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  1. Bengaltiger1

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Always liked your design been following your work since 2016. Great to see you here :)
  2. Bengaltiger1

    Fiendish Facility (My 3rd map on Doomworld)

    I enjoyed your playthrough + also your insight in your video. It does however look strange seeing remastered textures next to more vanilla style. Due to textures I added or took from Otex colliding with additional mods, however gameplay remains bug free of which I am pleased. In future I'll be clear whether my wad uses custom assets or is strictly vanilla only. GG
  3. Hey bengaltiger1 it nightmare2989 from the YouTube though i let you know I've now got account on here and would you let us know how the map showcase of your map if the video was alright 

    1. Bengaltiger1


      Yeah it was pretty solid.

      I noticed a few door tracks that were not tectured right and I didn't check lower unpeg on some. Particularly those 2 bigdoors that the switch open together. They both need fixing. 

      I liked the jukebox at the end, Cool way to analyse while chilling at the same time : )

  4. I got around to playing map20. Very fun to play. 1st the aesthetic was great. It was like a castle / fortress corrupted by hell. Much like your early maps the presence of hell textures certainly add variety to the visuals. I endured some trial and error until I found the ssg, that helped me get a more solid foothold and not have to worry about splash damage from the RL. The chaingunners gave me the most trouble early on, their placement was Plutonia-esque. They kept on weakening me, ultimately causing most my deaths. The part with the archvile, arachnos flooding in on high ground was an ammo drain due to the vile going out of view and in rogue mode...locking on was hard wkth the room he had to move around. I wasted a lot trying to get him isolated enough to attack, so I could get clean shots. The good news is the ammo caches were generous, I never got critical on ammo, and health to was generous. I think my fave encounter was the caco wave and the sniper cyberdemon after grabbing the blue key. Once I obtained the secret invul sphere it really helped make the wave of caco's more manageable. Without it It's surprisingly easy to get overwhelmed. Got 3/7 secrets. And noticed I was missing 5 monsters @ the end. That was the only part where I was kinda disappointed as I like to get 100% kills. I can only guess they were hidden in the secrets I missed. All in all It's the most fun I had playing this wad. Even the tighter areas were fair and allowed enough time to retreat without getting pinned down and killed. I can't wait to play more of this wad. And also if you're making new maps for HF I am excited to see what else you have in store. GG
  5. Bengaltiger1

    Fiendish Facility (My 3rd map on Doomworld)

    The Mancubus encounter was done to catch the unwary player off guard & also compliment the Fiendish in the map name. I can definitely see mixed reactions to such an unconventional encounter. I don't know why the Compblue didn't disappear as you're the only playtester here to experience that. I did playtest once more after seeing your vid... it worked without issue. I guess it must have been the version you was using for GZDoom. Always happy to see you play my maps Clippy : )
  6. Bengaltiger1

    Fiendish Facility (My 3rd map on Doomworld)

    Duly noted and fixed. Thank you for your honest feedback Red
  7. Bengaltiger1

    Fiendish Facility (My 3rd map on Doomworld)

    @Biodegradable Thank you for playtesting my map :) The imps were indeed supposed to raise from the nukage as a linedef in the slime is set to "when player walks over" I now made my line stretch the entire width of the room so the trigger works no matter if you walk on higher ground, or choose to tackle the imps in the Nukage. Also those 2 revs roaming @ 5:25 are supposed to be deaf before being awakened upon entry, which I corrected. The texture alignment issue in that room has been fixed to. The final (encounter) issue with the Archviles not teleporting into the upper floor of the large nukage / hub room has also been fixed. The switch @ the end with the 2 mancubi was supposed to trigger them to teleport in... I tested this to make sure & they both do so with success. The map should be fully functional now as I found no more issues, esp for gameplay. Glad you enjoyed the layout : ) Regards ~ Bengaltiger1
  8. Greetings all :) I am back with a new wad. This is intended for any Zdoom based port, GZDoom is the best option to play, I tested on 4.5 and everything functions as it should. This should offer some challenge on UV for 1st time players. I also playtested more than my last map to prevent any issues like softlocks and missing textures, etc. I have a habit of rushing towards the end of production, so took my time for this map. The theme is mostly tech, however there's remnants of Hell here and there to make it less repetitive. Just a few custom tex but they don't deviate from the classic Doom look. Expect gameplay to lean on Plutonia like traps. If anyone can report an issue please do so here so I can fix it. In any case, I hope you enjoy my wad Fiendish Facility.rar
  9. Bengaltiger1

    Post your Doom textures!

    For some reason I instantly thought of Swim with the Whales when I saw this sky box :)
  10. Bengaltiger1

    Post your Doom textures!

    1st and 3rd pics gave me Psx Doom flashbacks. The Pentagon's look ominous, even the middle one just by Itself :) I can tell you put serious effort in these! Well done
  11. Bengaltiger1

    Post your Doom textures!

    Texture was too bright
  12. Bengaltiger1

    detailed vanilla wads

    Relyctum. Particularly the realistic buildings in the early maps like 2, 3 and map 6 for example. Triton ii is almost all (95+%) Doom ii resources by the same author. Baculus is a 100% vanilla UD wad and packs a decent amount of detail. Sinergy is to in detail, yet still manages similar gameplay to that of Ultimate Doom
  13. Bengaltiger1

    Post your Doom textures!

    I recently noticed playing various recent pwads hardly any use custom library tex like bookshelves. Also, not many vanilla Doom wood edits to compliment. I feel some variety in these would be good... as maps regarding this theme look often samey imo. So much potential :)
  14. Bengaltiger1

    Post your Doom textures!

    Definitely would like to see the addition of a green variant now 😃
  15. Bengaltiger1

    Tekmania. My 2nd map on Doomworld

    Hi and thank you : ) I saw Clippy play your wad Flytrap Lab and was thoroughly impressed. Great lighting, and interesting texture work going on. Hope to see more from you in the future 🤞