , check this quick tut on YouTube. I can't URL it here , but the vid is titled: Change Map Name in DOOM, Quick Tutorial - YouTube *2 maps in total. 1st map is short, 2nd medium length *Playtested in Crispy Doom 6.0 + GZDoom 4.10 (I didn't locate bugs or softlocks, report if you find any) *Jumping + crouching is discouraged , but feel free if It's a preference Lastly , some screenies Twisted Tech.7z
  6. The physical version looks really impressive! I'll download and can't wait for the full release of this wad! Made my day :)
  7. Bengaltiger1


    I agree things got better as the map progressed. Perhaps lacklustre after the initial fight. (As you stated the start was lacking excitement) The Arachnotron room with the hitscanner wins may have been the most engaging combat wise. GG
  8. Since the thread about feeling ostracized got out of hand, I'll give some advice here.


    As I said to a different user, don't take lack of activity on your threads to heart. Some people are just more interesting in some things than others, and really, if you're doing what you enjoy, likes and viewers shouldn't matter.


    If you did mess up with some incident at some point, I assure you most people forgot about it, as they do with most incidents. There's no need to dwell on the past, just to learn for the future. Or something like that.

    1. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      Gonna second Masker's comments, and add that you said that you wanted to "spread joy and learn", so I'd ask that you take a step back and assess that. Are you enjoying mapping? Even if only three people will ever play your maps, are you enjoying the process of mapping? If so, keep at it, mate.


      Your maps (and your comments on other people's maps) are increasing the net positivity of Doomworld being a functioning community, even if only by a li'l itty-bitty bit. And it might not seem like much from an individual standpoint, but this place couldn't have survived for 25 years without exactly that kind of input from users.

    2. Bengaltiger1


      Thank you both :)

  9. I'm trying my best to produce for Doomworld but lots of ppl who used to share with me have since vanished from my posts. There was one incident where I should never have pm but show patience and humility. I still feel bad about it. I just feel like I don't belong or deserve my place on Doomworld anymore. :( I was so enthusiastic about returning But still feel exactly the same. Perhaps It's my Autism. I joined here simply with the desire to spread joy and learn , but it seems like no matter what I try , it just isn't working. Help?
  10. Bengaltiger1

    (Sad) possibly canon - bunny named daisy died

    So sorry for your loss. Time is the best healer, may it grant you healing brother πŸ™
  11. Bengaltiger1

    [GZDoom] Four Rooms

    Having played thru this map I can finally comment. The difficulty surprised me! I had to fight for each weapon + the room with crushers & poison required some careful movement to avoid revenants ruining the party. Some nasty ambushes with hitscanners at times in close quarter combat. It made the red key teleport near the end brutal even though I started firing with my plasma to stunlock enemies, esp those pesky revs and Pain elementals. The Caco cloud can get overwhelming if you can't keep them together in a pack. The frustration here is when they fly away to the point I can't lock onto them. The sniping Arachno is easy to forget if the player isn't aware. It's still probably my fav part for It's open ended gameplay. The viles at the end have a very low pain chance so I couldn't stop all of them crossing. Though I isolated one and took him out with the rocket , I had to hunt the other 2 down. 1 critique I'd give would be give more health. The soulpshere for the caco fight was a big help. But some fights are starved of health which some players won't like. Just a heads up. Overall your style would be good in a wad like Hardfest. That's a cool wad if you haven't tried, I highly recommend. Keep at it!
  12. Bengaltiger1

    Cruel Hatred

    The crusher got me good after grabbing the red key πŸ˜… This map took me back to the days of playing PS Doom back in the late 90s. Good stuff :)
  13. Bengaltiger1

    Vile Secret of Phobos

    Thank you , but Bumping into an old thread isn't cool. The small dispute has long been forgotten by both me and the user. I returned to Doomworld for a fresh start...so I kindly ask no more bumps as ppl want to see new content posted. Also read the rules about bumping in threads before disturbing anyone else's. I'm speaking here as a friend to think before posting. Peace
  14. Bengaltiger1


    After recently revisiting the Scythe series (particularly Scythe ii) I felt compelled to design my own castle in UDB, and friends on Discord said I should try it. I also wanted to revert back to Vanilla limits again after mapping in udmf. How I succeed in these limitations, I'll allow you to be the judge :) Some custom resources are used to fit thematically and give a unique identity, inc custom things + textures. Tested in Crispy Doom 6.0.0. Zdoom 2.8.1 / GZDoom 4.10.0 also work fine. Screenies: Castlemania.7z
  15. Bengaltiger1

    Post your Doom textures!

    Epic 2 edits